[GHHF] Annadanam to Farm Laborers in Three Locations in Guntur, AP started.

21 Apr 2020 1501 Views

As many of you know that Lockdown was extended until May 3 in India to stop the the spread of Coronavirus by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Savetemples Office in Guntur identified three locations where there is a dire need to provide meals for the farm laborers. Since no farming is being done during this lockdown period, many farm labor families have been struggling to have one regular meal. Many of them live on daily wages. If there is no work, no income will be coming to feed their families.

Dasaripalem Village, Swarna Bharati Colony, and Siva Nagaraj Colony were selected based on the desperate need basis by our office and other friends of Savetemples movement. In these three locations, we decided to provide 400-500 meals to these farm laborers and their families.

Many volunteers decided to cook every day and provide one good meal around mid-day. You can see there are some ladies who are cleaning and cutting the vegetables while others are cooking the meals. As you can see that in Dasaripalem village our people served the meals for everyone who came with plates. They were asked to stand in line maintaining the distance.

In two colonies in Guntur municipality, authorities did not allow our people to cook and serve the meals due to the fear of spreading Coronavirus. As a result, our Savetemples volunteers bought dry food items and packed them in bags and distributed them individually to each family. Each bag contains rice, dal, vegetables, salt, tamarind, and other items for them to cook. You can see our volunteers distributing these dry meal bags.

We will provide meals until the lockdown is lifted on May 3.

NOTE: One can sponsor one day meal for $250. You can go to our website, click on the Donate button, then press Purpose category, and select Feed Farm Laborers category.


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