GHHF Bala Samskar Kendras – learned about the killings of Hindus in Noukhali region in Bangladesh

06 Nov 2023 452 Views

“In India, Hindus have developed many organizations and projects to preserve the traditions of their ancestors and to empower their youth with the wisdom and time-tested methodologies of their priceless heritage.” Brannon Parker

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is also planning to inform our students about the hardships Hindus face from other religions. It is our responsibility to ensure the students are aware of the differences between Hindu Dharma and other religions. This week our students were taught about the Naukhali atrocities.

Hundreds of Hindu women were raped, thousands were forcibly converted, and over 5,000 Hindus were killed by Islamic fanatics in the Noukhali region. That day Gandhiji visited more than 70,000 Hindus who were hiding in a refugee camp fearing for their lives.

During the days of Indian freedom struggle, on the one hand the entire country was fighting for the freedom of the country, but the illegal invaders and thieves of the Islamic fanatics carried out massacres in different parts of the country to divide the country. Let us now learn about one such incident. Just like the British, fanatical extremist groups of Muslims who invaded the country's territory illegally to loot the wealth of the country created massacres in many parts of the country with the slogan of a separate country for Muslims, while all the Hindus were fighting for the country's independence during the British administration.

In Noukhali region (which is now in Bangladesh) on the day of Kartika Purnami, when all the Hindus were celebrating the festival, suddenly Muslim mobs attacked. Hundreds of women were abducted and raped, more than five thousand women, men and small children were brutally murdered. Thousands of Hindus were converted due to fear of their lives. More than 70 thousand Hindus evacuated the area and took refuge in refugee camps. For a few days starting from 6th November, Gandhiji toured the region to establish peace. But it was of no use. It is very sad that even though many such incidents have proved how dangerous it is for Hindus not to be strongly united, the lessons have not been learned. Let's hope that at least by remembering such incidents, there will be a change in some people.

It is estimated that about 5000 Hindus were killed during these riots. Thousands were forcibly converted and many women were raped.

Property was ransacked and houses and shops looted and burned. Temples were desecrated.

Lalmohan Sen, a revolutionary leader who had participated in the Chittagong Armoury Raid and had been imprisoned for 16 years by the British, was killed by a mob during the riots.

The League government tried to curb incidents of violence being reported in the newspapers. It also covered up a report on the Noakhali incidents by Edward Skinner Simpson, a retired judge.

Many Indian social and political organisations came for relief activities. Among the organisations were Bharat Sevashram Sangha, INC, the Communist Party of India, Hindu Mahasabha, the Indian National Army of Bose, Arya Samaj, etc.

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