[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras in Anantapur – Students witnessed Planchamruta Abhishekam in a Temples and learned about the importance of Gau Puja.

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Rig Veda
“She is like the mother of the cosmic Forces, the daughter of the cosmic Matter, the sister of cosmic Energy, the center of the ambrosia. I address to men of wisdom --kill not her, the sinless inviolate cow.”
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to inform that we are organizing more than 200 Bala Samskar Kendras in five different States and Bangladesh. Over the last week they have organized several activities including learning the importance of Sanatana Dharma and different samskaras.
Visited Devi Temple
The teacher took the students to Kollapuramma Devalyam in Vonti Mida village where they witnessed the Panchamruta Abhishekam. Five ingredients constitute Panchamrutas – milk, ghee, honey, curd, and sugar.    According to mythology, the five elements have symbolic meaning. Milk represents purity, Yoghurt gives us strength, Honey depicts unity because it is prepared jointly by bees, Sugar adds sweetness and Ghee is meant for nourishing the body. Panchamrut is said to have medicinal values which heal and nurture human bodies and increase immunity.
Health Benefits of Consuming the Panchamrut:
1.      Improves Immunity
2.      Improves physical strength
3.      Promotes Emotional and Mental Health
4.      Improves skin and hair complexion
5.      Brain tonic – It is said to have good effect on intelligence, memory, grasping power and creative abilities.  
Panchamrit has proven to nourish the Sapta Dhatu (seven bodily tissues), Rasa Dhatu ( plasma for vitality, immunity, and strength), Rakta Dhatu (blood), Mamsa Dhatu (muscle tissues), Medas Dhatu (fatty tissues), Asthi Dhatu ( bone and teeth), and Majja Dhatu (nervous tissues and bone marrow). It also balances the Pitta Dosha, and creative abilities enhance brain function and improve immunity and memory. If consumed during the pregnancy, Panchamrit boosts the health of both mother and the foetus. Here, we have listed seven health benefits of Panchamrit.
Learned about the Importance of Cow Puja,
Since Vedic times, cow is considered sacred, treated as mother and hailed as harbinger of auspiciousness.  She is a symbol of wealth, health, prosperity, blessing, peace of mind, purity, purification, and success in life. She is identified as a kamadhenu – wish fulfilling.  She is revered, honored, respected as mother – an unselfish giver of bounty without expecting from her children just like a mother. All the scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Mahabharata, Manusmriti, and others extoll the virtues of the cow. All the Gods reside in her and killing her is considered the most heinous crime. It is often said “jivantu avadghnyah ta me vishasya dushanih” meaning that let cows live without slaughter for their whole life-they remove poison and toxins. Many sages, many Hindu Temples and numerous Ashrams maintained Goshalas (cow shelters) for centuries recognizing the numerous benefits that accrue from the cows.
As the scriptures proclaim “Tvam mata sarva devanam” meaning that you are the mother of all gods. It also means that if we protect the cow, we are honoring all the gods that reside in her.  Scriptures have elaborately described the location of gods in the cow.  We will examine our scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Mahabharata and other scriptures to equip ourselves with enough knowledge to find out the significance, importance and virtues of cows so that we will not only reap the benefits of protecting them but also pass on the richness to our children and grandchildren.
Gou pooja represents the worship of Goddess Kamadhenu, the Gomatha. She fulfills all your wishes. Performing Gou Pooja can remove all negativity and bestow you with wealth, happiness, and prosperity in life. -  Puranas
In India, since childhood, people are taught to be caring towards cows. Cow products are beneficial for infants, children and adults. There is high nutritional value in it.
Gau Puja is performed to remember the importance of the cow. It’s an opportunity to show appreciation and reverence for it. The ritual possesses a symbol of beautiful spirituality and it has a deep universal significance.
As per our scriptures, nearly 36 deities have taken abode in the body of a cow and hence it is a sin to harm it. The base of cow horns is an abode of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva resides in the forehead and Goddess Uma resides in the middle of the forehead. The nose is an abode of Lord Ganesh and the nose tip is the abode of Murugan. Lord Yama resides in the heart; Holy River Yamuna resides in cow dung while Goddess Lakshmi resides at the hind part of the cow. The sages reside in the hair of the cow and other gods reside at the base.
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