GHHF Hindu Organizations meet EO of Sri Sailam Temple to highlight the Presence of Muslim and Christian contractors and Employees.

30 Dec 2020 743 Views

Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna temple at Srisailam has become a hub of Muslim and Christian employees who are running the Temple keeping few Hindus in the front. Hindu politicians are behind the employment of Muslims and Christians at Sri Sailam Temple. It appears almost all the shops are run by Muslims. Hindu Politicians bid the tenders and lease them to Muslims and Christians. They also encourage the Executive Officer to employ these non-Hindus in different posts. Similarly, almost all street vendors are also Muslims. Many contractors are either Muslims or Christians. Although the AP government announced that non-Hindus should not be allowed to work in Hindu Temples, no action has been taken at Sri Sailam.

About five months ago it was revealed that about 22 contract employees siphoned off Rs. 1.4 Crore over a period of three years. Some employees cheated as much as 22 lakh rupees by illegally selling the arjita Seva tickets. In May two employees swindled about Rs. 56 lakh by selling Abhishekam tickets.

In order high light the non-Hindu presence in Sri Sailam Temple a number of Hindu Associations met and discussed the strategy to meet the Temple authorities. Representatives from the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Nitya Satyam, Rashtriya Dalit Sena, Dharma Dhwajam, Bhajarangdal, Gauraksha, and other organization met on December 26 prepared a list of concerns and met with the EO Sri Karanam Rama Rao.

These groups met with the EC of Sri Sailam Temple and our GHHF Associate demanded the actions to be taken. They prepared a list of illegal activities going on in the Temple and demanded corrective action. They will stage a protest if nothing happens in a few weeks.


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