[GHHF] Stopped the Use of LOUD Speakers in all SIX Churches; Helped Villagers to submit the Petition; Pastors agreed in writing not to use Loud Speakers any more in Konaseema District AP

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Stephen P. Huyler
"Hinduism is often said to be a religion of millions of Gods, and it is indeed a religion of diversity. But it is essential to understand that underlying all is the belief in the unity in one great God: The Absolute, often known as Brahman. Some Hindus believe that this Absolute is formless, a supreme cosmic force that cannot be completely known by humankind.” 
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has organized the Ghar Waapasi program in Visakhapatnam city and talked to Christian and Hindu family members about our efforts to welcome back to the Hindu field those who converted to Christianity. Our Associate, Kollu Srinivasa Rau has been actively visiting several villages in newly created Konaseema District and Visakhapatnam. They distributed a 4-page document containing the rights of Hindus to encounter Christians and how to stop the construction of illegal churches.
Use of Loudspeakers by SIX Church in a Village was stopped 
In Karavaka Village in Kona Seema District, six churches on a regular basis creating a nuisance and loud noise by using high volume loudspeakers  and disturbing the peace in the community. These Church pastors  make it so loud people in the village complained several times. Many of them are not able to sleep as they keep the loudspeakers at a very high volume. They have been doing several times a day starting from 3:00am in the night. They are so reckless and bent on converting all the villagers they are not concerned about the elderly, children and even sick people. 
Following are the Churches:
Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel
Jesus Christ Prardhan Mandiram
SDA Church
M B Church and others.
Our Associate went and talked to the Pastors of these Churches about the loud speakers and the Noise Pollution Act and the consequences of ignoring the law. They said that they are going to keep them going and he can do whatever he wants. 
    Our Associate Sri Srinivas did the following:
1)    He talked to the pastors to stop the loud speakers since it is disturbing the peace in the village.
2)    He made of them aware of the regulations as per the Boise Pollution Regulations and Control
3)    He told them that they are not even built with permission and they must not be used as religious places.
4)    He mentioned about villagers’ complaint about ringing even Church bells as many as hundred times at a time.
5)    He told the Pastors that they can be arrested for violating the law and disturbing the peace.
6)    He mentioned also about the banners posted all around the village to demean Hindu Dharma.
7)    He mentioned that these pastors are insulting the Gods and Goddesses in their speeches.
8)    As per law, the Churches must seek permission to use loudspeakers. They can pr prosecuted if they do not follow the Noise pollutions guidelines.
9)    They should remove the loudspeakers from their churches, they should not be visible to the public.
10)    He complained to the Police and sought their help in getting the noise removed and loud speakers removed.
11)    He was able to get the villagers sign the petition to remove the loud speakers and restore peace and tranquility
12)    Police officers enforced the law by getting loudspeakers removed.
Under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, the Government of India came up with Noise Pollution (Control and Regulation) Rules laid down the restrictions on the use of loudspeakers, public address systems and sound producing instruments. Article 5 states that “A loudspeaker or a public address system shall not be used except after obtaining written permission from the authority.” People complained 4-5 times about the noise, but Sampath Rao refused to lower the volume. We called 100 number and complained. No action was taken. Then our people complained to the Police Department. They talked to CI (Circle Inspector) 4-5 tomes with no results. Then they complained to SI (Sub Inspector) at Mandal level who has acted and directed the CI to act immediately. 

Villagers Submitted a Petition to Station House Officer, Mavidi Kuduru Police Station
To Respected SI:
This petition is being submitted to bring to your attention about the health problems created by loud noise from loudspeakers coming from nearby Churches. They are denying our right to live in a peaceful atmosphere as these loudspeakers keep sending prardhanas and messages.
    They are doing prardhanas all day long irrespective of time – several times a day. Elderly people, children, sick people, students who prepare for exams are experience restlessness, and health problems.
    Earlier we requested them to get permission from the Police station and use them as per the noise level. You can play your prardhanas without bothering residents.
We are requesting the Police Station to look into this matter seriously and enforce the law as per Noise Pollution Act. We request you to see that we live in peace. We also want to bring to your attention; one can be fined Rs. 4000.00 for violating the Act.
It is signed by more than 30 residents.
Pastors have written a letter not us LOUDSPEAKERS
The Police asked the Pastors to come to the Police station and asked him to write a letter in writing  saying that he would never use the loudspeakers, never inconvenience the people, and would not disturb peace.

We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 26 people so far. More people we hire, more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers. Also,  we are conducting 150 Bala Kendras in five States. Support one or more Kendras. 
1) Sponsor one Bala Samskar Kendra for $1000.00
2) Sponsor one Pracharak: In order to expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 - $3500.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored 9 Pracharaks
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