GHHF Ghar Waapasi in Anantapur District – Visited One Village in Kalyandurgh Mandal and welcomed 3 families

22 May 2021 181 Views

Mark Twain

"Nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the Sun visits on his round. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked."

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to welcome four Pracharaks who have committed to work at the ground level and visited three villages to talk about the richness of Sanatana Dharma and how it is different from Christianity. The discussion started with one of the Priests named Sri Gopi Chary whom we know for the last four years. Near Anantapur, about ten kilometers away, GHHF helped build Sri Rama Temple and performed Pranaprathishta. Sri Gopi Chary is very accommodating and forward-looking. He came to the Dalit Village performed all pujas, tied Rakshas to all Dalits, gave prasadam and offered theertham irrespective of their caste or status. He became extremely popular in the community.

            From April 1st, under the guidance of Sri Gopi Chary, three Pracharaks have been going to villages with a mission to highlight the richness of Sanatana Dharma. They organized a meeting with the Christian families and gave information about the differences between Christianity and Hinduism. They distributed the 4-page document about the rights of Hindus and how to encounter Christian aggression.

            They went to a small village the individual houses in some cases and met in small groups wherever it was possible following the Covid restrictions. Many of them mentioned that they took baptism because of false promises made by the Pastor. Ever since they got converted they faced more problems and more pressure from the Pastor. They were very unhappy with their situation and decided to come back to Hinduism. They promised they will follow Hindu Dharma and would not be tempted to change. THREE families returned to Hinduism.

            As we all know that Mark Twain visited India around 1897 and spent six months giving lectures and learning about India and its greatest gift to the World. He was so fascinated by the beauty of India and he even called India a “bewitchingly beautiful” country. As you can read in the above quotation that Mark Twain stated that there is nothing that seemed to be forgotten by the nature.

It is our responsibility to compare Hinduism and Christianity and make them aware of the differences. We have prepared a 52 page Pocketbook narrating the differences between the two religions. It was an opener for many of those who embraced Christianity and made it easy for them to return to Hinduism.


We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 11 Pracharaks so far. More people we hire more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.

1) Donate any amount to help the Dharma Pracharaks to work at the ground level.

2) Dollar a Day: On can select this option by pledging a dollar a day in support of Ghar Waapasi efforts

3) Sponsor one Pracharak: In order to expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored Assistants.


PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the General Donation category.

By Check: Or you can send a check payable to: GHHF, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco TX 75035. It is tax-deductible.

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