The Peril of Conversions: In Defense of Hindus Protecting Themselves From Supremacist and Monopolist Christianity

26 Dec 2022 805 Views

The carefully calibrated challenge to the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) based in Frisco, TX, the lining up of Indian Muslim protestors in support of Indian Christian organizations, and the overnight publication of screeds and manufactured outrage in Indian American ethnic media, as well as statements to local media reporters, go to show the globalization of Indian politics and the internationalization of attempts made to undermine India.

But this is not new for those of us who have been watching the Indian and “South Asian” dynamic in the U.S. for the past three to four decades. Those young, and those new to these dynamics could do some reading of the three supremacist, monopolist, and violent religious/political creeds in India that sought to (and continue to) undermine India as a nation and Hinduism as the civilizational and cultural bulwark of India that is Bharat.

What is it that the GHHF, in its annual gala invitation, tells its supporters and potential donors? According to the American Kahani writer, a WhatsApp message that was forwarded to her said — “…where we are going to present our activities in Bharat to ensure the survival of Sanatan Dharma and also encounter aggressive Christian rampant conversion tactics through Ghar Waapasi, Bala Samskar (Sunday schools), renovation of grama devatas, demolition of illegal churches and other activities,” and “It is the dharma of every Hindu to preserve, protect and cherish the ideals of Bharat Mata. let us not be a spectator for the destruction, suffocation, stabbing of motherland”.

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