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May 3, 2009

"The subjects require protection against wicked officers of the King, thieves, enemies of the King, royal favorites (such as the Queens, Princes Etc.) and more than all, against the greed of the King himself. The king should secure the people against these fears.” (Kamandika Nitisara: Chapter 5, Slokas 82-83)

  But I do profoundly believe that India needs to be able to say with pride, "Yes, our civilization has a Hindu base to it."…. It changes and adapts and modernizes and it absorbs and that is the scientific and proper way of going about it as well ….that Hinduism would prove to be the religion of the next Millennium …. India must be able to be proud of HinduismMark Tully, former BBC correspondent in India.
Individual responsibility

All human beings have certain responsibilities for themselves, to their families, their community, their fellow humans, their nation and their religion.   Human beings are different from other creatures. These creatures may have consciousness, intelligence, cleverness, survival instincts, and the ability to make sounds. However it is the only human beings who have the ability to make decisions for their way of life, and make their destiny and the destiny of the nation and human race. All religions discuss about the individual as well as collective responsibility of their flock in matters of faith and practice.  If Hindus have to practice their religion, governmental interference should be considered anathema to individual freedom, liberty and independence. They have to fight for their rights to discharge their religious responsibility.

If Hindus abdicate their responsibility of checking the excessive governmental interference, corrupt practices, wickedness of the officials and the challenging discriminatory practices, they themselves will be responsible for the downfall of their religion. No body else is to be blamed but themselves.

If Hinduism has to survive the onslaught of missionaries, mullahs, Marxists, media, and Macaulay’s children, Hindus have to take their religious responsibility seriously. We request all Hindus to ponder about their religious responsibilities listed below and decide for themselves as to how they can protect and secure their religion from enemies within and without.

1) Take pride in being a Hindu by reading, learning, and understanding the history of all the great heroes – Avataras of our great Religion such as Rama, Krishna, Pandavas, galaxy of different Gods and Goddesses;

2) Learn about great sages / rishis who have composed invaluable treatises on every aspect of our human life, animal life, creation of earth, and dissolution of earth with unbelievable accuracy;

3) Digest the Niti Sashtras (morals) advocated by Chanukya, Kautilya, Vidura, Bhisma and others  for the proper functioning of the country, and also the role of the rulers to treat all the citizens fairly and equally with no discrimination against any religion;

4) Learn and appreciate the history of all historical places, Temples, pilgrimage centers, and sacred rivers;

5) Take an active role in preserving, protecting and supporting Hinduism for the welfare of human race if it is to live in peace, tolerance, accommodation, patience, broadmindedness, harmony,  and tranquility;

6) Take necessary steps to implement the philosophy of separation of religion and politics by the government so that no one religion is discriminated;

7) Learn and appreciate the contributions of all the Gurus starting with Vyasa, Valmiki, Krishna, Vasista, Sankaracharya, Madhavacharya, Ramanujacharya, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and down the line to the present day galaxy of gurus and sadgurus;

8) Take a stand on any and all the positions, policies, practices advocated, supported and implemented by all the religious and political institutions that would adversely affect the survival of Hindu religion;

9) Treat Hindu vote as Sacred, exercise it wisely, encourage all your friends and family members to vote for the party or individual politician who will protect your religion from discriminatory practices such as taking over of Hindu Temples, looting of Hindu resources, denying meritorious Hindu students the deserving seats in the educational institutions, bypassing the qualified Hindus for promotions, and denying the establishment of Hindu schools,

10) Challenge the government’s Appeasement policies such as reserving a certain percent of college admission seats, and promotions; funding of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims to go to Mecca and Jerusalem at the expense of Hindu resources; funding of Madarsas that promote violence;

11) Contest the government for distorting the Hindu history, defaming the Hindu Religion, destroying Hindu icons, insulting the sacred scriptures;

12) Devote enough time with children to teach about Hinduism, to visit various religious places, to instill Hindu values, to teach Hindu Itihasa and sacred books, to enroll in Sunday schools and to infuse pride in Hindu way of life.

13) Make sure that the civil rights of Hindus are not denied, and not trampled by governments and other religions.

14) Take necessary steps to stop the defamation of Hinduism, destruction of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, demolition of Hindu Temples, denouncement of Hindu scriptures, distortion of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in paintings.

15) Demand the government to take necessary and appropriate steps to stop the terrorism irrespective of the source, go after the cells that harbor terrorism in India and abroad, and observe the law of land to protect it’s citizens.

Our Dharma

It is our dharma – responsibility -- to preserve our way of life so that the whole human race may be spared from terror, horror, suffering, torture, violence, pain, and anguish. Each individual can make a difference. It is our responsibility to preserve the total freedom, independence and liberty that Hindus have enjoyed for centuries. We need to guard, protect, shield, and defend this freedom. Otherwise, somebody will snatch away our freedom in no time. It will have a devastating effect on us, our children and our grand children.  Once the freedom is lost, it is almost impossible to regain.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is established mainly to preserve, protect and promote Hindu way of life. As many of you know that we have been actively advocating the governmental interference into our religious matters. We are fighting for equal rights for all religions. No religion should be given special privileges nor discriminated. In fact the government has no business in discriminating Hindu religion, managing the Hindu Temples, and using Hindu resources for the promotion of other religions. Many Hindus do not realize the damage the government is causing to the survival of Hinduism. Their human rights are violated.

To awaken the Hindus to the reality of government’s determination to destroy Hindu religion, GHHF and Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti under the leadership of Sri Kamal Kumar Swami have conducted two Maha Pada Yatras in 2007 and 2008. Second Maha Pada Yatra started in August 2008 and concluded on February 16, 2009. A huge public rally was organized in Tirupathi. A mammoth meeting was conducted in Tirupathi with nearly 20,000 people in attendance. A number of political and spiritual leaders concerned with the discriminatory practices of the Central and the state governments spoke passionately on the need to repeal the endowment Act and also the need for preserving and practicing of Hinduism by all the Hindus.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s Speech on Video

Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s speech is being sent for your information and viewing.


Hindus Must cast their Sacred Vote to Protect Dharma: save Bharat from Secular Menace

April 16, 2009

 Mark Twain (1835-1910):

  “Land of religions, cradle of human race, birthplace of human speech, grandmother of legend, great grandmother of tradition. The land that men with intellectual bent desire to see and having seen once even by a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for the shows of the rest of the globe combined.”

Juan Mascaro, The Bhagavad Gita, Penguin Classics, 1962).

"Sanskrit literature is a great literature. We have the great songs of the Vedas, the splendor of the Upanishads, the glory of the Upanishads, the glory of the Bhagavad-Gita, the vastness (100,000 verses) of the Mahabharata, the tenderness and the heroism found in the Ramayana, the wisdom of the fables and stories of India, the scientific philosophy of Sankhya, the psychological philosophy of yoga, the poetical philosophy of Vedanta, the Laws of Manu, the grammar of Panini and other scientific writings, the lyrical poetry, and dramas of Kalidasa. Sanskrit literature, on the whole, is a romantic literature interwoven with idealism and practical wisdom, and with a passionate longing for spiritual vision."

BJP manifesto talks about the greatness of India and how to preserve protect and advance India into the 21st century. Recognizing the impending danger to Hindu way of life, BJP manifesto declares that no nation can chart out its policies unless it has a clear understanding about itself, its history, its strength and failings. Hindus should not and cannot forget their roots, and richness of their religion as described by Juan Mascaro. All the spiritual leaders of India over the centuries and leaders of Independence movement have recognized the need to have a clear vision of India’s “civilizational consciousness” that promotes inclusive, not exclusive; diversity, not divisiveness; pluralism not communalism;  tolerance, not intolerance, accommodation, not elimination, peace, not terror.

It is time to closely examine the manifestos of Congress Party and Bharatiya Janata Party and decipher the their mission, and message before the citizens go to polls and exercise their right to cast their mighty VOTE.  Hindus have lot at stake. Their survival is at risk.  If the last five years of Congress Party’s rule is any indication as to what might be the future of Hinduism, the future of Hinduism is bleak, and miserable. Irreparable damage to Hindu ethos is real if Congress gets elected. All Hindus must plunge their heart, mend their mind, search their souls and thrust their body to defend their religion. And until we are ready to recognize the danger, until we are committed to defend our Hindu ethos, until we are ready to sacrifice our resources, we may never see the Light. It is in our hands to protect our religion. If we cannot who will do it for us. We are the makers of our own future and destiny. By being silent, by allowing the golden opportunity of voting slip by our fingers, we cannot blame any body else but ourselves. Hindu vote is sacred; cast yours for preservation of the glory, splendor, brilliance, radiance, wisdom of Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Sanskrit, Ramayana, Mahabharata,  Bhagavad Gita, and other scriptures for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, our Bharat and the human race itself.

We re request all the readers to look at the positions of the two major parties --- Congress Party and Bharatiya Janata Party --- in their respective Manifesto with respect to 1) Hindu Temples, 2) Rama Temple, 3) Rama Sethu, 4) Terrorism, 5) Article 370, 6) Kashmiri Pandits, 7) Minority Appeasement,  8) Bangladesh infiltration and 9)Religious Conversion. When you go to polls, think which party will preserve the richness of diversity of cultures, end discrimination based on caste and religion giving equal opportunity and deal with terrorist attacks to destabilize India.

Hindu Temples

Through the passage of The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act many state governments have taken over only Hindu Temples. The Act had bestowed several powers on the governments like auditing temple funds, appointing archakas (priests), constituting a committee to monitor temple affairs, creation of a common pool fund, regulation of investment of funds and use of surplus funds. All appointments, property, finances, renovations, pujas etc. are monitored and controlled. Mosques and churches are free from government control and are not included in the Endowment Act.

BJP Manifesto says:

The BJP shall ensure autonomous administration of Maths and Mandirs. These institutions have been the heart and hub of Dharmic and cultural life and traditions

of Indian society. Huge properties were offered to Maths and Mandirs by society for running their religio-cultural activities and service projects for the benefit of all. The management of such institutions should be freed from Government control and handed over to autonomous bodies constituted by the followers and devotees of those seats. Necessary legal framework will be provided for this purpose.

All dharmic activities will be considered as ‘charity’ with appropriate tax incentives. A

Special cell will be created to make dharmic organisations’ interface with government agencies hassle-free. A National Mission for beautifying and improving the infrastructure and amenities at pilgrimage centres of all faiths will be launched.”


To represent the true pluralistic nature, fairness, tolerance, accommodation, and open mindedness of Hindus, BJP Manifesto says that it would “in consultation with Muslim religious leaders, take steps to remove encroachments from and unauthorised occupation of waqf properties.”

 Congress Manifesto:

          Not a single word about Hinduism, Hindu Endowment Act or control of Hindu Temples. They totally ignore the needs of more than 80 percent of Hindus needs because Hindu Temples are their Kamadhenu. They want to squeeze the Temples, loot the Temple money, sell the Temple lands, ignore the renovations, and donate Hindu Temple money to Christians and Muslims.  But they are very much concerned about the welfare of Muslims. Manifesto says thus:

             “A Wakf Development Corporation will be established to develop Wakf properties. A National Unani University will be set up. The corpus of the Maulana Azad Educational Foundation will be doubled. “

             What about Hindu institutions and their development? The Congress Party plays the role of LEECHES squeezing the blood of Hindu Temples denying the use of Temple resources for the advancement of Hindu dharma.

The Congress government which prides itself as a secular government without ever defining the concept wants control Hindu Temples, distribute their resources to other religions, use their money for other religions, send Muslims to Hajj, send Christians to Jerusalem at the expense of Hindus.  It is nothing short of a travesty, sham and outright deception on the part of Congress government to do utmost damage to Hindu way of life.

Rama Temple

Promising ‘Ram Rajya’ after coming to power, Sri L K Advani said on Ram Navami day that BJP would bring Ram Mandir project back to centre stage.

BJP Manifesto says:

There is an overwhelming desire of the people in India and abroad to have a grand

temple at the birth place of Sri Ram in Ayodhya. The BJP will explore all possibilities, including negotiations and judicial proceedings, to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.”

Answering to a question on the sincerity of his promise, Advani said that it is not an ‘empty promise’ and he is committed to building a Rama Temple in Ayodhya.

Congress Party Manifesto:

The Manifesto does not mention any thing about Rama or Ayodhya.  The Congress government has told the Supreme Court says that there is no historical evidence of Lord Ram ever existing, and further government went on to imply that different characters such as Hanuman, Bharata, Laxman, Sita, Jambavan, Ravana etc do not exist.

Does it mean that when Mahatma Gandhi uttered “Hai Ram” thrice before the three bullets fired into his body by Nathuram Godse, was he uttering false God and a God that did not exist?  Then was it a fitting farewell to give State Funeral to Gandhi who worshipped false God?

Ram Sethu

On the issue of Sethusamudram, a shipping channel to link India’s eastern and western coasts, BJP consistently opposed the dredging of Ramsethu on grounds that it would destroy a chain of limestone shoals in the Palk straits that it dates back to the Ramayana. BJP spokesperson Prasad said the party would not “allow anyone to touch it”.

BJP Manifesto says:

“Ram Sethu is our national heritage. Millions want to visit it and it can be developed as a centre of cultural tourism. For millions it is a place of pilgrimage. Saving Rama Setu is to save the vast thorium deposits which are the future source of our

energy. Thorium technology will ensure India’s energy security. BJP will, therefore, look for an alternative alignment for the proposed Sethu-Samudram Channel Project (SSCP).”

Congress Party Manifesto:

No mention of Ramsethu or the preservation of it. In fact Congress government has not given up the mission of breaking it up to the insult of so many missions of Hindus across the globe. In fact in fact an affidavit filed before the Supreme Court, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) rejected the claim of the existence of the “Ramasetu Bridge near Rameswaram

Article 370

BJP spokesperson Prasad talked of scrapping Article 370, which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir. “The unity of the country is not possible as long as Article 370 is there,” he said.

According to Article 370 residents of Jammu and Kashmir “live under a separate set of laws, including those related to citizenship, ownership of property, and fundamental rights, as compared to other Indians.”  In fact no body from other states can own property in Jammu and Kashmir.  A Kashmiri woman who marries a man from other states cannot own the property.  The 1974 Indira-Sheikh accordmentions that "The State of Jammu and Kashmir which is a constituent unit of the Union of India, shall, in its relation with the Union, continue to be governed by Article 370 of the Constitution of India"

BJP Manifesto:

Referring to Article 370, Manifesto says that“Jammu & Kashmir was, is and shall remain an integral part of the Union of India. Its status is non-negotiable and…., the people of Jammu & Kashmir see themselves as part of the Indian national mainstream… the BJP will promote an agenda of equal development of its three regions — Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. All support, including financial, will be provided to the State Government for this purpose.”

Kashmiri Pandits

As many of you know that about 400,000 Kashmiri Pandits, constituting more than 95 percent of the total population of Hindus living in Muslim majority area of the Kashmir Valley, were forcibly pushed out of the Valley by Muslim terrorists since 1989. They have been forced out of their homeland by terror, looting, murder and arson to live in the tents as exiles in their own country.

BJP Manifesto:

“The Pandits who had to leave their home and hearth in the Kashmir Valley on account of separatist violence and terrorism are fully deserving of all support and assistance, which will be provided to them in full measure. Their return to the land of their ancestors with full dignity, security and assured livelihood will figure high on the BJP’s agenda…The long-pending problems and demands of refugees from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir will be addressed…. Article 370 poses a psychological barrier for the full integration of the people of Jammu & Kashmir with the national mainstream. The BJP remains committed to the abrogation of this Article.”

Congress Party Manifesto:

Not a single word was mentioned in the manifesto.

Bangladesh Infiltration

Congress Party never talks about the infiltration of Bangladeshis’ (overwhelmingly Muslims) into Assam and West Bengal.  Congress maintains a conspiratorial silence in its manifesto about the massive influx of infiltrators from Bangladesh. It has reached such alarming proportions, especially in Assam, that the Supreme Court has described it as "external aggression" and urged the central government to take effective and urgent steps. But the manifesto says nothing about infiltration from Bangladesh in to Indian borders.

BJP Manifesto says:

         “Immediate steps will be taken to stem the tide of illegal immigration from Bangladesh to Assam and other North-Eastern States. The construction of the India-Bangladesh border fence will be completed without any further delay. A special cell will be set up to monitor the detection, detention and deportation of illegal immigrants.”

Congress Manifesto:

            Nothing is mentioned about Bangladesh infiltration


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) promised o deal with the scourge of terror with an iron hand and also announced a host of populist measures if voted to power. "Our priority will be to tackle terrorists both inside and outside India sternly. We will bring a better law like POTA to handle terror," said BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad while releasing the manifesto. He also said that India's intelligence agencies would be overhauled so that they are able to deal with terror threats in a better way.

The party, which is going to elections with the slogan “Good Governance, Development, Security”, also promised to enact a strong POTA-like (Prevention of Terrorism Act) law to fight terror if it comes to power.

Congress Manifesto says:

Let it be very clear — terrorism must be fought relentlessly, intelligently and wisely, and without fear or favour. Terrorism can be fought only by a united people, not by a people divided by religion. Religious polarization that is intrinsic to the BJP severely erodes our capacity to combat terrorism. It is only the Indian National Congress that can deal with the scourge of terrorism squarely and decisively but without weakening the delicate strands that have, together, bound our society for centuries.  We will guarantee the maximum possible security to each and every citizen.  Later in the manifesto Congress Party says: Our policy is zero-tolerance towards terrorism from whatever source it originates.

BJP Manifesto says:

The last five years have been a nightmare for the people of this country as terrorists, separatists and insurgents have led the effete UPA Government on a macabre dance of death and destruction.

Ever since Congress Party came into power in 2004, more than 14 terrorist attacks rocked the cities such as Delhi, Ayodhya, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Gauhati, Jaipur, Banaras, and Mumbai killing hundreds of people. No concrete action has been taken to prevent the terrorist

Manifesto goes on to say: Never before has India been seen to be so helpless in the face of terror. Terrorism sponsored by Pakistani agencies is only one of the reasons behind the fear that

grips the people in cities, towns and villages. The life and limb of the ‘aam admi’ is equally in danger on account of Maoists who have expanded their theatre of violence to 156 districts across 13 States. In Jammu & Kashmir, separatists continue to use the services of Pakistani terrorists to promote their agenda of relentless violence. In the North-East, insurgents have remorselessly killed and maimed innocent people. The situation in Assam is particularly of concern as the ULFA, which had been all but smashed during the NDA years, has regrouped and rearmed its cadres, and unleashed a relentless wave of terror. The Congress State Government has done nothing to either prevent this violence or punish ULFA; instead, unconditional talks have been offered to the killers!

Minorities - Appeasement

Congress Party kept on advocating the divisive politics by granting special privileges to backward classes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, minorities and women.  This divisiveness is witnessed in their manifesto. No mention of the rights of the majority population who work hard, study diligently, pay taxes, ask no favors, and want equal opportunity. Unfortunately the so called secular government do not heed to their desires.

            Prime Minister said “We will have to devise innovative plans to ensure that minorities, particularly the Muslim minority, are empowered to share equitably in the fruits of development. They must have the first claim on resources.” The Congress manifesto promises to introduce religion-based reservations for minorities (read Muslims) in government employment and education. True, a large section of Muslims are victims of poverty and backwardness The proposed policy further widen the divide between the minorities and majority. Congress Party refuses to make reservations based on the economic criteria for all communities.  They are opposed to a vision of "justice for all but discrimination against none."

Congress Manifesto says:

The empowerment of the weaker sections of society — scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, OBCs, minorities and women — has been an article of faith with the Indian National Congress. This will be carried forward with emphasis on education, particularly skill-based and professional education…. The Indian National Congress is irrevocably committed to ensuring that the Constitutional rights of all minorities are protected fully, that the representation of minorities in public administration increases substantially, and that minorities recognize that the government is working for their welfare at all times. The Indian National Congress has pioneered reservations for minorities in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in government employment and education on the basis of their social and economic backwardness.”

BJP Manifesto Says:

The BJP repudiates the division of Indian society along communal lines which has been fostered by the Congress and the Left in pursuit of their vote-bank politics. Categorisation of communities as ‘minorities’ perpetuates notions of imagined discrimination and victimhood; it reinforces the perception of the ‘minority’ identity as separate from the national identity. The BJP remains committed to a common Indian identity that transcends community, caste and gender, with every Indian an equal participant in the building of a prosperous nation and an equal beneficiary of that prosperity. ….It is an unfortunate fact that Muslims form a substantial part of the underprivileged. The principal reason for this is the fact that the Congress, a dominant presence in power for six decades, has secured minority support through the politics of fear rather than a healthy diet of development.”

L K Advani said that his party will always be ‘Nation First Party’ and it derides any efforts to categorization of the people into different sections based on caste and religion. BJP is more interested in the policy of assimilation of all groups into the national mainstream. He said that his party modified it’s slogan to “Justice for all, discrimination towards none” instead of “appeasement of none.”

Religious Conversions

BJP Manifesto

The BJP will facilitate, under the auspices of noted religious leaders, the setting up of a permanent inter-faith consultative mechanism to promote harmony among and trust between communities. This mechanism will also be used for a sustained and sincere Inter-Faith Dialogue between leaders of the Hindu and Christian communities on all aspects of life, including the issue of religious conversions. The dialogue should be held in the spirit of the unanimous report of the Inter-Faith Dialogue on Conversions, which was organized at the Vatican in May 2006 by the Pontifical Council for Inter-Faith Dialogue and the World Council of Churches, Geneva.

Congress Manifesto

Nothing is mentioned about the conversions and how to create the climate of peaceful existence.

Hinduism in under attack – You have an opportunity to Defend it

Hinduism is at the cross roads. Hindu values are maligned. Hindu way of life is on the death bed. It is the responsibility of all Hindus irrespective of their party affiliation to rescue the Hindu patient. Hindus have to pump enough oxygen by casting their sacred votes for a part that stands for preserving, protecting and promoting Hinduism without infringing on the rights of other religions. Hindus have a track record of being tolerant, hospitable, accommodative, democratic, and generous. Hindus have never occupied any country for pushing their religion in to the throats of other religious adherents.

This is an undisputable fact. Centuries and centuries of history speak for it.  Blind can see it. Deaf can hear it. But not the Secular Congress government, not the media, not missionaries, not the Marxists.

Christians, Muslims, Macaulay’s children and Marxists cannot stand the righteousness, honesty, justice, reason, objectivity and fairness – the hallmark of Hinduism. Media joined its hands to wage war against Hindus. All these vested interested groups with the support of Congress Party despise Hindu ethos. Their contempt for Hinduism is unmatched. They tarnish the Hindu scriptures. They defame and destroy Hindu Gods. They loot Hindu resources and occupy Hindu Temple lands. Their atrocities against Hindus are ongoing unabated. They have no consciousness, they cannot reflect, and they are unfit to ponder. Their minds have frozen and their hearts have become solid rocks to be cracked, their blood they are controlled by their selfishness, and any thing that is glory of Hinduism is being tarnished daily.  Grandeur of Vedic culture is being stained. We have the responsibility, and it is our dharma to carry this message across to Bharat at this critical time in our history. This coming election is extremely critical. We need to join an army of dedicated volunteers who will serve our dear motherland, Bharat. Time is of an essence. We are in a 'now or never' situation

Look at the Manifestos of both major political parties – the Congress Party and BJP. Decide for your self as to which party will work for the welfare of all the people instead of select minority people, preserve the cultural heritage of the nation, protect the people from terrorism, give due attention to the needs of majority Hindus in terms of Rama Temple, Endowment Act, Rama Sethu, etc We encourage all Hindus to go to polls and cast their sacred VOTE to the candidates that promote, preserve and advance Hindu way of life and tolerance toward all religions. We encourage all of you to encourage your family members, friends and neighbors to go to polls and preserve our rich cultural heritage before it is dismantled by the so called secular government in front of our own eyes.


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