[GHHF] About 25 Christians and Muslims retuned to Sanatana Dharma from 5 Christian families and 2 from Allipeera Muslim community in Anantapur District.

10 Jul 2024 122 Views

A Gharwapsi program was organized under the auspices of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation in Narayana Puram village of Kalyanadurgam mandal of Anantapur district today.
 Gharwapsi program:
 A total of 7 families near Narayanapuram Gramamshiwalam. 5 families from Christianity, 2 families from Allipeera (Muslim). In our Sanatana dharma, puja and homa program was organized and invited into Hindu dharma. For those who became our Hindus, in the Gharwapsi program, Tilak was applied first to everyone on their foreheads, then our priest recited Sankalpam to everyone and their gotranams were recited.
 Then Ganapati Puja, and Navagraha Pujas were performed followed by Abhishekam with milk
 Mrityunjaya Homa, Ganapati Homa, Navagraha Homa, Dosha Nivarana Homa were performed.
 Everyone was tied with bracelets for protection, and everyone was given a photo of Lord Rama, a copper cup, earthen lamps, a saree, a jacket, and a towel. Then a flag with a picture of Lord Rama to worship at home. All people who converted to Hinduism were blessed by requesting them to do puja every day and visit the temple in the village at least once a week.
 Finally, NY Reddy and Naga Ramakrishna came to speak as chief guests to tell us good things and explained our culture and tradition well and said that our Sanatana Dharma is very great so that everyone can understand that our Sanatana Dharma is very great. We are happy to express our thanks. Everyone was greeted with the name of Rama, Jai Sri Ram, Jai Jai Sri Ram.
 About 80 to 100 people participated in the program and organized prasadam and food donation program for all
 The program was successful.
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