[GHHF] Memorandum Submitted to TTD Chairman, Sri Y V Subba Reddy.

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Memorandum Submitted to Chairman, TTD

                                                                                                                                                                                      July 29, 2019

TO: Sri Y V Subba Reddy

Chairman, Trust Board of TTD

Tirupati, AP.


Dear Sri Subba Reddy Garu:

            First let me congratulate you on behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) for assuming the position of Chairman of the TTD Trust Board of the most sacred Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam. We are confident that you will discharge your duties faithfully to maintain the serene, sacred, religious and spiritual nature of this ancient and historical Sri Venkateswara Temple.

            As I mentioned to you briefly in our phone conversation that we will be very happy to receive you to Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple whenever it is convenient for you.

            Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) was established in 2006 with the sole purpose of protecting and preserving Hindu Temples and Hindu Dharma. GHHH has been working with the concerned authorities for a number of years. We have close relations with government officials at different levels of the government. Following are the concerns we wanted to bring to your immediate attention to ensure openness, clarity, transparency and accountability in the operations of TTD. Your immediate action in addressing these issues presented below would restore the trust and confidence among the Hindu.

  1. Two Ordinances


During our visit to Hyderabad, two significant ordinances were issued by the government of Andhra Pradesh in 2007. Sri I V Subba Rao, IAS came to the meeting organized by GHHF and handed over these two ordinances and talked about them.


  1. The Government said the “Tirumala Divya Kshetram”, the name of the holy place, shall comprise the seven hills of Seshadri, Garudadri, Venkatadri, Narayanadri, Vrishabhadri, Vrishadri and Anjanadri, right from the foothills, the holy theerthams and the main shrine. Roads and footpaths leading up to the temple, including the first and second ghat roads between Tirupati and Tirumala, and the motorable road from Tirumala to Papanasanam were declared part of the Kshetram.
  2. Andhra Pradesh Government has finally issued an ordinance empowering the state to prohibit propagation of other religion in places of worship. The Government with a view to maintain public order, tranquility and serenity of a place of worship or prayer, prohibits propagation of a religion other than the religion traditionally practiced at such places, by words, either spoken or written or signs or by visible representation or distribution of any printed material or other forms of religious literature.


Declaration must be made as soon as possible that One-hundred-kilometer radius of TTD as a Tirumala Punya Kshetram where there would not be any other missionary activities.


It would be like Mecca and Vatican. As you know no Hindu can even build a Hindu Temple, let alone propagating our religion. They made every effort to protect their religions. We should make every effort to protect the sacredness of our faith.


  1. Resume to Build 500 Hindu Temples in Poor Hindu Population


As per GO R T. No. 820 dated August 2, 2016, TTD has agreed to build 500 Hindu Temples in the weaker section localities.  To our knowledge no Hindu Temples were built in 2017. In 2018, 500 Hindu Temples were built under the aegis of Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust (HDPT) through Samarasata Foundation.


It appears that the Board of Trustees of TTD have discontinued the funding for 2019 thereby a successful program was axed. We feel TTD should find few other organizations to give this responsibility of constructing Hindu Temples in the weaker section localities.


We earnestly request you to see that the resolution is passed to build 500 temples in the year 2019 as per GO. GHHF would be happy to take the responsibility to build 100 Hindu Temples with the allocation of adequate funds by TTD for this year - 2019. We will make sure that we will abide by all the rules established for this purpose.


III        Vakula Mata Temple.


            GHHF along with Sri Paripoornananda Swamiji, Ghazal Srinivas, Bhanu Prakash Reddy and others convinced the then Board to build Vakula Mata Temple. After few demands and demonstrations, Board agreed to build the Temple following High Court decision. The construction was started more than two years ago, and we request your office to see that enough funds are allocated for completion of the Vakulamata Temple at the earliest possible time.


            Also, we request you to make sure that no illegal mining would take place as the construction of the Temple is in progress.


IV        Sunday Schools for Children to Teach About Hinduism


            As we all aware that Sanatana Dharma has no systematic method of transmitting the richness of Hinduism to the youth. Parents do not have enough knowledge to transmit to their children. Schools do not teach about Hinduism as they are considered secular institutions. The only institutions that can transmit and educate our children are our Hindu Temples.


            Realizing the importance of teaching our faith, many Hindu Temples are conducting Sunday schools in USA. As you know that there are more than 1200 Hindu Temples in USA. I would estimate that nearly 20 percent of these Hindu Temples are conducting Hinduism classes to our children from ages 5 thru 15


            We request TTD to conduct Hinduism classes to our children in and around Tirupati to equip them with invaluable knowledge about their religion. You can start with may be 2-3 Sunday Schools programs in different neighborhoods. TTD will be able to make them proud of their religion and who would be our ambassadors to the future survival.


V         Funding of Educational Institutions

TTD manages about 33 educational Institutions. Some of them are designed to promote Hindu art, dance, Vedas, Music and scriptures. TTD funds these institutions at the rate of about 120 crores per annum. Many of the professional high schools, junior colleges, universities, Engineering colleges and others receive the funds from TTD.

We request that TTD should require all these institutions to offer 2-3 courses on Hinduism that would enable the students to know about their culture and meet the requirement that TTD funds are used for religious purposes only.

Why should TTD support financially any educational institutions if they do not even offer 2-3 courses on Hinduism and make it mandatory? TTD should not fund institutions that do not require all the students to take courses on Hinduism.

VI        Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad

Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad of TTD should concentrate its mission to preserve, propagate and promote Hindu Sanatana Dharma to our youth by organizing different devotional methods to equip them with richness of Hindu Dharma which would help them to counter misinformation propagated by other Abrahamic religions.  TTD cannot be a silent spectator for the missionary activities of other religions. TTD cannot close its eyes to the impending danger to its very existence. It should have investigative branch to find out the deceptive Christian conversion tactics and take necessary legal action against these illegal converts.                   

      1. Should provide priests to the needed temples.
      2. Should conduct Srinivasa Kalyanams in Dalit communities Regularly
      3. Develop Bhajan Mandals in as many villages and Temples as possible.
      4. Conduct Youth programs for extended period for them to absorb and digest the depth of knowledge in the rituals and scriptures.


VII       Christian Employees at TTD – Revisit High Court


            As we know that TTD identified 44 Non-Hindu working in Devasthanam following the release of video showing an employee attending Church by taking TTD Vehicle. Many Sadhus and other Hindus agitated demanding the identity of the Christian employees and to reveal the number of employees working in Devasthanam. TTD identified 44 Christians and Muslims as employees working at Devasthanam and agreed to terminate their jobs. These employees went to High Court demanding that they be allowed to work in Devasthanam. High Court agreed with the Christian employees and issued stay order until further order.


Speaking to reporters, TTD Executive Officer Anil Kumar Singhal, said, “As per our guidelines in tune with GOs issued in 1989 and 2007, non-Hindus will not be recruited either in teaching or non-teaching categories of TTD. We have identified 44 people who got appointed in the TTD against the guidelines since 1989. Majority of them are employed under the compassionate ground category. We are now contemplating sending them to other State government departments.”

            We request TTD to move the High Court requesting that it should take up the case and make a final judgement at the earliest possible time.


            TTD should request the High Court to expedite the matter and allow transfer to other departments.


            TTD should in fact request the State government to transfer these Non-Hindu employees to other secular departments instead of keeping them at Devasthanam.


            As we all know that believers in Abrahamic religions believe in proselytization and it is the WORD of their chosen God they are required to follow. High court’s decision will encourage them to engage in missionary activities on Devasthanam grounds


            De we have any mechanism in place to find out that they are not engaged in conversion of other Hindu TTD employees to other faiths. The longer we keep them on TTD payrolls, more conversions may take place unless an investigative team is appointed to oversee their activities.


VIII      Islamic University


Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was the first one to expose the existence of Islamic University with photos in September 2013. Ms. Shaik Nowhera was building the structure illegally and in violation of the plan approved by TUDA. The permission sought from TUDA was only for constructing a building with ground floor and first floor. In spite of the efforts by Thondavada Village Panchayat’s efforts, the building was being constructed with a ground floor and 6 floors.

District Collector K. Ramgopal has instructed the revenue and police officials to demolish the unapproved floors of the building that houses the Heera International Islamic University in Thondavada village of Chandragiri Mandal. Now it is being litigated in the courts.


            TTD should acquire the building and use it for educational purposes. It should move the courts to resolve the issue and see that influx of Muslims is avoided so that peace and tranquility will be maintained near the foothills of Sri Venkateswara Temple.


            Global Hindu Heritage Foundation will be happy to assist in any of your efforts to preserve, promote and protect the sanctity of Sri Venkateswara University and Sanatana Dharma.


            Your response and reaction will be appreciated.




Prakasarao V Velagapudi PhD

President, GHHF; (USA)



           Copy to:  Sri Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, CM, Andhra Pradesh

                                                Sri Vellampalli Srinivas, Minister of Endowments

                                                                                Dr. Manmohan Singh, Principle Secretary for Revenues

                                                                                Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, Executive Officer TTD

                                                                               Smt. Padma IAS, Endowment Commissioner

                                                                               Sri Dharma Reddy, IAS, JEO TTD

                         Sri Basantkumar, IAS JEO TTD



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