GHHF organized large gathering with Sri Satyanaryana devotees addressed by Radha Manohar Das near Yanam.

09 Dec 2023 402 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to announce that we organized a large gathering near Kakinada along side the Yanam Highway. We welcomed the Bhaktas of Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swami who have been walking on bare foot to have a darshan of Annavaram Swamiji. They walk more than 100 kilometers with much dedication.
Under the leadership of of Ajay Varma,GHHF agreed to honor them and offer lunch for these devotees- more than 700.
 Sri Radha Manohar Das was invited as a Chief Guest to address the devotees who took Satyanarayana Mala. First we went to Sri Thalupalamma Mata Temple and arthi was offered. The Sri Ajay Varma welcomed Sri Swamiji, Prakasarao Velagapudi, Srinivas Pinnamaneni and the leader of Diksha group. 
Prakasarao spoke about the need to protect Sanatana Dharma. How many of you will be able to wear these yellow clothes and take Diksha if Muslims come into power. Thus, we all need to take individual responsibility to protect our mother.

Sri Radha Manohar Das spoke about the danger of the illegal religion known as Christianity. His criticism of Christianity is very severe and real. He pointed out many inconsistencies in the Bible and raised so many questions no Christian can answer. He said he challenged the Christians to answer all the questions he has and eve said he will give 10 lakh rupees if they can answer these questions. All the assembled Diksha devotees applauded a number of times.

Later, GHHF was very happy to arrange full meals to about 500 assembled people. 

Following the meeting, we all went to Sri Maha LAKSHMI Temple located within two kilometers. She and Thalupalamma Mata are considered as Sisters. It is believed that one should see both the sisters. We were fortunate to have darshan of both the Temples.
It is interesting to note that  Sri Mahalakshmi is so powerful, no body can take pictures and do any thing that displeases her. If any body violates immediately they will experience the hardships. In fact, Department of Endowments tried to take over the Temple about nine times. Each time the officials experienced the power of Sri LAKSHMI Mata. They decidedly not to take over this Temple.

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