GHHF Freed Distribution of 3000 Tulasi Seeded Ganesh in Visakhapatnam to Celebrate the Festival

07 Sep 2021 520 Views

“Those reformers who preach against image-worship, or what they denounce as idolatry — to them I say "Brothers, if you are fit to worship God-without-form discarding all external help, do so, but why do you condemn others who cannot do the same?” Swami Vivekananda

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation/ and JD Foundation have prepared 3000 Ganesh Murthies. we are planning to distribute these environmentally friendly Tulasi seeded Ganesh idols freely to the public. This Murthy will have Tulasi seeds within to ensure they will keep them in their houses.  After pooja instead of nimarjjanam in a river or sea, we request the people who received the Murthy to keep it in a pot and pour some water so that Tulasi seeds will sprout into a full-blown plant which has its own significance apart from the religious aspect. The importance of the Tulasi plant is described in great detail in our Hindu scriptures. This way Ganesha and Tulasi plants will be at your home and the environment will not be polluted.

            GHHF and JGF are also freely distributing Kashayam, an herbal immunity booster along with so that you will be safeguarded from this pandemic. Everybody is invited to come and pick one from Pinnamaneni's banquet halls, Gopalpatnam, Visakhapatnam starting Sep7th. We welcome everybody to register if you are willing to volunteer in any activities we organize for the welfare of humanity.

Lord Ganesh

Ganesha is described as an elephant God who represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles and ensures success in human endeavors. Hindu scriptures recommend the worshipping of Ganesha before the beginning of any religious, spiritual, or worldly activity.  Many students go to the Temple before they commence their studies. Business people go and seek his blessings to remove all impediments. Spiritual people worship seeking the wisdom needed to grow spiritually.
Pranamya shirasaa devam gaurii putram vinaayakam
Bhaktaa vaasam smarenha nityam aayuh kaama artha siddhaye
This Stotra is from Narada Purana and is recited to remove all troubles and get liberation. The meaning of this Stotra (religious hymn) is that one should bow one's head and offer obeisance before the son of Gauri, Vinayaka (or Lord Ganesha), whose abode is the devotees, and remember Him always for the purpose of obtaining longevity, desired energy, and prosperity.


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