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Hindu Press International
A daily news summary for news media, educators, researchers, writers and religious leaders worldwide, courtesy of Hinduism Today's editorial staff


Himalayan Academy News
Keep informed on Himalayan Academy's study programs, new teaching materials, new books and resources, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's travel schedule and public programs and those of his swamis, all over the world. Sent just once or twice each quarter.


Kauai's Hindu Monastery News
News from Kauai's Hindu Monastery, site of the San Marga Iraivan temple and international headquarters for Hinduism Today and Himalayan Academy Publications. News is sent once or twice a month.


The Master Course
You will find The Master Course, published by Himalayan Academy, filled with philosophical, practical, soul-stirring information potent enough to inspire even a skeptic to change his ways of thinking about life and the ultimate goal of existence on this planet.


Vedic Verses
A selection of five verses from the revealed scriptures of Hinduism, the Vedas, are sent you daily to bring the sacred heritage of the Sanatana Dharma into your life each day.


Ten verses from the most renowned scripture on human ethics and moral conduct, the Tirukural by Saint Tiruvalluvar.


Hindu Heritage Endowment News
Keep in touch with wealth matters relating to the growing and very successful Hindu Heritage Endowment. Find out how you can make your money work for dharma, support temples, orphanages, special funds of your choice. Help with the modern financial empowerment of the world's oldest living religion. Sent just once or twice a month.


Hinduism Today Advertising
A lighthearted look into another aspect of Hinduism Today magazine. Upcoming special issues, discounts and offers, tips for creating effective ads, profiles of some of our advertisers (some of the most inspired people you'll ever meet.) If there's a chance you might advertise one day, or if you simply enjoy hearing more about Hinduism Today and the way we do things, this one is for you. Sent once a quarter.


Hinduism Today Production Fund News
Periodic news briefs about the Hinduism Today Production Fund which is vital to the evolution and effectiveness of Hinduism Today magazine. It is an inspiring communique to all who love Dharma and enjoy keeping abreast of the Fund, how it grows and the specific innovations that it makes possible for the magazine.


Mini Mela Gift Shop
Keep informed about new books and booklets from Himalayan Academy Publications as well as puja supplies, posters, CDs, DVDs, books for kids, greeting cards, bracelets, rudrakshas, malas, Hinduism Today magazine and other religious art and supplies at www.minimela.com.


Tirukural RSS Feed
Tirukural verses


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