[GHHF] S3 Foundation in Memphis organized a powerful Sri Chakra Deepotsavam under the guidance of Sri Vasudevananda Swamiji.

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 S3 Foundation is known for maintaining a huge Gaushala in Memphis for more than ten years. It is one of a kind. It maintains over 250 cows and bulls on a sprawling 200 acres of land. It also conducts daily home for the benefit of humanity and purification of the environment.

They are conducting Sri Chakra Deepotsavam under the guidance of Sri Vasudevananda Swamiji who is visiting Gaushala for five days. Devi has various forms, each having their own yantra, but the Sri Chakra itself represents all of the various forms of Devi in one yantra.  Therefore, the devotee of Mother can worship the Sri Chakra rather than worship a particular yantra for each of Her forms. 

Sri Lalitha Trishati describes Sri Chakra as follows:

“From the single point, three angles, and eight other triangles, followed by ten triangles within and without, then fourteen angles; there are eight petals of a lotus, again followed by sixteen. These support three circles, three demarcations of existence, with four doors.  This is known as the Sri Chakra, the expression of the highest divinity.”

On Saturday, they arranged 1008 clay diyas with 365 wicks in each diya and placed them on the Sri Chara diagram beautifully drawn in the Hall. Amma gave the meaning and significance of Sri Chakra Depostsavam. They performed pujas in four directions – Sri Lakshmi, Sri Durga, Sri Saraswati, and Sri Nandiswara. Nandiswara is credited with revealing the greatness and power of Lord Shiva and Durgamata. Since Sri Chakra is known as the personification of Durgmata, by worshipping her, her two sons Sri Ganapati and Sri Karthikeya will protect all of us. Dri Ganesha will remove all the impediments and Sri Karthikeya as Commander in Chief will guide us to victory.

More than 250 people attended the function, had the opportunity to light the diyas, and enjoyed the beautiful sight of witnessing the lighting of 1008 divas that were decorated with these diyas. Everybody did pradakshana to Sri Chakra three times. 


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