Foreword to Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s book “Script for Success.” by (Prakasarao V Velagapudi, PhD)

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(NOTE: Sri Swamiji asked me to write the Foreword by giving the draft of the book. It was an amazing experience to receive the book from His Divine hand.) 

It is a rare divine opportunity for me to write FOREWORD to this book that is personally penned
By His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Sri Swamiji is none other than Lord Dattatreya
in human form came down to this earth to help the mankind as a Guru, Sadguru, Parama Guru, Jagat
Guru, Ashta Sidhi, Yogi, a Man of miracles, Healer, Doctor, Spiritual leader and simply say Swamiji. To
write a Foreword to this precious book on Quotes is nothing less than a lifetime blessing from Lord
Dattatreya. It is a pure incomparable blessing accorded to me by His Holiness Sri Swamiji.

    Sri Swamiji was born in 1943, the era filled with fervor for freedom from the British and the 
general population detesting all things British. The rural populace where Sri Swamiji grew up had a 
general condition where learning English was detested. Sri Swamiji’s schooling happened in Anantapur, 
Proddatur and Mysuru. Learning and studying in local languages was greatly encouraged. As years rolled 
on, Sri Swamiji made some efforts to understand and learn English. Sri Swamiji has said in many 
speeches that His English is “Child’s English”. Yet we have today a book of quotations on wisdom. Seeing 
Sri Swamiji’s writings in English, it was prayed to Sri Swamiji to permit this publication int it’s pristine 
form. In the handwriting of Sri Swamiji. Reluctantly, Sri Swamiji approved. Thus, we have today, in this 
historic 80th Avatara year of Sri Swamiji – a precious book containing the quotes in Sri Swamiji’s 
Sri Swamiji has written this Quotations book in English with his own handwriting covering wide
range of topics affecting the entire gamut of life. These quotes are concise and precise sentences that
express our scriptural knowledge and timeless wisdom to awaken motivation, inspiration, and 
happiness. Sri Swamiji has written 1008 quotes to offer direction to lead a peaceful living, offer hope for 
the bright future, make one to see the bright side of life, open the mind to see life in a wider 
perspective, find solace to the disturbed mind, stabilize the wavering mind, provide cure for 
procrastination, render enough courage to face the troubles, mitigate the negative thoughts, provide 
advice to handle the family problems, teach the importance of disciple, develop good food habits, to get 
rid of laziness, moderate the materialistic overreach, develop the spiritual motivation, provide realistic 
aspirations for successful businesses, the virtue of Nishkama karma, the richness of Bhagavad Gita, the 
grandeur of Hindu scriptures and the list can go on. These wisdom quotes are culled from different 
scriptures are presented in a more meaningful, easy to read, easy to digest, practical to implement for 
one’s own life journey.
Why did Sri Swamiji write these quotes?
Sri Swamiji, the divine Avatara, realize that people in general are spiritually poor, inwardly
strained, outwardly stressed, spiritually weak, mentally torn, emotionally feeble, and psychologically
worn out. People are directionless. In spite of all the advice and guidance we receive from all our family
members and all our friends, we drive aimlessly.
His guidance is straightforward, advice is sagely, appraisal is candid, vision is clear, clarity of 
thought is unambiguous, instructions are forthright, and directions are forthright. Sri Swamiji instructs, 
guides, and advises, in both temporal and spiritual matters, and makes them sail through the troubled 
waters, enabling them to achieve the goal of their life. His guidance is unfailing provided the devotees 
have full faith in Him.
These 1008 are priceless and eternal. They are easy to read and easy to understand. Each word
has power and each quotation is loaded with more power and incessant vibrations. They are not like any
other quotes one may read. They rolled out from the fingers of Sri Swamiji which are endowed with so
much power. Discussion on any of these quotes can go on endlessly. Read them with faith, articulate
them with passion, digest with conviction and faithfully follow the essence of these quotes. Whenever
you need guidance, open the book, you will find the answer. You will reap the benefits and you
will get the answer you are thirsting for.
Also, the realization that that people do not have much time to read books with all the
responsibilities at home and at work. Sri Swamiji himself has written hundreds of books on variety of
topics to make people balance their lives; to introduce the richness of Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata,
Bhagavatam, Ramayana, and other scriptures; to teach the grandeur of Vedas and Upanishads; narrate
the stories of different Gods and Goddesses; and to describe the mysteries and powers of numerous
Sadgurus in the Sanatana Dharma. But Sri Swamiji himself decided to write these quotes which are
mainly the condensed versions of compendium of vast literature known to make them available to
mankind. Through these quotes, one can collect the knowledge one gained throughout the books and a
whole life experience in a short precise statement. Sri Swamiji’s compassion to His devotees and others
made Him write to allow them to enrich themselves with the ancient wisdom with minimal effort.
Sri Swamiji to rescue your Mind
Sri Swamiji keeps talking about the oscillation of mind, and it can rob the tranquility, the very nature of a
human being. Sri Swamiji recognizing the torment that can be caused by the mind. He stated in 1985
“Man’s ascent to divinity or descent or rise or fall in the cultural evolution, depends solely on the state
or quality of his mind. Mind by itself will always be agitated and uneasy. It is by nature fickle, turbulent,
powerful, and obstinate. It is to control or quieten just as to control wind. “ In order to calm the mind,
Sri Swamiji says, “such positive virtues like friendship, compassion, contentment, and indifference
toward worldly enjoyment etc., should be cultivated by purging the mind of its negative tendencies such
as hated, cruelty, discontentment, and longing for worldly enjoyment.”
It is an arduous task for any ordinary individual to face the stress and strains in the world of
work as well as in the domestic arena. Mind is swayed away by so many forces that are competing to
take away the very essence human life. Mind is constantly changing, is described as chenchala
(wavering) and asthila (unsteady). It is compared to a monkey that keeps on hopping and jumping with
no stability, to a street dog that gets beaten up every place it visits, to a mercury that splashes into
several drops when it falls on the ground, to a tennis ball that bounces in all directions depending on
who hits it, and to a pendulum that keeps oscillating back and forth and up and down?
The mind is fickle, turbulent, and stormy. With its tremendous power it can control your body, your actions and limit your thinking capacity. Even if you try to control it, restrain it, it becomes 
impossible. Nobody can control it. Mind is very strong. It does not depend on the strength of the body. 
Body might be weak, but the mind is strong.
Read these quotes Everyday
If we have to subdue our mind, these quotations are invaluable, absolute, and priceless to help 
the devotee’s overcome anxiety, stress, fear, uncertainty, insecurity, and predicaments. Each quotation 
is written to deal with a particular problem and understanding and absorbing the real meaning of these
quotes will make one at peace. The more one reads, more benefits one accrues. They are your
supporters, rescuers, and protectors. Hold on to them. As you read each one, deliberate on the real
essence of each one of these quotes. Keep reading, don’t stop. Secrets of life are hidden in these
quotes: they reveal themselves to you. Your persistence will pay off.

When you are faced with a predicament in any given day, open this book. You will be
astonished, surprised and shocked to find not only a quote that is appropriate for your problem, and
relevant to the need of the hour and how it can help you to minimize sorrow and stress. You will come
out smiling as if the weight of the mountain is lifted off your shoulders. That quote will refresh you,
reinvigorates you and energizes you to handle any problem head on.
Sri Swamiji as a Guide
Sri Swamiji is a great psychologist, a dexterous doctor and an astute mentalist all in one. His penetrating
eyes pierce through your mind and body to detect the imbalance, and also dissect every part of the
body and probes the brain cells. He is a silent teacher who help the devotees to transform themselves
through his teachings, looks, personality and silence. His help is imperative to his devotees to go through
different stages and make them evolve. He takes his devotee whose mind is primitive, agitated, angry,
stressed out stage to the stage of Sachchidananda – bliss.
Sri Swamiji is a guide who can help you cross the ocean, father who is caring to the needs of his
children, mother who is ever loving and compassionate, a friend who helps his devotees in need, a
teacher who answers our queries to remove the darkness, a pilot who helps his devotees to navigate
through their lives, and a musician who can be instrumental in healing by affecting every part of the
By penning these quotes, Sri Swamiji helping his devotees by directing them to follow the
righteous path, by getting acquainted with the knowledge necessary to lead the day to day life, by
controlling the mind of his devotees to develop one pointed concentration and by making them realize
the importance of developing Sampurna Bhakti (total devotion) and also the need for sharanagati at the
lotus feet of a Sadguru.
Sri Swamiji through his quotations is directing his devotees and others to follow dharmic path
which is under attack. It is only through dharmic way the humanity can achieve peace, harmony and
universal brotherhood. Sri Swamiji has been admonishing his devotees to follow the righteous path, not
to go astray, uphold dharma, protect dharma, preserve dharma, face the hurdles, serve the humanity
and follow the master only to reestablish dharmic world.
I feel very strongly that these quotes that are loaded with enormous energy and massive power
will help the devotees and non-devotees to awaken their consciousness, reduce their ego, grow them
spiritually, control their anger, develop forgiveness, kindle truthfulness, increase knowledge, fulfill
responsibilities, encourage charity, develop introspection, purify heart, control mind, subdue senses, live
Dharmic life peacefully and impart compassion. These are the most important spiritual canons Sri
Swamiji advises His devotees to observe rigidly through these quotations.
Offering this Foreword at the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji.


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