Christian Conversion Menace in India: Legislate and Preserve Hindu Dharma

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Christian Conversion Menace in India: Legislate and Preserve Hindu Dharma

Prakasarao V Velagapudi, PhD

President, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, USA

"Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity.  What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites. To support roguery and error all over the earth." Thomas Jefferson

Christian church authorities used every trick, deceit, and deception to convert gullible and innocent Hindus into Christianity. Their goal is to dismantle the Hindu edifice and erect Christian They do not even mind going against their religious scripture, Bible. Why do they use so many deceptive techniques to convert people?  Billions of dollars are pouring into India from many foreign countries. The Christian preachers must show that they are converting Hindus to Christianity to get more and more money from these countries.  The Christian Preachers remuneration depends on the numbers game. The more they show the number of converts, the more money they get. Many of these Christians are delusional to think that they go to heaven if they can convert non-Christians to Christianity.  This delusional thinking and greed to make more money would make the Preachers to smack and slap their own Bible and the teachings of their only savior Jesus.

They believe that Jesus gave them the right to deceive, convert, subjugate, conquer, and proselytize any nation or religion, by any and all possible means. They are entitled to such methods as allurement, fraud, coercion, and violence in converting, but they criticize Hindus even if they to talk about their atrocities of conversion. They do not also accept our right to convert.

In 1999, the Southern Baptist Mission released a pamphlet asking its 40,000 churches to head to India to convert Hindus from the darkness and embrace Christianity.  The very first sentence of the booklet states that "More than 900 million people are lost in the hopeless darkness of Hinduism……Pray that Hindus who celebrate the festival of lights would become aware of the darkness in their hearts that no lamp can dispel."  The shepherds followed the instructions on a war footing and converted many Hindus into Christianity. This is more evident in the Southern States and especially in the Andhra Pradesh are.  They convert Hindus and make them their foot soldiers to destroy Hindu deities, step on them, and tear up the pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. According to unofficial statistics, as many as 30 percent of Hindus in villages have got converted.

In 1986, Pope John Paul came to India to imbue the Catholics to continue their relentless efforts to convert Hindus. He commanded them to go forth and conquer the continent for Christ just as the church had done in Europe during the first millennium and in the Americas in the second.

Mother Theresa came to India to convert as many Hindus as possible and built many Missionaries of Charity all over the world depriving the patients the needy medical supplies and proper food.  Christopher Hitchens said that Mother Teresa "was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction." When she made the poor suffer, she was expecting the poor to suffer like Jesus thus smearing the Christian values on them. Instead of doing selfless service to the poor and improve their health, she tried to follow her Christian missionary ideal.

Deceptive Practices

Father Joseph Menengis, priest of St James Church in Mariyannapalya, Bangalore, confessed before the Justice B K Somashekara Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday (March 11, 2009). "The duty of every Christian is to convert non-Christians to Christianity by any means."  When he says "by any means" what does it mean?  That means Christians can go against their own Bible teachings, ignore their own Bible, and insult their own God for their selfish monetary motives. They use such method as deception, deceit, force, manipulation, allurement, tricks, treachery, exploitation, violence, killings, educational indoctrination, defame other religions, demean other gods, denounce other scriptures, sexual exploitation and the list goes on.

Father Joseph Menengis also said "Hindus believe in idol worship. So, to attract them to Christianity, idol worship is performed in churches." During cross-examination, the priest said that "despite idol worship being prohibited in the Bible, we have idol worship in churches."  Most of the churches have adopted the policy of what is called "inculturation" to attract Hindus to these churches.   Some churches are using Hindu methods of worshiping such as offering Arthi, performing Abhishekam, reciting Ashtottaranama and Sahasranama Archanas to Jesus, singing bhajans only to convert and modifying the churches to look like Hindu Temples.  Some Preachers are dressed like a Hindu saint with long saffron robes to mislead Hindus.  The Outlook magazine observed that "Om Namah Jesus could well reverberate inside hundreds of Catholic churches in India very soon, if the changing physical face of these places of worship is anything to go by." A number of shrines for Mary Mata, different saints are springing up. How can that reconcile to the injunctions of the Bible condemning the idol worship? For example, in Vijayawada, thousands of pilgrims queued up to visit Mary Matha shrine at Gunadala on the second day of the three-day Gunadala Matha festival on Tuesday…. Many pilgrims had their heads tonsured on the hillock before offering something. (The Hindu Feb 11, 2009).

One may ask why they use these different means to convert Hindus into Christianity. Honestly speaking Hindus are more knowledgeable, have more wisdom, are equipped with a reservoir of tolerance toward other religions, do not see other religious people as prey for conversion and do not see other religious people as commodities to be exploited. They treat humans as humans with no ulterior motive. They are happy with their religion. Their religion has all the answers for their day to day living. Hence the Preachers cannot convert Hindus into Christianity by using legitimate, honest, truthful and open methods. They know that they cannot convert them truthfully. Their teachings are not based on logic, reasoning, rationale, and cross-examination. Hence the Preachers rely on deceptive, secretive methods to conversion. They recognize that the Hindus will not accept, support the teachings of deception, violence, and intolerance. Therefore, it is vital for them to use any trick in the book. That is the reason Father Joseph Menengis said that they convert Hindus by any means to Christianity.

                Missionaries started educational institutions and built hospitals with the sole aim of converting Hindus into Christianity. They talk to the kids in the school to mold their thinking to convince them to believe that Jesus is the real God who can save them and send them to heaven. Hinduism is satanic religion whose followers live in eternal darkness and are destined to be thrown into hell. Many Christian schools would not allow them to sport Tilak on their forehead, ear rings, nose studs or toe rings. These missionaries are more interested in the dissemination of Bible with all the rampant deceptive practices, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and terrorism. By educating the shortcomings of Hindus, the missionaries created doubts in the minds of the youngsters and destroyed the self-respect and self confidence to their faith. Swami Vivekananda observed that “A child is taken to school and the first thing he learns is that his father is a fool, the second thing that his grandfather is a lunatic, the third thing that all his teachers are hypocrites, the fourth that all his sacred books are a mass of lies. By the time he reaches sixteen, he is a mass of negation, lifeless and boneless. “

Why is Christianity declining?

Christianity is declining in most of the countries, especially Europe and the USA. In Europe, especially, countries like the UK, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and others, churches remain empty most of the time, and because of that, some have even converted it into bars, hotels, malls or offices. Hindus and Muslims are buying many Churches to covert these churches in their prayer halls.  Christians are not able to explain the verses that are either absurd, incorrect, inconsistent, and inappropriate. It does not satisfy the curiosity and spirituality of the people. History has shown that Christianity survived where there is illiteracy and poverty. The more illiteracy, the more Christianity. Where there is high literacy, there is less Christianity.

One would wonder why Christians are leaving the Church in large numbers while they are converting Hindus in India. Christianity survives and thrives where there are illiteracy and poverty. Once people start reading the Bible, they find the Bible to be inaccurate, inconsistent, inappropriate, contradictory, and false. In fact, many statements cannot be scientifically answered. As Bruce Riley Ashford puts it, "[the Bible] does not use technical or scientific language and it does not give scientific theories. Instead, it uses language that would be accessible to persons who are observing the world from an ordinary human standpoint." Since they are led to believe that God's word is infallible, they are not encouraged to ask questions and challenge the Bible verses. Christians who questioned the basic tenets of the Bible are either tortured, killed or excommunicated. Even today, people can be excommunicated for questioning either the Bible or the Ministers of the Churches. Dissatisfied with the mindset of the Church authority, people are moving away from their faith.

We have no doubt seen and been startled by headlines such as these…

"Christianity Declines Sharply in US, Agnostics Growing: Pew" – Newsmax

"Christians In U.S. On Decline As Number Of 'Nones' Grows, Survey Finds" – NPR

"Big Drop in Share of Americans Calling Themselves Christian" - New York Times

"America Is Getting Less Christian and Less Religious, Study Shows" – HuffPo

Gallup Poll released in April 2018, reveals that an average of 39 percent of Catholics reported attending church within the past seven days between 2014 and 2017, compared with 45 percent from 2005 to 2008.

Young people -- between the ages of 21 and 29 -- remain the least likely to attend church weekly in either group at 25 percent among Catholics and 36 percent among Protestants.

The 21 to 29 age group was also the least likely to report an affiliation with any religion, with 33 percent identifying with no religion and 14 percent selecting "other."

Tactics Used in Converting Hindus

Realizing that the Bible would not meet the spiritual needs of the Christians, does not meet the scientific investigation, does not answer the curious, inquisitive and scientific minds of the people, the missionaries adopted to imitate the practices of Hindu rituals and traditions to woo the innocent, ignorant and illiterate Hindus. All India Liturgical Meeting, Bangalore, on January 27-31, 1969, prepared a long-term plan for liturgical inculturation to attract Hindus. The twelve items, the Bishops adopted, are squatting posture instead of standing; Anjali hasta and Panchanga pravachanam as forms of reverence; Aarati as form of welcome to the chief celebrant; use of a shawl instead of the traditional liturgical vestments; tray to keep the offering; oil lamps instead of candles; a simple incense bowl; touching objects to one's forehead instead of kissing them; Anjali hasta to share peace; spontaneous prayer of the faithful and Maha Aarati at the doxology (Praising the Glory of the Lord).

The evangelists have the audacity to distribute blasphemous literature and conduct a hate-campaign against Hinduism, that too in front of a very famous historic temple. 'On Friday 24 October 2008, the devotees of the world famous 'Sri Kapalishwarar Temple' Mylapore, Chennai were literally shocked when they were given five booklets each containing defamatory write-ups about Hinduism, Vedas, Vedic heritage, Hindu Shastras, Hindu culture & tradition, Sabarimala Ayyappan and denigrating articles on Sage Thirumoolar, Nayanmars and others, by a bunch of mean-minded Christian evangelists just in front of the Temple entrance! For example, in the book titled 'Light in darkness.'

Let us look at the outrageous tactics the Christians adopted to woo the innocent Hindus

  1. The huge sums of money collected by Christian missionaries from their congregations at world level are used to create opportunities to pull financially disadvantaged Hindus into conversion - by offering education, jobs, medical treatment and other favors in exchange.
  2. Start Medical Colleges and get a percent of quota to admit the students at their discretion. People who are admitted based on the quota when they get converted to Christianity.
  3. Build first class Medical Hospitals and convert Hindus who are financially weak. They charge twice the amount for Hindus for similar treatment. They reduce the amount if they get converted. 
  4. The naïve Hindus are duped with "miracle boxes" in churches, where the villagers' mail their requests for small favors and a few weeks later "miraculously fulfilled."
  5. Many Christian nurses in the hospitals entice the patients by saying that their disease will be cured if they get converted and pray for Jesus.
  6. To demonstrate the "superiority" of Jesus over the Hindu "false gods." They prepare stone Vigrahas for Hindu Gods and wooden Vigrahas for Jesus.  Missionaries challenge the villagers to see which one of the two "gods" will be able to float in water. Wooden Vigraha floats and stone Vigrahas sink in the water.
  7. Every Sunday they attract gullible Hindus by serving Meat Biryani and offering an unlimited amount of alcohol for them to drink with a mission to convince them to believe in Jesus.
  8. In Tirupati at S V Arts College, Evangelist literature was distributed to students in the college campus most likely with the support of a Christian Principle.  The students of the hostel are specially targeted for this soul harvest. Evangelical books and other literature arrived in a postal package and were addressed to each student by his name, and they were delivered to his room in the hostel. The students say that such a distribution of books has happened many times over.
  9. The Roman Catholic Church came out with a most outrageous ‘New Community Bible' christened as the "Indian Bible," which included sacred verses from the Itihasas, Gita, Vedas, and Upanishads.
  10. This Hybrid Bible depicted Virgin Mary barefoot, wearing a sari, sporting a Bindi on her forehead, and holding a baby Ganesh.
  11. Some Churches also sculpture the statues of Jesus in ‘meditating' posture, Jesus sitting cross-legged on a lotus with ‘Abaya Hastha Mudra,' Jesus emerging after a purification bath in the Ganges and they even claim that yoga and meditation are not connected to Hinduism and that they are universal, common to all religions.
  12. The Ashtottara Namas and Sahasra Namas (108 and 1008 names) have also been prepared for performing ‘Archana' on Jesus, and ‘Aarti' is also being performed.
  13. A letter dated November 22, 1994, from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications explains the custom and its role in Indian society: "Indian Catholics . . . use ‘Aarti' when a child returns home after receiving First Holy Communion and when their respective families receive a newly married couple. Nowadays, ‘Aarti' is often performed to greet the principal celebrant at an important liturgical event.   On such occasions, ‘Aarti' is usually offered by a Catholic married lady and certainly not by a ‘priestess of Shiva' as has been alleged."
  14. They are building churches just like traditional Hindu Temples and installing CROSS on the top instead of kalashas. The Hindu style of architecture, construction, layout, and interior designs are being followed.
  15. They have installed Jesus in a Charioteer giving blessings like Lord Krishna in a Chariot giving Upadesham to Arjun.
  16. Several Churches have started installing "Dwajasthambam" in the front yard, like Hindu Temples.
  17. Many of the Christian Ministers are wearing saffron clothes like Hindu Gurus lecturing On Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptures by saying the these came from the Bible.
  18. Like ‘Giri valam' (Circumambulation of Hill Temples) practiced at Tiruvannamalai every Purnima (Full Moon Day), Churches at many places are erecting a huge Cross and a Prayer House on various hillocks and started circumambulation. An example is a Church on the hillock at Acharapakkam where they practice Pradakshina.
  19. Many Christian festivals are celebrated like the festivals of the local Hindu people. Diwali, Onam, Ayudha Puja, and Pongal are celebrated to make Hindus identify with Christianity.
  20. Many Christians are trying to "Christianize" traditional classical dances such as Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi dances depicting the story of Jesus to make it more palatable to Indian Christian audiences and to attract innocent Hindus.
  21. In Vijayawada, Mary Matha Idol was installed on a huge hill. Some of the devotees would stay here for the three days and sleep on the premises of the church as a ritual. Devotees also offer hair to the Mother at the tonsuring center and offered coconuts, flowers, and garlands. They offer Arthi to Mother Mary similar to Hindu worship.  The priests (Pastors) performed ‘samisti Divya Bali pooja.'  The devotees performed ‘divyastha Prasada Aradhana' and ‘swastata prarthanas.'
  22. They have adopted Carnatic music singing the songs on Jesus, Mary, and Christianity. They attracted or lured some of the Carnatic Musicians to sing only to attract Hindus who like Carnatic music.
  23. They are even distributing "prohibited medicines and drugs" and prompting conversions while users were under the influence.

Concerned about the menace of conversion, the breakup families, moral decay in the community, rampant deceptive practices of the Missionaries, Mahatma Gandhi stated in 1935 that "If I had power and could legislate, the first thing I would ban is conversions."

He further stated that "When the missionary of another religion goes to them, he goes like a vendor of goods. He has no particular spiritual merit that will distinguish him from those to whom he goes. He does, however, possess material goods which he promises to those who will come to his fold. (Harijan: April 3, 1937)

It is time to make every effort to stop these deceitful tactics and protect Hindus from being converted to Christianity. Every Hindu should get involved to ensure all the incentives given to Christian educational institutions and Hospitals are removed. A government should require all the Churches and Christian organizations submit the audit reports on time to ensure that the money is not used for conversion. A government should investigate all the Medical and other colleges to find why so many Hindu students are getting converted to Christianity and kind of pressure imposed on the students.  All the tactics they are using to woo Hindus must be exposed and take appropriate action to stop allurements and incentives. As suggested by Gandhiji, strict legislation must be passed to ban conversion, missionary activities and deceptive practices to ensure the survival of Hindu dharma.


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