[GHHF] Progress Report on Ghar Waapasi, Bala Samskar, and organized Bhajans - from March 25 thru April 5, 2022.

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to summarize and update our activities from March 26 thru April 5, 2022. It helps a number of people to catch up with our activities who might have missed to keep up with our activities. GHHF is sending daily updates with regard to Ghar Waapasi and Bala Kendras through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in. If you would like to be added to any of these groups, please contact us. Visit www.savetemples.org for daily updates.

1)     Helped Birds and Dogs during this scorching Sun with Food Water and Shelter in Visakhapatnam

On March 22nd during a scorching summer day, we got a call from  an unknown person about a dog abandoned on the side of a busy six lane road tied to a tree. My friend Varma garu immediately rushed to the spot with some water and biscuits.   
    It is a beautiful white Pomeranian, in a complete state of perplexity, sudden disappearance of those who took care of him , waiting with a hope for them to come back, with vehicles passing with gushing speed, and too hot weather, it is in complete distress. We waited for that day to see if anyone would come back, but unfortunately not.

Finally our friend, who already had a couple of dogs , brought him home, gave some comfort and she accepted the love and started enjoying the company. Today we posted in groups if anyone can come forward and give some place and love. As this is a pet Pomeranian we are well aware that she cannot survive in the competition like any other strays on the street. Luckily Saagi Chanti gaaru from Alamanda came forward to adopt, giving a happy ending to this beautiful dog. Many many thanks for his kind heart.

Help Birds in Summer as March 20th is “World Sparrow Day” on behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and JD Foundation we decided to do our part which we usually do every year. This year we came up with a model with a facility for birds to nest in clusters. As you see in the pictures, hitherto it is good enough to build 12 nests. We are providing grains and water to drink and take a dip even. This is installed at Simhachalam railway station, there is a good amount of applause from locals ,pilgrims, railway staff and even the auto stand union who voluntarily agreed to secure, watch and refill as needed. Almost all newspapers covered the program. 


2)     Welcoming 10 Christians back to Hindu Dharma in Madanapally

Our Pracharaks are visiting the villages one by one and reporting their activities at the end of each day. As per our guidelines they are doing two things: 1) to meet with Hindus in the villages and appraise them of the richness of Hinduism and how reservations would be lost if the SCs, BCs and STs convert to Christianity; and 2) using our 52-page book they try to welcome converted Christians back to Hindu Dharma.
    Realizing the potential of welcoming back, they visited this village three times and were able to convince them to return to Hinduism. They visited Devall Cheruvu village in Molakala Cheruvu Mandalam in Madanapalli Division. Ten Christians agreed to return to their original faith.
    One of them explained that his family converted to Christianity because of the promise made by the pastor. They lost their son and were not able to locate where he went. The Christian pastor came and promised that their son will return if they convert to Christianity. With the hope that their son will return, they changed their religions to Christianity. Even after several years, their son did not return. The Pastor was collecting ten percent of their income and started to increase by saying his son’s return will be faster. Realizing that it was fake, they decided to return to Hinduism.

3)     Bhajans were organized in a Village in Anantapur area

The Bhajan Session was organized in Dodagatta Village in BC Colony. Sri Gopala Chary started the Bhajans and explained the importance of Bhajans.

In order to create a sense of belonging and also develop an affinity with different Gods and for peace of mind, Hindus have been doing Bhajans for millennia. Bhakti and Bhajans have been a part of Hindu culture. “Listening to devotional music regularly gives out positive vibes and contributes to a happier outlook on life. It results in an enhanced and elevated mood, especially when listened to during the mornings. It also fosters relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases self-esteem.” The songs are written about different Gods extolling the virtues of the Chosen God, a narrative from a particular role of a God, or an incident related to a particular narrative in the scriptures.

               Bhaja singing not only imparts serenity and peace of mind, but it will transform your thoughts. They are also believed to reduce stress and develop composure among the singers as well as listeners.  Listening to Bhajan helps to promote immunity and increases the low prana energy level. Its positive vibrations relieve anxiety and act as an antidepressant.

4)     Honored and recognized the contribution of Haridasas -Servants of Hari

Haridasas are the only ones who take the name of Hari to every door during Dhanurmasam. This is a very small community that is usually ignored by all political parties, authorities, or societies. They can make earnings only for this month and for the rest of the year they go for daily wages. They do not have any reservations or benefits from the government.

               Being aware of their plight Global Hindu Heritage Foundation supported them with groceries during COVID last year. Even this year with support from Vepuri Murthy Garu we thought of providing more help. We invited 30 families who are currently practicing.

 Items given to Haridasas:

Honored all families with garlands, sweets, fruits, groceries, sarees, dhotis, Hanuman flag, Bhagavad Gita, Dharma Rakshas, kumkum etc. Many groceries items enough to last one month were given to the Haridasas. Served sumptuous meals to all attended.

Grocery items include such as Moong dal, Urad dal, Tamarind, Jeelakarra, Sugar, Tea powder, Uphma Ravva, Basin powder, cooking oil and Idli Rava.

       All families were very thrilled as GHHF is the only organization that approached them to help, for some tears rolled out with emotion, they are together given blessings for our organization to flourish and move further with much speed and energy.

Invited Dignitaries spoke at the occasion - Many dignitaries were invited to honor Haridasas from many organizations such as Om Shanthi, Jain community, Vysya Sangam, Yoga teachers, National Social Service, JD Foundation and Viswa Hindu Parishad.

GHHF is very proud to say that we gave a spark to all other organizations by inspiring and welcome to join us to do more such activities.

History of the Haridasa Movement

The Haridasa devotional tradition originated in Karnataka, India, after Madhvacharya, and spread to eastern states such as Bengal and Assam in medieval India. Over a span of nearly six centuries, several saints and mystics helped shape the culture, philosophy, and art of South India in general and Karnataka in particular by exerting considerable spiritual influence over the masses and kingdoms that ruled South India.

5)     Declare Gaumata as State Gaumata at Meeting in Mathura

Lakshmi Nivas and his associates went to Mathura which is the Birthplace of Lord Krishna. About 60 volunteers along with Lakshmi Nivas decided to attend the Conference. The UP government organized a meeting on March 31, 2022, to discuss the significance of Gaumata and how Lord Krishna tended the cows as a child, and his association with cows.

               Gau Raksha Dal organized this conference attended by all State representatives. It was decided that Cow slaughter must be stopped, and slaughterhouses closed. It was decided that every State should declare. The resolution passed by these representatives will be sent to the Central government for its approval. Many Swamijis and other dignitaries attended and spoke about the need for the passage of the Rashtra Gaumata law.

               GHHF Volunteers went from Nampally station and on the way on the train, they applied Tilak to all Hindus and other willing individuals on their foreheads. They talked about the importance of Bindi and the health benefits of sporting Tilak on the forehead.

6)     219 Christian ladies returned to Hindu Dharma in Agency Area

The agency area is located in Doddavaram village in Koyyuru Mandalam in Visakhapatnam District. It is a very remote village which is very difficult to even reach. There are two churches in the village. The village split into groups based on political affiliation. Swamiji tries his best to convince them to return to Hinduism. Swamiji welcomed 219 Christian ladies welcomed back to Hinduism. All these ladies used to go to church. On the day Swamiji went they just came out of the Church. He has been talking to them for 3-4 months. But on this day, he spent enough time talking about the nasty, blood, and sexual nature of the Bible and the richness of Sanatana Dharma.  He was able to convince them to come back to their roots. The Christian Pastore reached these villages a long time ago. Almost all the villages in the Agency area have Churches built or converted houses into Churches. They started working on children enticing them with many incentives like chocolates, pens, pencils, books, and other items. Even though they were not Christians in the beginning the missionaries started demeaning Hinduism, criticizing Hindu Gods, abusing Hindu customs, and creating hatred toward Hinduism. Slowly the Pastors lured them into Christianity.

Sri Sai Datta Mansa Swamy has been visiting this village for more than three months and started talking to you and seeking their help to help the needy. Then he started talking about the difference between Hinduism and Christianity. He emphasized the importance of the scientific nature of our Hindu customs and how our families maintain unity and look at the welfare of all the people irrespective of their religion. He gave several examples of hatred that are found in the Bible and compared them with Hindu scriptures that emphasize love, compassion, and peace.

7)    Bala Samskar Kendras celebrated Ugadi and Observed our age-old Traditions

Many Kendras celebrated Ugadi by taking them to the nearby Temple, attended the puja and ate Ugadi Pachadi. It is believed that Lord Brahma started creation on this day – “Chaitra Suddha Padyami” or Ugadi day. It also heralds the season of spring. On this day families celebrate by decorating the houses with mango leaves and drawing colorful rangol. They usually get up early in the morning, take bath and wear new clothes. It is like a spring season where one can see the blooming of flowers and yielding of fruits.

               Touching the parents’ feet is an age old tradition to signify the respect Hindus have toward their parents. Our respect is stated in the adage  “Matru Devo Bhava, Pitrudevo Bhava and Acharya Devo Bhava.” It is believed that when a person bows down and touches the feet of their elders, their ego gets suppressed as this gesture indicates respecting the age, experience, achievements, and wisdom of the person whose feet are being touched. The elder person then, in turn, blesses the person touching their feet.

Ugadi Pachadi is a special preparation prepared in every Andhra home on Telugu New Year’s Day. It is made with fresh tamarind, jaggery(panela), fresh mangoes, and neem flowers (margosa). One can add sugarcane, coconut, and bananas also. The sweetness of jaggery, the sourness of tamarind, the bitterness of neem flower and the pungent flavor of the green mango skin, spice of the Chilli powder, raw tender mango taste and lastly salt form the shadruchulu or six tastes.
               We should teach our children about its scientific discoveries in all scientific fields – mathematics, algebra, physics, asthmatics, computer science, dentistry, surgery, Ayurveda, yoga and meditation, and spirituality. We will try to teach our kids the science behind every aspect of our lives – customs and traditions handed down for millennials. Swami Chinmayananda stated,  “The true Hinduism is a science of perfection. There is, in this true Hinduism, a solution to every individual, social, national, and international problem. True Hinduism is the Sanatana Dharma of the Upanishads.”
We also need to teach how Hinduism is different from other religions.

We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 26 Pracharaks in Andhra, Telangana, Assam, and Tamil Nadu. More people we hire, more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.
1) Donate any amount to help the Dharma Pracharaks to work at the ground level.
2) Sponsor one Pracharak: To expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored Assistants.
PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: savetemples.org. Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the General Donation category.
By Check: Or you can send a check payable to: GHHF, . It is tax-deductible.
By Zelle: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com
RUPEES, if you would like to contribute in rupees, please either call or send an email. We will call you back to give you the required information
For more information, call Prakasarao V Velagapudi ; 1Email: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com


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