GHHF spoke at intellectual Meet on the new National Education Policy in Silchar, Assam.

21 Dec 2023 346 Views

We came to Assam to see the progress of our activities. Sri Samratt, who is one of the Board of Directors of GHHF, is coordinating various activities. His passion and dedication inspires whoever comes in contact with him.

Srinivas Pinnananeni talked about how got involved in GHHF, and explained about various projects that are being conducted in Bharath, Bangladesh, and other countries.

Then Prakasarao Velagapudi talked about the damage done to Hindus over the last 70 years and how it can be rectified with new National Educational Policy. He said since independence, Hindus have been discriminated and denied their basic rights to learn about their religion. India is the only country where Minorities have more privileges than Majority Hindus. Hindus cannot start Hindu colleges and Hindu Universities to teach about their culture and traditions.

Explained about Articles 30 and 30A that robbed Hindus soul, shackled their freedom, stifled their future. Nehru insisted on including these articles in the Constitution. Sardar Patel threatened to resign by saying that it is is betrayal. Nehru reluctantly relented. Patel died within few 
Months. Then Nehru included these two articles and made Hindus Hinduioids - they look like Hindus, speak like Hindus but they do not have Hindu blood.
Also talked about Muslim persecution, Goa Inquisition, rapid rate of Conversion, looting of Temples, some judgements of High courts etc.

Let us hope the New National Hindu Policy will bring the realistic picture of the strengths of Hindu Culture and make our children proud of the richness and grandeur of Sanata Dharma.

Names of a few Eminent personalities who attended our program are as follows - 

70 personalities from various fields attended our program.

Dr. Niranjan Roy, Dean Economics dept Assam University, 
Dr. Anup kr. Dey, chairman Ambedkar Chair Professor Assam University under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of India,
Dr. Darshana Patoa,MBBS, 
Sri Kingshuk Adhikari, Professor Management Studies, Dept Commerce Assam University, 
Sri Swapan Suklabaidya Professor Political science,Cachar College, 
Dr. Jayasri Dey, professor AU , Advocate Ratnagkur Bhattacharya,Addl Public Prosecutor,
Sri Abhijit Saha, Principal DNNK School and Ex PGT Physics cum president Bharatiya Sikshan Mandal,Silchar ,
Sri Kalyan Das, researcher, 
Sri Biswabijay Bhattacharya , research scholar Assam University ,
 Dr. Devotosh Chakraborty, Professor Pol Science Assam University etc

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