Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s US tour June-July 2014

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 The Highlights of Sri Swamiji’s USA tour.


  • - Celebration of Sri Swamiji’s 72nd Birthday in New Jersey, June 8.

  • - Participation in the Pranaprathishta of Ashtamukhi Lakshmi NarasimhaSwamy in Memphis, TN. June 12-15

  • - Conducting three day Yoga classes in West Sunbury, PA, June, 20-22.

  • - Conducting MAHARUDRAM in West Sunbury, PA June 27-30.

  • - Celebrating 5th Anniversary ofKarya Siddhi Hanuman Temple in Dallas TX, July 4-5.

  • - Celebrating Guru Purnima in Buena Park, CA on July 12.

  • - Conducting Sarangi Raga Sagara Concert in Los Angeles on July 13.


 Who is Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji?

Sri Swamiji is a "Mahatma" who has come to help mankind during this difficult age, and to bring those who have stayed back to the spiritual path. His methods are varied, but he is noted for his singing of bhajans, or songs in Glory of God. Through these songs he teaches the aspirants an easy and effective way to experience God, and to keep their minds on God.  In this manner, Sri Swamiji teaches, each person can eventually come to know his oneness or unity with the Divine, and therefore fulfill the goal of human life.

Sri Swamiji has followers from all walks of life and from all religions.  His identity is unique for each person who meets Him.  To some He is a Saint, to other persons, He seems like brother or father, or perhaps to some He is a teacher or "Guru".  And some experience in Him the divinity whom they worship, perhaps Buddha, Krishna, or Christ.  Skeptics and scoffers come to meet Swamiji, often to find themselves becoming his greatest devotees.  His sweetness is irresistible, as He attracts each back to the path in the most suitable manner.  Yet He admonishes us to beware blind beliefs: we must seek to find God and His Grace within.

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Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s USA tour

 June & July, 2014

Dates Place Event
7th to 11th June New Jersey  8th June – Jyeshtha Ekadashi – 72nd Birthday – Sri PaadaDarshana; Flyer attached. Contact: (609-286-9634)
12 June Thu 16 Memphis TN  Programs in Memphis till Sunday 15th.Pratishtha of Narasimha Temple. Flyer attached. Contact: Dr. Prasad Duggirala (901-218-4778)
16 – 18 Private  
18 June PittsburghDatta Retreat Center   19-22 Kriya Yoga
26-29 Maha Rudram
Contact: Padma (724-637-3169)
30 June – July3 Baton Rouge Programs in Datta temple on 1st& 2nd JulyContact: Daulat (225-892-0399)
3 July-July9 Dallas Programs in KSHT; visit the; contact V V Prakasa Rao .
9 July-July14 Dallas – Santa Ana, CA Guru Purnima on 12 JulyConcert – 13 July Contact:Kusum Patel (949-201-8501)
15 July Depart USA  



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