[GHHF] Conducted Prana Pratishta to Goddess Yeti Gangamma Vigraha believed to be 1300 years old in a Village.

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 “If they only imagined what a Hindu nation looks like, they might start propagating Hindu nations all over the globe. One day, when people have become tired of blindly believing strange things, and when nobody is threatened any longer with dire consequences if he stops believing in those strange things, the world may be grateful to Bharat Mata that she has conceived and preserved over millennia those eternal, precious insights for the benefit of humanity.” Maria Wirth
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is actively promoting and preserving Sanatana Dharma through various activities. One such activity is the renovation and revival of Grama Devatas. So far, we have renovated about 30 Gram devatas in a number of ways depending on the needs of the villagers. 
On February 12th, at about 90 km from Kalyanadurgam, a Goddess named Yeti Gangamma is residing in Thimmampalli village near Nagalamadaka in Karnataka state. This statue is said to have been around 1300 years ago from the Chola period.
       However, this goddess has not been worshiped for a long time. In that village, a devotee named Venkateshulu had a dream where he was told by Goddess to perform Pujas. That he told the villagers who decided to install the Goddess in the Temple.  Since then, the pujas have been going on. But Gangamma's mother is engraved on a black stone which is believed to be during the Chola dynasty itself.
      The villagers recognizing the mission of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation. The villagers approached us to help in this matter. Sri Gopi Krishna Achary, our resident priest, visited the place in the past. He suggested to villagers to do Pranaprathista ritualistically which would be good to the community.  This program started at four hours and 30 minutes of Brahma Muhurtam this morning, saying that it would be good for the peace of the village if Gangamma's mother Mula idol is installed along with other deities.
        At 4:30 a.m., the Ganga Puja started with the Ganga water brought from Kashi and everyone who came was blessed by sprinkling water. Everybody was welcomed by applying Tilak on their forehead. Then Ganapati Puja, Punyavachakam, Navagraha Puja, Ganga Puja, Narasimha Puja, Mrityunjaya Puja, Kalash installation, Kalasa Puja, Kumbhabhishekam, Shanti Puja, Ganapati Homam, Navagraha Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam, Gangamma Matali Homam, Narasimha Homam, Shanti Homam, Gangamma Matali Homam followed by Vigraha Chara Prana Pratishta program. It was a gear was a great success and Prana Pratishta was done in such a way that Purnahuti was successful, and Pooja was performed to the mother planet. Finally, everyone was blessed by tying Raksha Petti. All this program was done completely free of cost on behalf of our organization. All the villagers expressed their happiness that the idol of Ammavari was consecrated by infusing life. Villagers expressed their happiness to Sri Gopi Krishna Chary for coordinating the Prana Pratishta of Goddess Gangamma and our organization – GHHF.  The villagers were unable to do the program due to financial difficulties till today. They were happy to see Gangamma Talli installed so that they can do pujas daily. Sri Gopi Garu instructed them to do pujas on a regular basis which will bring happiness and prosperity to the villagers. 
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