Aalayavani 24/7 Telugu Web Radio Website was launched

05 Nov 2012 2591 Views

The prestigious Aalayavani 24/7 Telugu Web Radio Website was launched by Pujyasri Swamy Paripoornananda on 31-10-2012.

Aalayavani is a World Wide Web Radio in Telugu language, a non-profit cultural medium dedicated to present multifaceted aspects of Hindu heritage such as musical, spiritual, devotional, and educational dimensions. It will highlight Hindu Dharma, Devotional songs, spiritual discourses by eminent leaders, promotion of Vedas, Sanskrit Language, Indian Classical Music, Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, Ancient Temple culture, Hindu festivals, various Hindu Temples activities, Yoga, meditation, Human values, Environment Protection to promote Indian Ancient culture, global peace, and harmony.

Aalayavani will expound the richness of our culture, transmit the religious values to the next generation, uplift the timeless message from innumerable Hindu scriptures, describe the meanings and significance of various festivals, explain importance of Temple worship, deliver the pravachanams (discourses) by numerous religious leaders, play religious and spiritual Bhajans, elucidate the characters in Mahabharata and Ramayana, explicate the long history of numerous ancient Temples, involve youth to appreciate the glory of their Hindu heritage, conduct live interviews by deep thinkers on various scriptures, protection of sacred cow, and reveal the talents and skills of village and tribal people.

Aalayavani Web Radio will also address nefarious factors affecting the survival of Hindus not only in India but globally. Discussions will center on issues pertaining to the ethnic cleansing, forceful conversion of Hindus into other religions, destruction of Hindu Temples, denigration of Hindu murthies, raping and killing of Hindus, occupation of Hindu houses and properties, infiltration of Bangladesh Muslims into India, continuous terrorist activities inflicting the land of Bharat, strategies of conversion inducements and allurements, enactment of Endowment Act, misuse of Hindu Temple funds, neglect of preserving the ancient Temples, special quotas for minority religions, Hajj subsidy and Jerusalem subsidy, illegal allotment of funds for other religious institutions, reconversion efforts, etc.

The programs are carefully chosen and every effort will be made to maintain high standards in quality, uphold the sanctity of human ethos, and create divine and spiritual atmospheric audio environment that will embrace and inspire the listener.

Aalayavani Web Radio & Magazine are Projects of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Save Temples organization, USA.

Pujyasri Swamy Paripoornananda congratulated Dr.Ghazasl Srinivas, Brand Ambassador Savetemples.org for conceiving an inspiring idea of Aalayavani 24/7 Telugu Web Radio.

Mr. Pavan Kumar Varrey, Associate Editor (Aalayavani Web Magazine [www.aalayavanimagazine.org] and Mr.PhaniVamshi Mudumba, Program Director (Web Radio) were  also present during the launching ceremony.


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