[GHHF] Ghar Waapasi – TTD devotees are denied Darshan; Expressed their anguish; They are being De-Hinduized.

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“Somehow you know, that now, you are in the wrapping of something mysteriously divine, something that has been defined for centuries... Such that you feel a connection, and you feel happy to be a part of something beautiful.”

TTD throws so many Hurdles to Devotees making them outraged.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was started to free Hindu Temples from the government control and see that the management will maintain the sacredness of the Temples, guarantee the fiscal integrity of the Temples, stop the encroachment of the Temples, provide necessary comfortable darshan to the devotees, remove non-Hindus from working at Hindu Temples and help the devotees to have darshan on a methodical and systematic way.

Today,  GHHF is going to address the humiliating and demeaning experiences of the devotees who come to have darshan of Lord Venkateswara. Many devotees who come to Tirupati to have Darshan of Sri Venkateswara are facing numerous problems and are subjected to humiliation and insults. Devotees come from many different states and many different places across India to have the darshan of Balaji. Many of them go back home without having darshan after staying several hours in line to have sarva darshan (free darshan). Why were so many devotees denied darshan?

1)     TTD is busy allocating tickets to those who can buy either for Rs. 300, Rs 500, or Rs 10,000
2)     At present about 25, 000 devotees are allowed darshan in total.
a)      Free darshan is given to about 10,000
b)     About 12,00 tickets are reserved for devotees who pay Rs 300.
c)      Rest of them may be used for Srivani donors and other VIPs
3)     At present the AP government has 78 Ministers who can recommend their people for darshan. Each letter given by the Minister entitles 6 people to have darshan of Balaji.
4)     At present,  81 members are appointed as Trust Board members who are entitled to have 6 people to have darshan.
5)     It appears they can write as many as 10 letters, if not more by any of the Ministers or TTD Board members.  

Devotees Concerns

1)     Many of the devotees come from villages hoping to get darshan of Balaji. Many of them are not educated.
2)     Many of them do not know that they have to book the tickets online.
3)     Many of them do not know how to access the website to make reservations.
4)     These devotees stand in line hoping that they would get darshan only to know they are not fortunate to have darshan.
5)     TTD does not convey the information as needed to inform the devotees.
6)     TTD keeps changing the rules and policies with any advance notice.
7)     TTD stopped the darshan for devotees who take diksha and walk several days to have darshan of Balaji. They are turned back.
8)     As of now, all Rs 300 tickets are sold until December. Nobody can get any tickets at present.
9)     Even free darshan tickets are also issued for the whole of November. Nobody at this time can acquire tickets.
10)  There are scammers who are exploiting the innocent devotees  with a promise to arrange darshan by collecting money from the devotees.
11)  TTD is failing in its responsibility to be responsible for the wishes of devotees.
12)  With sincere efforts to inform the devotees, their frustrations can be reduced and also their visits can be avoided.  

Can TTD do a Better Job informing?

1)     Why TTD has not aggressively started  media blitz to inform the people about the status of darshan tickets.
2)     Why SVBC channel not inform the people and scroll the status of the darshan to the public.
3)     Even in Railway Stations and Bus Stations there must be a way of informing the devotees about the chances of having darshan when they go to Tirupati.
4)     SVBC Channel should have a 5 minute segment every hour to inform the availability of the tickets.
5)     If the free darshan is already booked, the Channel should inform the devotees that would not plan to come to Tirupati.
6)     Sincere and serious efforts are lacking to meet the needs of the devotees.

Outrage and being De-Hinduised

Many devotees expressed their outrage for their predicament after traveling thousands of kilometers. Many of them feel TTD is purposefully neglecting the needs of the devotees, purposefully not informing the devotees of their chances of darshan, and purposefully creating distrust in their own religion. Making the devotees doubt their own religion. This kind of humiliating experience in Tirupati will lead them to feel De-Hinduised. That means TTD and other Hindu Temples are creating many hurdles making the devotees doubt their own faith thinking that Balaji was not happy with them and hence they are denied darshan. A negative attitude is created with this kind of shameful experience. TTD creates unnecessary problems to make them feel frustrated with their Gods and their religion by failing in their responsibility to inform them of the darshan ticket availability.  

               As some of the devotees mentioned that when they return to their villages, they will be a laughingstock in the hands of Christianity. Is TTD not taking necessary steps to inform the devotees about the darshan tickets to make them insulted in the hands of Christians back home? They will rebuke our devotees by saying that how can that stone God bless you and save you.

               I am sure TTD officials are aware of the rampant conversions and they are aiding the Christians to take advantage of the devotees' frustrating and maddening experience and create doubt about the power of Lord Venkateswara.             


We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 20 Pracharaks working at the ground level. More people we hire, more villages can cover to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.

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