[GHHF] Assam Chapter distributed new clothes to 70 Adibasi brothers as a way celebrating Navratri Festival

20 Oct 2023 352 Views

 “Actions expressing virtue are noble and aim at what is noble. Hence the generous person … will aim at what is noble in his giving and will give correctly; for he will give to the right people, the right amounts, at the right time, and all the other things that are implied by correct giving. He will do this, moreover, with pleasure or [at any rate] without pain.”  Aristotle.
Sri Samrat Dutt, the Director of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has taken an extraordinary steps to honor different sections of people on different occasions. On behalf of GHHF Assam new clothes ( shirts) distributed amongst 70 Adhibasi brothers of vill Aynakhal ,Hailakandi. May Maa Durga bless them all. Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in Assam.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been very active in providing service to the community over the years – annadanam, health care, distribution of masks to the needy during Covid time, water supply, serving food to various animals and distribution of dry food goods to Brahmins. 
Vastradanam is as important as other service activities. Over the last one-year GHHF has donated hundreds of Sarees, children’s clothes in India. Many of our friends have been collecting clothes fere in USA to distribute to the needy in India.
The Upaniṣads further say, "Give with faith. Do not give without faith. Give in plenty with modesty. Give with fear knowing that not giving to charity is a sin. Give with sympathy.”
We can give many types of gifts and each type of gift brings its own benefit to the recipient and reward to the donor. When one practices charity, he does not become poorer due to the loss of his possessions that he has given away. Rather, he becomes richer because his act of donation brings him material rewards as well as earns him religious merit in future lives. In fact, the philanthropist donor often gets those very things as reward that he had donated to the needy person:
Lord Rāma said to Lakshmana: "Truly it is said that what is not given by us will not be enjoyed by us in the future! 
"I (God) abandon that person who eats before sharing his food with others. But I never forsake that person who gives food to the hungry before eating himself. I am the Lord of all food. I take away the food of him who eats without giving; and I nurture and give food in plenty to that person who considers giving food as important as feeding himself." 
The entire purpose of our life on this earth is to benefit others through one's life, possessions, thoughts and words. He who saves the life of a troubled person obtains three fruits of charity (Dharma, Artha and Kāma. But he who gifts knowledge obtains a greater fruit. The donor of clothes gets bedecked with beautiful clothes himself. The donor of silver acquires a good experience, whereas the donor of gold attains a long life and great wealth. 
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