[GHHF] Vinod of Stringgeo Podcast on “Protecting Hindutva, Combatting threats from Christians and Muslims” by Prakasarao Velagapudi. The trailer is attached.

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Prakash Rao Velagapudi, founder of the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation shares insights into the struggles Hindutva faces from outside pressures, especially from Christian and Muslim groups.

He moved the courts to get a Government Order (GO) to destroy illegal churches around the Hindu pilgrimage center TIRUMALA. In spite of no action being taken by the Jagan government of Andhra Pradesh, Prakash Rao is being attacked and threatened his life.
He talks about the importance of places like Tirupati and how they're being influenced by Christian agendas. Rao also discusses the threats to Hindu temples, with both Muslims and Christians accused of trying to destroy them.

This is a 2-minute trailer


This interview is a call to action for those who care about protecting Hindu heritage. Don't miss this important conversation, coming soon to your favorite streaming platform.

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