[GHHF] Second Day of Prana Pratishta of Maramma Temple in Kalyandurg was Completed– Dwajasthampa Pratishta, Yantra Pratishta, Abhishekam, and Homas

08 May 2024 83 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been working at the ground level, especially in the villages to ensure that the needs of Hindus are met so that we can continue to propagate and preserve our Temple culture and Sanatana Dharma. We had the opportunity to help Grama Devatas in more than 30 villages. 
Sri Pandit Gopi Chary has taken the lead in coordinating the three-day Prana Pratishta program in this village. The villagers approached GHHF to help construct the Temple financially as well as conducting a three-day Prana Prathista Program as per Vedi tradition and as per the guidelines of various Puranas. Maremma temple has been newly built in NTR Colony in Kalyandurg town, in this temple, idol prana installation, kalash installation, flagpole installation programs have been done on behalf of the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation organization for three days for the goddesses and the regular puja system has been adapted.
Our Volunteers Arjun, Anil Kumar and Hanumantu have been helping our Chief Priest in arranging the event and securing the needed items and guiding the villagers for the event.
What is Prana Pratishta? 
Pran Pratishtha means ‘establishment of life force’ or basically ‘infusing life’ into something. In Hinduism, Pran Pratishtha is a sacred ceremony where the divine essence, known as prana, is invoked, and transferred into an idol or image of a deity in a temple. According to traditions, beliefs, and scriptures, it is this process that transforms the normal murti or image into a living representation of the deity to be worshipped.
Pooja homa programs on the second day of Maramma Goddess Prana Pratishta
Second day Activities
Under the leadership of Sri Gopi Krishna Sastry, on second Day, his team conducted Dhwaja Pratishta, installation of Yantra, Navagraha Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam, Ayushya Homam, Abhishekam for Goddesses with Nava Kumbha installation,
 In the evening
       Sudarshana homa, Ekavarti homa, Vastradhivasam, Sayyadhivasam, Danyadi vasam, Phala Pushpadivasam were conducted
A food donation program was organized.
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