[GHHF] Attend Gauraksha Puja by Swami Paripoornananda by December 10th at 7:30am

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Bhaarat Today
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation 

Invite you to attend

Gauraksha Diwas
(Perform Pujas to Cows)

Date and Time:
December 10 (Thursday) at 7:30am

Bhagyanary Gauseva Sadan

Lower Tank Bund Road,
Secunderabad, Hyderabad 500080

Land Mark: Near Ambedkar Bhavan


Why Gau Puja on Thursday (December 10th)?

Leftist student organizations with the support of many anti-Hindu leaders and organizations announced that they were planning to organize Beef Party on Osmania University on December 10th. Many Hindu organizations and leaders felt that they were only doing this to hurt the feelings of Hindus since they consider COW as Gaumata.

On December 2nd Dharmik Sadassu organized by Hindu Dharmik Parirakshana Trust of TTD decided to conduct Gau Puja to show our respect for Gaumata. Sri Paripoornananda Swamiji and GHHF have agreed to participate and organize this Gau Puja on December 10th.

            Watch the Sri Paripoornananda Swamiji’s announcement and the reasons behind Hindu veneration for Gaumata. Very informative. No Hindu can afford to miss listening Sri Swamiji’s explanation.

Swami Paripoornananda's Special debate on saving Gomatha. Swamiji has declared December 10, 2015 as Goraksha Diwas.



Rig Veda

Following are some of the verses you will find in Rig Veda “She is like the mother of the cosmic Forces, the daughter of the cosmic Matter, the sister of cosmic Energy, the center of the ambrosia. I address to men of wisdom –kill not her, the sinless inviolate cow.

The divine cow, who is skilled in eloquence and gives speech to others,  and who helps us for our worship of the divine forces, is abandoned by fools only. May cows come and bring us good fortune; let them stay in our cowsheds and be content in our company. May many colored cows bring here prolific milk for offerings to the resplendent Lord at many dawns.



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