GHHF Austin Chapter Started; An Emotional 3-hour marathon session on the progress of Ghar Waapasi and Bala Samskar Kendras organized.

02 May 2022 760 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to report that Venu Uppal and krishna Kolluri and their friends have organised a power point presentation in the progress of GHHF activities. Prakasaro Velagapudi briefly traced the history GHHF by talking about how it was started and its mission. Listed some of the activities and  accomplishments. Then slowly he talked about the activities since the year 2020. 

Explained as to how we started Annadanam, Ghar Waapasi, Bala Samskar Kendras and renovation of Grama Devatas.
Many people shed tears when we talked about how our religion which we consider as Second Mother is being attacked, maligned, suffocated an stifled. Why we as Hindus keep silent, indifferent and mum when our mother is being attacked. Evey Hindu should take it as his personal responsibility to protect her, promote her and propagate her for the sake of humanity. Without Hinduism, there is no peace or harmony on this mother earth. 
Many people became emotional and wanted to be part of GHHF. We will soon decide as to the members of GHHF Austin team who agreed to be part of our mission.

We are also interested in starting GHHF Chapters in other major cities. Interested people can contact us. We will send more details soon.


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