[GHHF] Sri M Nageswara Rao IPS (Retd); Former CBI Director

13 Sep 2021 705 Views

on Constitutional The subjugation of Hindus and Temples.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation His presentation included his depth analysis of the subjugation of Hindu rights, take over of Hindu Temple started in early 1800 and how slowly crept in the government after Independence and what kind of action is needed to free the Temple from government clutches.


Sri M. Nageswara Rao is a retired IPS officer & a former Director, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Government of India, New Delhi. He started the Equal Rights for Hindus Movement. As part of it, he organized two National Conferences on Hindu Charter of Demands in 2018 and on Equal Rights for Hindus in 2019 both in New Delhi. He has been pursuing a project for liberation of Hindu Temples from government control, for which he has drafted a Model Temple Management legislation advocating inclusive management of temples by Hindu society in a democratic manner without government interference.


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