[GHHF] For Spiritual growth, “Jai Sri Ram” was imprinted on prominent places in Kuppagal Village in Andhra enabling villagers to chant the glorious name of Lord Rama.

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“Beauty may leave the moon, Himalaya may become bereft of snow, the ocean may transgress its shores, but I will never violate the promise given by my father.” Rama to Bharat.
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was started with a mission to protect, and practice Sanatana Dharma. We have undertaken a variety of programs to ensure the preservation Hindu ethics and divinity in the minds of Hindus. For Hindus the name Rama itself evokes peace of mind and spirituality in their minds. It is hard to imagine a Hindu who has not heard the stories of Ramayana and have not remember his name on different occasions. With so much going on the villages in India and the abuse of Hindu Gods and Goddesses by Abrahamic religions, GHHF wanted to make them proud of their culture and make them say the name of Lord Rama.  
    One way of making Hindus in villages is to remember Lord Rama is to provide an opportunity to say “Jai Sri Ram.” Hence it was decided to print the name of “Jai SRI RAAMA” in Kuppagal Village in Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh. Rama Nama was imprinted more than hundred places - on the walls of the Villagers homes, on the Temple walls, on the compound walls, on electric polls, water tanks and so on so that they will be able to see and remember either to chant or remember by reading silently in their minds. 
“Jai Shri Ram” means “Lord Shri Ram’s victory”. The whole life will fall short for the glorification of this sentence. Prabhu Shri Ram’s life was conflicting from the very beginning. We get to learn many things from his life. In the battle of Ramayana, we have all read and heard that the monkey army of Lord Ram fought and won the strong army of Ravana, chanting the slogan of Jai Shree Ram.
While chanting Jai Shree Ram, Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of God, crossed the sea in search of Sita and found her. While chanting the name of the Lord, Hanuman lifted the entire Govardhan mountain and saved the life of Lakshman.
The glory of the Lord’s name is so miraculous that the stones float on the water due to his name being inscribed. Lord Ram’s army had tied a bridge over the sea to Sri Lanka by writing the name of Lord Shree Ram on the stones.
It is written in the scriptures that Lord Shree Ram has been praised in more than a hundred billion words. Each of its characters is capable of destroying enormity like killing.
It has been said in the scriptures that even by deception, by chanting Jai Shree Ram or Ram, all sins are destroyed as if cotton is consumed by burning in fire.
Tulsidas wrote that the name of Ram is such a medicine that if his name is taken with full faith, one gets freedom from even the biggest disease.
Kabirdas says that by chanting the name of Ram, one gets rid of all sins. We should understand the importance of the holy sentence Jai Shree Ram and keep chanting the name of the Lord all the time while sleeping and walking.
The scriptures describe that a person who prays Jai Shree Ram every time he/she sleeps, wakes, sits, walks, eats, and drinks, goes to heaven.
Benefits Of Chanting Jai Shree Ram
There are endless benefits of taking the name of Lord Ram. This whole life is too short to count those benefits. The name of the Lord benefits us not only in this birth but in many lives. Let’s learn about some of the most important benefits from the infinite benefits of taking the name of Lord Ram.
1. Our Mind Is Always Calm And Happy
2. We Get The Energy And Strength To Face The Difficulties
3. Our Patience Grows
4. Instills Compassion In Us
5. Our Self-Confidence Grows
6. We Become Dutiful
7. We Become Cultured
8. We Move From Materiality To Spirituality
 (Source: Spreadspirituality.com)
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