[GHHF] Hindu Students in University Campuses are being targeted by Christian missionaries. Jointly helped to organize Garba in UT Dallas.

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Thomas Paine
It is far better that we admitted a thousand devils to roam at large than that we permitted one such impostor and monster as Moses, Joshua, Samuel, and the Bible prophets, to come with the pretended word of God and have credit among us. [The Age of Reason]

Many students come to United States to get good education, spend about two years to receive the degree and hope to get good job. Many of them come with a hope that they may get University jobs or summer employment  to make them pay for their tuition fees. Many students get the jobs on campuses and complete their education. In some cases, these students do not have enough resources and facing financial hardships.
It is a double jeopardy for some of the students. First, many of them miss their parents, their relatives and friends back in India. They also miss their Parent’s affection and mother’s love. Secondly, some of them may not have enough money to pay the fees and meet the day to day to expenses creating stress.
Knowing the financial hardships, Christian missionaries indirectly approaching few students with financial help with an eye to convert them to Christianity. Also, some of the Christian students who are also students at the university slowly prod Hindu students to look at Christianity with a promise to help them financially. Indirectly they are suggesting to Hindu students, that their God is not really helping them when they needed help. If you get converted, many Churches are willing to help defray their expenses. We hear many stories like this from Students on Campus.
Garba Organized on UTD Campus during Navaratri weekend.
With the initiation by Sri Sachin Sougandhi, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Sewa International joined hands with India Students Association to help organize Garba on Multipurpose Field of University of Texas Dallas Campus to give them opportunity enjoy the evening to celebrate Sharad Navaratri on October 1st. The program was started with the Puja to Durga Mata. The Priest from Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple came and performed the Shodasha Upachar Puja. Students participated in the puja and offered Arthi to Devi. Sri Sachin Sougandhi has been actively involved with India Students Association and he is in constant contact with them.
    More than 600 students participated in Garba that lasted till midnight.
Importance of Navaratri Festival
    Dr. Prakasarao Velagapudi spoke on this occasion about the importance of Navaratri, Atirudra Yagam and Fasting during this period. Navaratri is celebrated for nine days. The whole universe is made of Shakti/ Energy. It can be manifested in many different forms. Nine forms of Devi are worshipped. Navratri begins with the worship of Maa Shailaputri and is followed by the worship of other avatars like Bramhacharini, Chandraghanta, Skandmata, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Siddidatri. Each of these avatars signifies different qualities of Goddess Durga such as affection, love, compassion and wisdom. First three days are worshipped for Durga Devi, next three days are worshipped for Lakshmi Devi and last three days Saraswathi Devi. They represent Tamo Guna, Rajo Guna and Sattva Guna respectively. The basic idea is for all of us to move forward starting with Tamo Guna and slowly move toward Sattva Guna.
    During this period, conducting Homas such as Chandi Homa or some other Homas are performed to give us opportunity to offer what the nature has offered to us. We are giving back what was given to us. The fire god Agni is invoked while doing Homas. The devotees request that Agni carry the offerings which are made into the fire directly to the gods. The words chanted when making the offerings suggest a recognition that all resources, all possessions, all thoughts and actions occur through divine grace. Upon delivering items into the fire, the devotee chants “This is yours, not mine”. Idam na mama. He talked about the importance of Atirudra Yagam conducted in 1975 1nd 2011 in Kerala organized by Dr. Fritz Staal, Professor at University of California, Berkley.
    Many of our scripture suggest that we observe fasting during this time in order to concentrate the energy of the mother Goddess and also reap the benefits fasting. Physical, mental, health benefits are accrued as per our scriptures such as Skanda Purana, Narada Purana and others. In fact, the benefits of fasting were enumerated by a number of scientists. Yoshinori Ohsumi, a cellular biologist from Japan, became a Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine “for discovering the mechanisms of autophagy.” The Japanese scientist has scientifically substantiated that fasting is good for one’s health. 
The Nobel Prize Committee’s press release reads: 
“Ohsumi’s discoveries have led to a new paradigm in our understanding of how a cell processes its contents. His discoveries have opened new ways of understanding the fundamental importance of autophagy for a large number of physiological processes, such as adaptation to starvation and response to an infection.” 
Autophagy is the process of utilizing and recycling unnecessary or dysfunctional cellular components—the so-called cellular rubbish which accumulates in cells. The term “autophagy” originates from two Greek words which summarily mean “self-eating.” Autophagy is intrinsic to living organisms, including those of human beings. Thanks to autophagy cells get rid of excess parts, while an organism gets rid of unnecessary cells. 
The Nobel Prize winner’s discovery indicates that abstaining from food and keeping fasts is wholesome—the body truly cleans itself. This is confirmed by the Nobel Prize Committee. 
According to Ohsumi’s colleagues, this process even probably rejuvenates organisms by creating new cells, removing defective proteins and damaged intracellular organelles from them, thus maintaining them in good condition. 
Health benefits of intermittent fasting include: fat burning and weight loss, reduction of blood sugar, improvement in energy, lowering cholesterol, clearing diseased cells from the body and many more.
Future Activities.
    It was decided that GHHF and Sewa International would work with India Student Association at UTD to make the Hindu students feel that they are cared and help celebrate the major festival. Continuous dialogue with students is planned for the future.


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