[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras in Tamil Nadu Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi by narrating the stories of Ganesh and the importance of Squatting in front of Lord Ganesha.

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Hajime Nakamura

“The idea of tolerance and concession is based on admitting the compatibility of many different philosophical views of the world. The Indians are prone to tolerate the co-existence of philosophical thoughts of various types from the metaphysical viewpoint. Interference with religions on the part of the state was not found in India, but in China it occurred to a considerable degree.” 

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to inform you that the Bala Samskar Kendras in Tamil Nadu celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with gusto, enthusiasm, and excitement. The teachers talked about the birth of Lord Ganesha, how he get elephant-headed, why we should not look at the moon on this day, the story of the Samantakamani jewel, and the significance of squatting – Super Brain Yoga

Squatting means Super brain Yoga

As many of us are aware that many of us squat before Ganesh to get the blessings of God. Many westerners have recognized the importance of squatting and did a lot of research. Super brain Yoga transforms or internally alchemizes the energies from the lower energy centers into higher subtler energies. These energies are then utilized by the upper energy centers. When those centers are highly energized, they energize the brain so it can function with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Super brain Yoga not only energizes and activates the brain but also assists in balancing the energies of the heart, throat, ajna, forehead and crown energy centers. When energies from the basic energy center move up to the heart energy center, it is transformed into inner peace.

When the energies go up to the throat energy center and the ajna energy center, they are transformed into greater intelligence and creativity. When they go up to the forehead energy center and crown energy center, they are transformed into a higher degree of spirituality. The lower energies are transformed into subtle energy, which is utilized by the brain to enhance its proper functioning.


According to our Master Choa Kok Sui

• It energizes and activates the Brain

• It increases the inner peace

• Reduces psychological stress and gives greater psychological stability

• Greater intelligence and creativity

• Regulates the sex drive

• Partial cleansing and energizing effect on chakras and auras

• Transformation of the lower energies into higher energies

• Proper functioning of the brain

• It increases the flow of pranic energies within the body

• Prolonged practice makes the practitioner in general, smarter and psychologically balanced

• Spiritual growth

The symbolism of Lord Ganesha.

•    Elephant head symbolizes wisdom

•    The trunk represents OM

•    Goad held on his right-hand removes obstacles in life

•    Small eyes tell us to concentrate on our goals in life

•    Big ears tell us to listen carefully to what the other person says

•    Axe means that we should cut off all attachments that bound him from growing

•    Broken Tusk reminds us to keep the good and throw away the bad

•    Mouse represents desire – unless desires are under control, they take you for a ride

•    Snake tells us that we should have control over things that cause unrest

•    Large Stomach means digesting both good and bad.

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