GHHF Bala Samskar Kendra Students – Learned about the importance of Mother and the names of 20 Mothers who blessed us with great Spiritual Leaders

16 May 2023 392 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been consistently working to preserve and protect our Sanatana Dharma for decades.  Many people across India have been calling to find out how we are organizing Ghar Waapasi and what it takes to organize in their respective States. We started Bala Samskar about two years ago with only few schools. As of now we have expanded to 200 villages to ensure that our children are protected from allurement and enticement,
    On May 14, our teachers taught about the importance of Mother, the respect Hindus accord to mother and her contribution to the richness of Hindu culture. Mother has been extolled as a god form in several places in the puranas and also God has been approached as a son approaches his mother by many great savants. She is Dhatri (One who bears the child), Janani (one who gives birth to the child), Amba (One who nourishes the limbs of the child) and Veerasu (One who makes him a hero), Shusroo (One who takes care of him). But Sankara in these poems is not dealing either of God in the form of mother nor mother in the form of God. He laments to the lady who was his mother and points out how his conscience is pricking him for being not able to do the duty of a son.
Hindu religion has given her the highest position any religion can accord.  Matru Devo bhava is the dictum nobody can forget. Mother is divine. It is important to remember that only Hindus worship God in the form of Divine Mother. In Hinduism we have Sri Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, Saraswati the goddess of learning and knowledge, Parvati goddess who bestows women with long married life, and Kali, the power of time and other goddesses who protected the human race from demonic forces. Women as goddesses are worshipped in all religious festivals. During Navaratri time, different manifestations of Devi are worshipped for ten days. And no function is complete without the participation of women. The social inconsistencies and injustices in the role of women did not arise from Hindu scriptures, but from the external forces that that constrained the movement of women as well as the foreign rule that forced women to take a protective role. Many Hindu scriptures accorded the high regard and the highest status to women.
1)    Mother of Lord Rama                 Kausalya
2)    Mother of Lord Krishna                Devaki
3)    Mother of Surya                Aditi
4)    Mother od Sankaracharya            Aryamba
5)    Mother of Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa         Chandramani Devi
6)    Mother of Vivekananda                Bhuvaneswari Devi
7)    Mother of Lord Parasurama            Renuka Devi
8)    Mother of Dhruva                Suneeta
9)    Mother of Vamana                Aditi
10)    Mother of Lord Hanuman            Anjana Devi
11)    Mother of Lord Dattatrya            Anasuya
12)    Mother of Sri Venkateswra            Vakula Mata
13)    Mother of Bhishma                Ganga Devi
14)    Mother of Vyasa                Satyavati
15)    Mother of Prahlada                Leelavati
16)    Mother of Gauthami Budha            Maayavati
17)    Mother of Yama Dharma Raja            Sanjana
18)    Mother of Sani                    Chaya Devi
19)    Mother Bharat Maharaj                Sakuntala
20)    Mother of Ramana Maharshi            Azhamangal
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