[GHHF] Relevance of Bhagavad Gita for Happy Living in a Modern Society

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Jeffrey Armstrong

Thursday, February 2; at 6:15 pm

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple

12030 Independence Parkway, Frisco, TX

We invite all of you, especially the youngsters, to attend this lecture.

 This is going to be a unique presentation by one of the great motivational speaker, Dr. Jeffrey Armstrong who addresses the values of Sanatan Dharma across USA and in many other countries. In all his speeches at the corporate executives, he talks about the significance of eternal values and the relevance  in the modern day world.

Jeffrey Armstrong is one of a new breed of corporate speakers and consultants who are working to bring soul into the workplace and heart into the way we do business. Jeffrey's innovative fusion of Western technology and Eastern wisdom offers a revolutionary new vision for cutting-edge businesses seeking to embody spiritual values that cultivate long-term sustainability, bio-diversity, multiculturalism and responsible expansion. The resulting paradigm shift demands dynamic creativity, constant education, a commitment to evolution and personal growth in companies serious about protecting the environment for future generations.

In recent years, an impassioned, creative model of corporate responsibility has become a necessity for human survival.

His experience includes:

* seven years of corporate executive work in the competitive world of Silicon Valley,
* ten years of corporate speaking for Fortune 500 companies
* thirty-five years of dedication to Eastern wisdom which placed him at the forefront of speakers
* consultation to inspire radical change in the way corporations conduct global business.
* motivational speeches on the relevance of Hindus scriptures in a day to day life
* Conduct seminars on various topics
* presentation of research papers at professional meetings

His Publications include:

            Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar
            KARMA - The Ancient Science of Cause & Effect

Numerous articles on wide variety of Topics

Jeffrey's groundbreaking ideas helped transform the Executives of today into the Global Leaders of tomorrow, taking success beyond the present-day definitions of a profit-only marketplace.

Please visit his website for his background and more information



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