[GHHF] Roundup of ground level activities from April 1 thru 10, 2024.

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"I was searching for the truth. I went through some books on yoga and discovered that Hinduism is a very good religion. It is open-minded. It teaches you about God. It also teaches you about the science of the soul. Later I went to Rishikesh and stayed with Sivananda's ashram, the Divine Life Society. There I found that Hinduism is a straightforward religion that revealed the truth.” Swami Ghanananda Saraswati

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is conducting numerous activities at the ground level to preserve and protect Sanatana Dharma. We are conducting these activities in eight States in Bharat and Bangladesh. Some of you may have missed reading some of the articles. Following are the articles from April 1 through 10. You can clink on the link to read the articles you are interested in.  

1) [GHHF] Organized a village meeting, conducted Bhajans, and started Bala Samskar Kendra and appointed 19 member-committee to protect a Village in Andhra Pradesh. (April 1)

Today, a meeting was organized by all the Hindu relatives at Veera Brahmendra Swamy Devasthanam in Dalit Colony in Andepalli village. First, by organizing a bhajan program and then setting up a children's Bala Samskar Kendra in our village, it was informed that in the future, our children will learn about temple protection and how to respect elders with a spiritual sense of devotion.
Similarly, the name of Jai Shree Ram was written on every house in our village, and it was said that if we want to ask for more programs in the future, a committee should be formed. A new committee of 19 members was formed in response to this.
In 2022, GHHF helped build Hindu Temple in Andepalli


2) [GHHF] Imprinted more than one hundred signs of “Jai Sri Ram” and “Om Namah Sivaya” to make Hindus proud of their Dharma in Vuyyuru township, Andhra Pradesh. (April 2)

Ever since Ayodhya Rama Prana Pratishta was announced, GHHF started imprinting “Jai Sri Ram” signs in six different States in Bharat, Bangladesh, and USA. More than 250 Volunteers from different States requested GHHF to send stencils to imprint the Sri Rama Signs. One such example is from Vuyyuru where Sri Ankineedu Prasad and his team took initiative and started imprinting two signs: Jai Sri Ram and Om Namah Sivaya.
The families in these Villages and townships were incredibly happy to have these signs imprinted on their doors and walls. In fact, many families called and requested our volunteers to come and imprint the signs. They have the choice to do either one of the signs or both.



3.  Triple Talaq victim sought our legal help - finally converted to Hinduism and married a Hindu boy arranged by our Board Member and Tejaswini team. (April 3)

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to describe the tale of a Muslim girl, her conversion to Hinduism and marriage to a Hindu boy. Sri Samrat Dull who is a member of the Board of Directors of GHHF provided all the legal help in this matter.
This is the summary of Sri Samrat’s efforts in this matter:
“Last month, just like other clients one lady by the name Rehena Begum Laskar came to my chamber and appointed me to conduct her case. I filed case but for the last month I am counseling her continuously about the status of women in Islam and Hinduism. I told her that problem and solution both lies with the acceptance of the fact that if she again marries a Muslim boy then same thing will happen.


4. An article on “Seven initiatives of the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation that will be remembered by generations to come” published in Medium magazine by S. Rajavardhan. (April 4)

Only recently, with the advent of the internet, have the nefarious designs of propagandists been uncovered. The internet has enabled documentation, analytical prowess, and connectivity, revealing the threats faced by the Hindu community. Visionaries like Shri Rajiv Dixit began campaigning against this in the 1990s, while in the new millennium, community leaders like Dr. VV Prakash Rao have taken initiatives to unite the community through actionable efforts, notably through the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation. This article explores seven initiatives crucial for the present time, and with the GHHF leading these initiatives on the ground, their positive impact will be remembered for generations to come.


5. Kajuluru Villagers submitted a petition to the District Collector of Kakinada to take action against an unauthorized, illegally built Church. (April 5)

A request written by the people of Kajuluru village to the Honorable Kakinada District Collector,
In our village, a person named Aradadi Chinakatababu, a pastor belonging to Ravannapalem village of Tallarevu Mandalam came to our village and built a church in our village without obtaining permission from the authorities. He started demeaning Hinduism and insulting the Hindu deities and hurt the sentiments of Hindus. He started reading passages from the Bible and idol worship and saying that the Hindus Gods are only stones, and they should be demolished. In this matter he has been creating hatred and enmity among different religions thus creating disharmony in the village.


6. Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned to chant Ramaskandam Slokam to avoid getting bad dreams at night. (April 6)

The Ramaskandam mantra is one such mantra. It is a Hanuman mantra that is usually chanted or listened to before you get to sleep, to keep nightmares away.
The mantra also invokes the spirit of Bheem and Garuda to bolster your inherent courage.
Before going to sleep, one ends the day with this prayer. One chants this mantra invoking Lord Hanuman and asks for forgiveness for wrong acts that one may have knowingly or knowingly committed during the day. We commit so many improprieties in our thinking, speech, and bodily actions during that day. We want to make sure that those thoughts and actions would not disturb our sleep and prevent having bad dreams. Indirectly we are praying for peaceful sleep, sweet dreams, and good night.


7. Dr. Ramesh Rao spoke to about 30 Hindu activists in Frisco, TX about the revitalization of Hinduism in India and USA. (April 7)

Dr. Ramesh N Rao, who is the Director of Graduate Studies at Columbus State University, Columbus, GA. He is attending a Conference in Dallas He graciously agreed to meet with all the supporters of GHHF. He spoke about 30 minutes about the Hindu revival in Bharat, some of the changes happening in the society, efforts of various organizations to inspire Hindus to address the issues facing Bharat. it was a very structured approach and thought process on current events in India, the transformation happening and how do we build on our efforts with effective collaboration.
He talked about American Hindu youth, changes in their perspective and our responsibility to educate them. He encouraged the effort of GHHF to prepare a Library for youth and preparing a list of books to enable the youth to access and get acquainted with the richness of our culture.


8. Preparations are underway to do Prana Pratishta to Maremma Deity, install Dwajasthamba, and Kalasa on the Gopuram/ Sikhar in Kalyandurg in Andhra Pradesh. (April 8)

As auspicious time and date was decided to do Prana Pratishta of Maremma deity, installation of flagpole and installation of Kalasa Shikhar as 6th of May next month at New Maremma Devasthanam of NTR Colony in Kalyandurg Mandal Center of Ananthapuram District. On 5th April morning, our Chief Priest Sri Gopi Krishna met with the villagers and talked about the commitment and dedication needed to construct a Temple. He advised them to take an oath to make sure that they will protect the Temple and continue to follow the required rituals.
Along with villagers, Sri Gopi Chary took measurements to set up the flagpole in front of the temple. Similarly, an Invitation letter was prepared to invite people for Prana Pratishta and read to the villagers before it goes for printing. Meeting started from seven o'clock in the evening and discussing about the pooja programs to be done on the third day of the auspicious Day. Muhurta details and step by step procedure for the Prana Pratishta program was prepared and submitted to the villagers to make all necessary arrangements for May 6th.
In the past, GHHF has been requested to do pooja programs on behalf of our organization.


9. Special Report on Love Jihad - GHHF Assam working tirelessly to curb Love jihad and protect Hindu Girls. (April 9)

  Sri Samrat Dutt, who is a Member of the Board of Directors of GHHF, spends countless hours to protect Sanatana Dharma, conducting Bal Samskar Kendras, organizing Ghar Wapasi program, conducting numerous awareness campaigns, providing legal counseling, forming numerous village committees, and providing protection to innocent Hindu girls.

Everybody talks about Love Jihad, but no one is taking this pain to work against PFI or Muslim Organizations to curb it. Probably, the GHHF Assam chapter is the only one that talks less and works more on Love jihad. Since our work is twofold, we do feel that awareness and action should go simultaneously. The following are some of our activities/ achievements organized by Assam Chapter.


10. Aditya Hridayam was chanted by hundreds of Bhaktas on the court yards of Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple and Sri Surya Narayana Temple in Simhachalam Andhra Pradesh. (April 10)

Sri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple built a beautiful Surya Narayana Image and for reasons unknown, it was not properly taken care of. GHHF volunteers cleaned the area around the Temple and planted a few shrubs and flower beds. Over a period, people started to come to seek the blessings of Surya Narayana. Hundreds of people come and have darshan. As the people come to have darshan of Surya Deva, GHHF is distributing Aditya Hridayam pamphlet to chant. Many people are participating in this effort by sitting in front of the Deity and chanting Aditya Hridayam.
GHHF decided to have the devotees chant Aditya Hridayam because of its importance in content and benefits one accrues. This hymn is one of the great hymns on Surya Bhagavan.


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