GHHF Organizing “GHAR WAPSI” – Welcoming about 100 Christians back to Hinduism in Vishakhapatnam District on July 12

07 Jul 2020 1542 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) is bringing back more than 100 Christians into Hindu fold on July 12 in Vishakhapatnam District. It is time to assess our strategies and see what kind of measured Hindus must take to stop the conversion of Hindus into other religions and at the same time we all need to work together to bring those converted Christians back to Hinduism.

Hinduism is being ambushed from all directions, from different religions, and from diverse groups. Christians and Muslims are doing their best to covert Hindus by different means. Christians have used all kinds of tricks and incentives to convert the poor and rich.

Hindus because of their political and cast affiliations, they are doing more damage because of their selfishness, and because of their fathomless interest in name, fame, power, and wealth. It may not be an understatement to say that these Hindus may be doing more damage than other religions shamelessly appeasing minorities and denying equal rights to Hindus.

If you look at what is going on in Andhra Pradesh, it is alarming. We will talk about their strategies to convert Hindus into Christianity soon.

Hindu population is shrinking, and the Christian population is increasing.

We Hindus have been writing innumerable books, discussing the conversions endlessly, giving lectures profusely, criticizing others with gusto, and blaming others for not doing anything for centuries. If these attempts are going to stop the conversion, stop the destruction of Hindu Temples and Hindu Vigrahas, we are all for it and we will support wholeheartedly. These attempts are NOT producing the desired results.

It is time for each one of us to know the ground realities and how to invest our energies and resources to both stop the conversions and reconvert the Christians back to their Hindu Dharma.

In 2019, we honored hand full of reconverted Hindus in Tirupati and listened to their stories and how they were duped and converted. Spent more than two hours talking to them. Then GHHF members realized, we have to work at the ground level – meaning we have to go to the villages and talk to them. Pictures are attached taken in Tirupati. Since that time GHHF is doing a few things. Soon we will let you know our plans for the future.

In Vishakhapatnam, GHHF is planning the “Ghar Wapsi” program that would be memorable and make them proud of Hinduism. DETAILS of the program will be sent.

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