[GHHF] Memorandum Submitted to the kind attention of Religious, Spiritual and Political leaders

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Date: March 06, 2012

After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect, none so scientific, none so philosophical and no so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil in to which India's roots are stuck and torn out of that she will inevitably wither as a tree torn out from its place.  And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism who shall save it? If India's own children do not cling to her faith who shall guard it? India alone can save India and India and Hinduism are one. ~~~Annie Besant

It is the obligation of all Hindus to take the responsibility of preserving, maintain and protecting the Hindu edifice – that is being attacked by all sides. Hindus have to lit the Hindu torch to dispel the ignorance and spread the light and freedom Hinduism has enjoyed for centuries not only for them and for the entire humanity if it has to live in peace and happiness rather than terror and chaos. Irrespective of one’s political affiliation, all the political leaders, religious leaders and spiritual leaders have to work tirelessly to nourish the roots, protect the Hindu ethics, embrace the vasudaiva kutumba principle and restore the grandeur of Sanatana dharma that is the hall mark freedom of speech and beacon of peaceful coexistence.  All Hindus must support, endorse and adopt the following agenda to restore pride among Hindus, root out terrorism, and create Hindu mindset to establish Hindutva in Bharat.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation [GHHF] is submitting these concerns to a number of  religious, spiritual, and political leaders either in person or by email requesting them to act to revive the richness and grandeur of Sanatana dharma in Bharat.


Repeal Hindu Religious and Endowment Act giving the religious freedom enshrined in the article 26 of the Indian Constitution.

All Hindu Temples should be given back to Hindus to manage their affairs the way the Christians and Muslims are allowed.

An Apex Committee consisting of Hindu spiritual and religious leaders should prepare white paper on the proper management of Hindu Temples with definite time lines.

All the Temple lands that were sold or auctioned should be recovered the respective Temples.

Religious leaders must be consulted on all major issues facing the Hindu Temples.

All the encroached Temple lands must be recovered.

All 2000 Hindu Temples that were converted to Mosques must be returned to Hindus.

Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya must be completed without any further delay.

Priest salaries must be set depending on the qualifications, training and experience.

Priests who abuse and cheat the system and bhaktas must be removed and prosecuted.

The practices of the pandas / priests in Gaya, Mathura, Allahabad, Kashi and other Northern states must be streamlined, and controlled. The Hindu leaders should speak out and take corrective actions.

Thorough discussion must take place about abuse of dakshina system and playing with the sentiments of bhaktas.

Corruption – this thousand-headed demon must be vanquished at all levels – political, economic, religious, educational and government. It is threatening the very fabric of the Bharat.

Lok Pal Bill must be passed making all government officials from lowest to highest level liable for prosecution for their failure to follow the guidelines to preserve the integrity of the nation.

Black money stashed in foreign banks should recovered and declare it as a national treasure to be used for the welfare of the nation.

Prosecute any one who denigrates other religions, destroys religious institutions, abuses the idols, and denigrates the religious practices.

Prosecute the media who allow their channels to demean other religions

Stop Hajj Subsidy to Muslims to go to Mecca and subsidy to Christians to go to Jerusalem, Vatican and other places. No subsidy to any religions for pilgrimages. Enforce strict separation of religion and politics/government.

All Hajj Houses must be converted to the use of all the citizens irrespective of their religion.

The equivalent money spent on Hajj subsidy for Muslims and travel grants to Christians must be used for establishing Hindu studies in various universities.

Bangladeshi infiltration must be curtailed and send back the illegal immigrants or occupy portion of Bangladesh to accommodate the illegals.

Courses on Gita should be introduced in all educational institutions from lowest level to the highest level.

Suryanamaskaras, Yoga and Meditation should be introduced at all levels of educational institutions.

Minority Quotas must be eliminated. Meritocracy must be promoted. Bharat should not be a heaven for less qualified and least educated.

Repeal Atrocities Act, which is giving license to the minorities to abuse the act. Minorities are abusing the system to the extent that innocent people are jailed without having an iota of evidence produced by the minorities.

Anti Conversion Law must be passed banning the conversion through deceit, deception, allurement, inducements and enticements.

All educational institutions started by Christians must be investigated for high percentage of Hindus converting to Christianity.

All Hindu organizations and Hindu Religious leaders must engage in reconversion of Hindu converts.

All Hindu organizations and religious leaders must investigate and take appropriate action against those who convert Hindus through deception, allurement and inducements.

BJP, RSS, VHP, Janata Party, Acharya Sabhas, Hindu Mahasabha and other Hindu organizations must work together for the greater cause of the preservation and protection of Hindu cause. They must select the most qualified candidate to lead the country rather than the established candidates that may have served the party many years. Welfare of the Hindu Country should be given top priority.

All religious and spiritual leaders should get united and speak with one voice and encourage their followers to work for the preservation and protection of the Sanatana dharma. Make them a viable and a powerful force to reckon with by all politicians.  Otherwise, Hindus have to face the possibility of their existence.

No Hindu should forget the massive destruction of Hindu Temples and Hindu culture, Goa Inquisition, displacements of Kashmiri Pandits, Baagladeshi infiltration, extinction of Hindu population from nearly 20 percent to near zero in Pakistan, depletion of Hindus from 26 percent to 7 percent in Bangladesh, forced conversion of Hindus, constant terrorist attacks on Bharat, etc.

Uniform civil Code should be passed and enforced.

Family planning should be encouraged and stipulated number of ideal family must be enforced with proper penalties. No nation can afford to have unlimited number of children for religious reasons, lest natural resources will be depleted.

Noise pollution laws must be enforced strictly; minarets must be banned.

Illegal use of houses as Churches must be stopped and strict penalties imposed against the violators of the law. The houses being used as Churches must be demolished.

Terrorism – India is being targeted to create havoc by the Islamic terrorists. Separate independent agency should be created to monitor and prosecute the terrorists. This agency should be in a position to take necessary action against any group that profess or engage in preemptive strikes regardless of the sources of terrorism.

The verses in Quran and Bible that advocate terrorism, killing, destruction of Idols, imposition of Jizya tax, and denial of freedom of speech must be expunged.

Kashmiri Pandits – Repeal article 360 and make sure all the Kashmiri Pandits are returned to their property rights restored. Allow Hindus to own property.

Prosecute people who engage in no-patriotic activities such as hoisting the flag of Pakistan on Independence day, burning the Indian flag, insulting the Indian constitution, etc.

Any body that declares Fatwa on any Indian citizen must be prosecuted and severe punishment imposed.

Government officials, who do not discharge their responsibilities, fail to maintain neutrality in fulfilling their responsibilities, engage in nonprofessional activities or act in a partisan manner should be individually liable for prosecution.

Cow Protection – The laws banning the slaughter of cows must be enforced strictly

Beef imports must be stopped; violators must be prosecuted with severe penalties.

All Hindu organizations, religious leaders, and cultural organizations should heed the words of Arnold Toynbee who said Indian belief in Ahimsa – nonviolence – should be embraced by the humanity if it wants to avoid the destruction and annihilation of human race. Hindus should not remain silent spectator to the spectacle of terrorism and the demolition of Hindu edifice. They should be assertive participants to restore the glory and grandeur of the richest culture that ever existed in the human history.



V. V. Prakasa Rao PhD

President, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (www.ghhfusa.org)


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