GHHF Summary of Swami Paripoornananda’s Lecture Tour in New Jersey/ New York Area

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We would like to share the summary of our thrilling experience of Swamiji's visit to NJ and NY, while he is leaving now from Philadelphia to Washington DC. It is a very successful, well-organized and well-enjoyed tour. It has been a pleasure for me to work for this noble cause receiving numerous calls from devotees, visiting from various remote places to meet Swamiji, asking for his time and schedules. I consider this as an honor and privilege as GHHF Board member and coordinating with many other non-profit organizations.

Press Note: Please share this with the media for a press release on NJ/NY events updates, spread the word and get more and more people involved for all future programs of Swamiji.

NJ/NY Pravachanams on Hinduism, Cultural Values and Dharma to save temples were scheduled from June 14 to18 by His Holiness Sri Paripoornananda Swamy, Peethadhipathi (SreePeetham, Kakinada, India), Spiritual Leader, Vedic Scholar, Social Activist, Philosophical preacher on Hinduism such as Bhagavad Gita and several Upanishads and other Hindu Religion topics.

More than1000 devotees attended Swamiji's pravachanams at 8 different locations in NJ and NY with all venues house-full of crowds as listed below. It has been telecasted by TV5 with scrolling text. Special thanks for TV5 to Sridhar Chillara garu. Many people took his DVDs of pravachanams. Several people donated generously for GHHF to support this good cause. Swamiji is well-received at all the temples by the volunteers and temple's administration staff. Each hall is fully packed with audiences at every venue in NJ and NY as listed below. Devotees took blessing from Swamiji after the Pravachanams. I and Satya Dosapati gave presentations at each of the venues, explaining about the need to save temples and current activities at GHHF. Just to summarize on recent updates, GHHF office is set up at Hyderabad head quarters, and Aalaya Vani Internet Radio station has been constantly bringing awareness about Hinduism in India.

If any of you need to send donations, please write a check to GHHF and mail to Dr Prakasarao Velagapudi, 14726 Harmony Lane,Frisco, Texas 75035, USA Ph: 601-856-4783601-918-7111

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha - unless we protect our Dharma, Hinduism will not survive. GHHF is a mini-effort in this gigantic task of protecting Hindu Dharma across the world. Please check our web site for more details of our activities, and sincere efforts to protect temples in India and bringing awareness across the world. Thanks to Prakasa Rao garu for his diligent hard work. Thanks to all GHHF coordinators for arranging his lectures at various locations in USA. Please check USA schedule below with the contact info of GHHF coordinators in each of these locations for any further details about the exact venues and timings of Swamii's visits in USA below.

Swami Paripoornanda's USA Schedule: May 28-Jun 2 Dallas, June 3-5 Huntsville AL,  June 6-10 Atlanta GA, Jun 11-13 Ralliegh NC, Jun 14-17 NJ/NY, Jun 21-23 Washnigton-DC, Jun 24-26 Detroit, Jun 27-30 Florida, Jul 1-3 Houston. To contact Swamiji, please call Santosh Sastry Bachampally  at 512-796-9925 or

Thanks to all GHHF coordinators, especially to Dr Prakasarao Garu for this whole tour schedule in such a short time. We are blesses to have Swamiji here in NJ and NY. Please use the PPT below to customize flyer for your future needs. If you need any help to design the web pages to share your local venue flyers, please feel to contact me. I can do just like how we did in NJ/NY

Please contact me or Dr Prakasarao garu, and we can coordinate by mailing you, if any of you need any of the DVDs of pravachanams of Swami Paripoornananda - Aaatma Bodha, Upadesa Saram, Prasnopanishad, Eesa-vasyopanishad, Kenopanishad, Bhaja Govindam, Dakhsina Murthi Stothram, Aadhyamika Sadhana, Sadhana Panchakam,Manisha Panchakam, Nirvanashtakam and the complete 203 hours of Bhagavadgita discourses.

-Satya Nemana

GHHF Member Board of Directors

M: 732-762-7104


Program Details are listed below:
Click here for the NJ/NY flyers: JPGPPTPDFHTML or HTMBhagavad Gita discourse as a sample pravachanam.

NJ/NY Flyer:Editable PPT file to customize flyer for your venues in your cities:

NOTE: Please call me if needed, to let me prepare similar flyers and web pages.

NJ/NY Summary:

NJ/NY Details:



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