[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras in Guntur – Students Celebrated Navaratri by dressing up in NINE forms of Devi; Local leaders attended and distributed prizes

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Francois Gautier - A New History of India 
"Hindu have venerated the feminine element under its different manifestations: Mahalaxmi, Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, Maheshwari - and even India is feminine: "Mother India." She is the consciousness transcending all things, she is the emptiness beyond all emptiness, the smile beyond all smiles, the divine beauty beyond all earthly beauties. "
Global Hindu Heritage is very happy to inform that we started about 10 Bala Samskar Kendras in and around Guntur to teach about the richness of Hinduism, Hindu festivals, Hindu ethos, Hindu History, and culture and traditions. Sri Rajesh is a very active member in the community championing the Hindu Values not only to the children but also actively involved in making the Hindus proud of their culture.
    During the Navaratri time Sri Thunuguntla Ramesh and other teachers organized a very big program inviting the parents and community members and leaders to witness the talents of the children and the celebration of Navaratri.
    Bala Samskar Kendra students were dressed us in nine forms of Devi with appropriate dress suitable for that Devi of the day. The program was conducted in Sri Siva Nagendra Swamy Temple in Siva Nagaraju colony. 
Devi Worship – Nine Forms are Worshipped
'Navratri' means 'nine nights.' 'Nava' means 'nine,’ and 'Ratri' means 'night.'
 Devi represents the omnipresent cosmic Energy. She is worshipped in nine different manifestations. 
Navadurga and significance of each day of Navratri
Devi is worshipped in 9 forms known as Navadurga. The significance of each day of Navratri is attached to a form of the Mother Divine.
On the first day, Devi Shailaputri is worshipped.
On second day, Brahmacharini is propitiated.
On third day, Chandraghanta is revered.
On Fourth day, Kushmanda is worshipped
On fifth day, Skandamata is propitiated
On sixth day, Katyayini manifests
On seventh day, Kalaratri is invoked
On eighth day, Mahagauri is prayed
On ninth day, Siddhidatri is revered
The whole Creation is permeated by this Energy. The prosperity that we enjoy in our daily lives is a manifestation of Devi. Mother Divine serves us in so many forms. The forms of our mother, father, friends, husband, wife, son, daughter and also the Guru. The revolving planets and the moon are Devi performing aarti to us.  Devi Puja is an expression of expanded consciousness showing reverence to the whole Creation. The puja that we perform during the 9 days of Navratri is a way of honoring the Devi and showing our gratitude to the Mother Divine. While attending the puja we give up all our worldly activities for a while and enter into deep meditation.
In the program all the students chanted some of the slokas learned in Bala Samskar Kendras: 
    They recited three slokas:
1)    Mahishasura mardini stotram song (Aigiri nandini) is sung in order to calm down the sakthi after killing the asura (Mahishasuran). This song generates more positive vibes around you and your home.
Aigiri nandini nandhitha medhini
Viswa Vinodhini Nandanuthe
Girivara Vindhya Sirodhi Nivasini
Vishnu Vilasini Jishnu Nuthe
Bhagawathi Hey Sithi Kanda Kudumbini
Bhoori Kudumbini Bhoori Kruthe
Jaya Jaya Hey Mahishasura Mardini Ramyaka pardini Shailasuthe (1)
2)    Shiva Lingashtakam Mantra is a prayer song for Lord Shiva. This Mantra features eight paras on Shivalinga. Legends say that reciting this mantra with great devotion will get moksha and reach the Shiva Loka after his life. Below are the English Lyrics of Shiva Lingashtakam Stotram. The second stotram they learned was :
brahmamurāri surārchita liṅgaṃ
nirmalabhāsita śōbhita liṅgam ।
janmaja duḥkha vināśaka liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 1 ॥

dēvamuni pravarārchita liṅgaṃ
kāmadahana karuṇākara liṅgam ।
rāvaṇa darpa vināśana liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 2 ॥
Following the display of Nine forms of Devi and recitation of the Stotras with dance, local community leaders spoke about the importance of imparting the Hindu values. In attendance we witnessed such leaders as Sri Kumar Raja, Sri Harsha Vardhan, Sri Lakshmi Ramanuja Dasi, Sri Adapa Ghaneendra Garu, Sri Thunga Yeshwanta and others. They distributed sweets, pens, Bhagavad Gita books to all the participating students. All the parents and community leaders appreciated the efforts of Sri Rajesh and Global Hindu Heritage Foundation. 
We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 26 people so far. More people we hire, more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers. Also,  we are conducting 150 Bala Kendras in five States. Support one or more Kendras. 
1) Sponsor one Bala Samskar Kendra for $1000.00
2) Sponsor one Pracharak: In order to expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 - $3500.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored 9 Pracharaks
PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: savetemples.org. Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the General Donation category.
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