[GHHF] Bharata Mata under Attack; Stop being Spectators, Act Immediately

27 Jan 2023 140 Views

Speech discussed about different aspects that are affecting the very existence of Bharata Mata – Sanatana Dharma. It is amazing to know that India is the only country that does not teach about the greatness of her own Dharma. We did not teach our children about the Scientific advances, different dynasties that enriched our culture, the voluminous literature, and the admiration of Nobel laureates. We as Hindus are failing our Bharata Mata, not protecting her from being strangled. Hindus are responsible for not guarding her. If we do not rise up and act together, we may be looking at the potential demise of Sanatana Dharma. We as individual Hindus must take it as a mission to protect. Time is running out. Stop being a spectator, act immediately.



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