[GHHF] Assam's Madhura Unit with their hard work was able to obtain a Rs. 3 lacs grant from local MP to restore the dilapidated Shiva Temple sanction from Government fund.

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"Mother India is an aspiring tree. This aspiring tree has the Vedas as its only roots. The root is Truth, the tree is Truth, the experience of the tree is Truth, the realization of the tree is Truth, the realization of the tree is Truth, the revelation of the tree is Truth, the manifestation of the tree is Truth. The Vedic seers saw the Truth with their souls, in their Heavenly visions and in their earthly actions. Satyam eva jayate naanrtam (Mundakopanisad 3.1.6) - Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood.” Sri Chinmoy
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation in Assam is working extremely hard to revise Hinduism, create pride in the, organize Bhajans, conduct Bala Samskar Kendras, enroll our Hindus into Mega movement, create Women’s’ wing known as Tejaswini, renovate and/or build Hindu Temples and work toward bringing unity among Hindus.
As many of you are aware that GHHF in Assam is organizing Bhajan Mandals in Adivasi villages and other villages to ensure that they develop bhakti and appreciate the richness of our stories abound in Ramayana, Mahabharata, and many Puranas. 
Sri Samrat Dutt who is one of the Board of Directors of GHHF spends lots of time visiting the various parts of Silchar area and Manipur –Assam Border to help Hindus. Last year in the month of September when our Bhajan Mandali team visited that village they discovered one abandoned Shiva temple in ruined condition. After having the meeting with the local villagers, we decided to construct it with bamboo and wood and started weekly bhajan on Monday.
The GHHF local team approached local leaders for construction of this temple, but they refused to give any funds rather discouraged our Team members. 
We have been looking for alternatives to raise funds and renovate the almost dilapidated Grama Devata Temple - Shiva Temple. 
Our GHHF team realized that the Parliamentary elections are approaching. May they thought they would contact the sitting MP and request funds that he can collect from the government. Now just before the Parliament election when local BJP Mandala team contacted GHHF for election help, our team asked them to construct the temple first, otherwise they won't allow any meeting in this village. The local team contacted MP of Silchar Dr. Rajdeep Roy.  As many of us are aware that every MP would have the privilege of sponsoring certain projects in his constituency. Recognizing the successful membership drive and knowing the number of activities GHHF is conducting in his constituency, he decided to help and obtained a Three lakh grant to complete Shiva Temple in Madhura village.  It is to be mentioned here that through membership drive we touched more than 1400 Hindu families of this area. ( Photos are already sent to this group) . Now considering our strength MP, Silchar sanctioned Rs.3 lacs for the construction of this Shiva Temple. We told them No temple -No meeting- No vote. Rhus the villagers worked closely with GHHF, sought their guidance and were able to get the grant to complete the Temple. The attached pictures show the progress. Soon it will be completed as planned. 
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