[GHHF] Assam Branch spent five days helping displaced Meiti Hindus, adopted Refugee Camps, helped file hundreds of FIRS against the perpetrators. Donations appreciated.

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been actively involved in helping the displaced Meiti Hindu refugees who were driven away from Manipur. Sri Samrat Dutt has been in the forefront spending countless hours to raise the issues of Meiti Hindus and how they have been victimized for hundreds of years with the occupation of Hills in Manipur by Kuki Christians. It has been a routine event to see that these Kuki Christians come from the Hilly areas and burn the houses of Hindus and retrieve to the Hilly areas. This has been going on for years, no government has addressed the Christian atrocities as it did not make any effort to address the issue of violence and burning of houses and Hindu Temples.
Our GHHF Boar Member Sri Samrat Dutt in Assam worked tirelessly for Meitei Hindus of Manipur. When this conflict started, Kukis burned down thousands of houses of Meitei’s in Manipur, our major point of concern is to make people of Assam aware of the issues and create a support base for Meitei Hindus of Manipur. So GHHF decided to help them and executed it through four phases.
First phase
On 14th July we started our campaign through Postering, article in paper, torch light rally, candle rally etc.
2nd phase 
Started Legal helpdesk, helped to lodged more than hundreds of FIRS, written letter to President to disqualify those MLA s from Manipur who demanded separate administration for Christian Kukis by dividing the State, memorandum by GHHF cadres to PM through local Administration.
3rd phase
Visited refugee camp of Assam Manipur border and adopted two refugee camp where Meitei Hindus took shelter because of Kuki violence. Due to some administrative restrictions, we couldn't take pictures and videos as they requested not to make viral anything from the camp. Our team consists of advocates, doctors, two Pracharaks, four Bala Samskar teachers and Sadhus of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Silchar.
4th Phase
Lastly on 14th August we organized a seminar/ gathering of 400 Hindus on Manipur crisis. We selected this date because on this day 1947 India got divided in to three Nation East and West Pakistan. Our concept was Manipur is also burning and Missionaries playing game to separate it from country and divide it in to two states. Our program was graced by Sadhus, intellectuals, and leaders of Manipuri Community. We tried to show the Meitei Hindus of Manipur that Bengali Hindus of Silchar are there for them and supporting them in this crisis, they are NOT alone.
NEWS REPORT ON Kuki Atrocities on Meiti Hindus
Skynews reports, as per the witness that: "Around 50 to 100 militants coming from the hillside firing on civilians, and then they are burning our house."
Jyoti, who lives in the city, picks up empty shells from automatic rifles and points to bullet holes in the adjoining building.
The remote northeastern state of Manipur has been engulfed by ethnic clashes since May.
The conflict between the majority Meitei community that live in the valley and the tribal Kuki population that inhabit the hills has claimed more than 140 lives and left 60,000 homeless.
Hundreds of homes, businesses, churches, and temples have been burnt down and destroyed.
John, a college graduate manning another post, said: "They attack us every night, between midnight and three in the morning. They use mortars which are supplied by the state, it worries us."
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