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Update on our activities at the Ground Level to preserve and protect Hindu Dharma and encounter non-Hindu aggression in India.

"An ounce of action is worth more than tons of discussion"


As I mentioned in our recent conversation, the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) was started in 2006 to protect Hindu Temples and preserve and protect Hindu Dharma. Also our objective is to nourish the roots of Sanatana Dharma, nurture our culture and traditions, preserve our ancient heritage, enrich the Hindu way of life, and encounter adharma.

Your help over the years has enabled us to expand our activities and inspire us even more to extend to other States. We are thankful for your generous contribution.

For the last few years, with anguish, we are all aware of the unchecked mass conversion that is taking place in Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Assam and Madhya Pradesh in Bharath with no fear and no consequences. In some States, it is being done sometimes openly and sometimes indirectly with the support from the governments.

The size of Hindu population is decreasing day by day; From 90 % at the time of Independence in 1947, Hindu population dwindled to 75%. Christians and Muslims expanding their numbers day by day.

Our Bharat Mata (Mother India) is being attacked, stabbed, stifled and suffocated. We as Hindus cannot remain silent, indifferent, apathetic, feel hopeless and remain a spectator. We have to discharge our dharma and protect our Mother India.

We as Hindus individually cannot do everything that is needed to protect our mother, but we can do something. YES, we can do individually or in association with others or other organizations, engage in activities that can make the difference at the ground level.

With this thought process, GHHF started these programs at the ground level to make some difference:

1) Ghar Waapasi: In August 2020 GHHF started Ghar Waapasi (Welcoming back the ex-Christians) with an intent to stop the conversion of Hindus into Christianity and bring those Christians who went to Christianity that were trapped by deception, allurement, material incentives, other incentives. We have employed 26 Pracharaks in five States – Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu – who are responsible for visiting villages to welcome back converted Christians and also appraise the villagers about the differences between Bhagavad Gita and Bible. About 8500 Christians were welcomed so far. A 52- page book was prepared. Salary for each Pracharak is $3,000. Budget for 26 Pracharaks is approximately $80,000.00


2) Bala Samskar Kendras: Our children are our future. If we can enrich the richness of Hinduism, they will remain Hindus. They will never be lured by deception and allurements. Thus, in October 2021, we started Bala Samskar Kendras (Sunday School for Children). We are conducting them in 200 locations in Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Madhya Pradesh. We also started 10 Schools in Bangladesh. Total number of students enrolled so far are about 5,000. These centers are being operated three days a week – Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. With your support, we want to increase the number to 200. The average cost of each school is $1,000. Total budget for these Centers is $200,000.


3) Renovation of Grama Devatas: To revive the Grama Devata culture, to enable them to visit their local Deities and inculcate faith in the concept Goddesses and Gods, GHHF has renovated about 15 Grama Devata Temples over the last one year. The average cost per Grama Devata is about $1500.00. Budget for the year is about $20,000.


4)           Sponsor a Priest: To revive the Temple culture and infuse religious sentiments, GHHF decided to employ priest to open the closed Temple every day to enable villagers to attend the Temple. The priests open the Temples with Subrabhata seva and then open two hours in the evening, invite the local families in person and organize Bhajans. Budget for each Village is $1,500.


5)           DEMOLITION OF ILLEGAL CHURCHES: There are more than 100 Churches in Tirupati built illegally. GHHF is legally fighting to demolish these, Churches. The Commissioner of TUDA(Tirupati Urban Development Authority was asked to take action as per law. He has not acted even after 8 months. We will update the progress soon.


6) Annadanam Distributed to Flood Victims. It has been a continuous activity since the pandemic. This year we fed more than 10,000 people in Assam and Andhra affected by severe floods. Over the last two years, we fed more than 200,000 People during Pandemic.


7) Distribution of Karthik Masa Puja Kits Village Temples.: For the last three years GHHF is distributing Pooja kits to local Temples for them to light the lamps during Karthik Masam. This year we distributed 250 Pooja kit contains Oil, Cotton wicks, earthen ware, Rangoli color powders, incense sticks, and other items to many village Temples.


8) Gaushalas; We have helped more than 20 Goshalas over the years. This year we are closely associated with S3 Foundation that houses nearly 180 Gir cows, gaushala in Cachar in Assam housing about 300.


9) Community Activities: Over the last three years, GHHF has provided shelter, food and water to the animals such as Cows, monkeys, dogs, and birds during summertime. Kashayam was distributed during Pandemic. Built water tubs and filling them with water for animals to quench their thirst. Distributed buttermilk, panakam, and water to more than 20,000 people this year so far.


Total Budget for 2023 - Projected budget for $350,000 to expand our activities. With more donations, we can expand our activities to strengthen the roots of Bharath.


For information on how you can contribute:

Please contact Prakasarao Velagapudi at 601-918-7111; Email:;

Donate by visiting our website:


Thanks for you help!


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