5 Mistakes Narendra Modi need to address for India to flourish

16 Mar 2021 2302 Views

 Satya Dosapati

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

Never since Mahatma Gandhi did the fate of Bharat depended on one person and that is Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  His sacrifice and patriotism, sincerity,  ability to execute tasks that the world over thought impossible, concern for the weak and downtrodden is deeply understood across the country that even if he made any mistakes, people know they were due to acts made out of sincerity.   Just as Mahatma Gandhi let  the efforts of all his life to uplift the nation only to end up as a disaster by single act of brushing aside the choice of Sardar Vallbhai Patel as Prime Minister,  Prime Minister Modi could be making very serious mistakes that can spell disaster to the  future of the country and lose the best chance it has in its recent history.   India had every chance to lift itself like many other war torn nations at the time of the independence but it seriously failed and still a country with more than half of the population impoverished.  Let us not repeat the history.   There are 5 mistakes as well as solutions bought out by various patriots (see references) during various discussions that  Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to urgently address if India has to flourish and retain its glory.

1) India needs to develop clarity in the highest circles of administration on the extent and ruthlessness of Globalists cum missionary agenda to control, contain and convert India.

It is naive for India to think that it is enough to be in good relations with Western foreign leaders because many of those leaders themselves are in the grip of the global agenda.   India needs to deeply study the ways of the Globalists and foreign missionaries, their intricate network with local and external forces to break India, the globalists media and their local partners, big Tech, the NGOs',  pursuance of goal of creating a vote bank of Muslims+Christians+ Dalits against Upper castes to divide and gain power,  casting minorities as victims and Hindus as perpetrators to foment religious fanaticism, even there using awards as a way to control behavior.   The Delhi riots, Farm agitation and earlier Tamilnadu Kudankulam project  agitation are just a few examples in action.  While China studied this agenda deeply and even upping the game against them, India has not come to grips on the seriousness of the issue.   The Global elite is nothing short of disaster to humanity, whether its control of  Vedas wisdom based 'Free Energy'  that does not require Oil or Coal which Indian scientists  and others World over demonstrated, whether suppressing proven cures for cancer and other diseases and many more, it is a colossal tragedy.  While we understand and take steps to address China's aggression and their Global domination agenda, we seem to not understand the Global elite cum missionaries' ways and agenda perpetrated across the world for the last 400+ years.  There needs to be a major reset of thinking by bringing in fresh thought and vision to handle this. 

2) It is a mistake to think that dissenters will wear away by using the so-called  'Gandhian' approach.

Yesterday it was New Delhi outskirts, today it is  Lal Quila, tomorrow it will be Parliament itself.    Yesterday it was  Pakistani supported Islamists , today  North America supported Kalisthanis joined by Islamists, tomorrow there will be more forces, even Chinese paid forces.   Feeding a poisonous snake will only make it stronger and more lethal. Those locals who are part of this are not  just 'Andolana Jeevis', they are 'Desh Nasha Ka Jeevis' .  They are working as agents of forces to weaken and destroy India.   Disemboweling law and order forces is not the way to build a strong country.   Bending over backwards to radical organizations like Tabhligh Jamaat is not tolerance, it is as some say, insanity.  It is not exercising democracy to allow anti-India media run by OCI card holders,  giving visas to missionary agents like Audrey Trusckhe who tweeted Sri Ram as 'a misogynist pig'  and other such history sheeters or allowing the agents of these forces encourage and occupy public streets for months and burning down the country.    It needs to curb the deceptive propaganda of major channels like 'India Today' and  make them accountable and close down anti-India media.  India does not need lessons or approval from Global elite controlled media on democracy or Press Freedom.  They are the worst perpetrators.  There needs to be a new way of thinking.  It cannot be addressed by bureaucrats in the Home Ministry.  India needs to develop a special task force, a comprehensive set of laws and no nonsense  implementation of the laws.  India needs to recognize Global Tech Giants as an East India Company, all over again.  While the East India company came with armies and arms, today it is Global Tech for colonizing the mind and installing puppets to suit their agenda in the world democracies.    Just bringing compliance laws will be ineffective after crores of citizens are hooked to them and citizens would revolt if access is blocked to them.  India needs to plan its own social media, encourage its local apps use by blocking or limiting access to  Global elite Tech Giants  and not allow back door investments of these giants in the local social media companies.  It needs to work with other countries to evolve laws such as local storage of data, share of revenues, large fines for violations and set plans to replace them by developing the indigenous software and even license such software to other countries.  China understood this many years ago and developed their own versions of Twitter,  Facebook, Google and Amazon while India is still in the dark. 

3)  'Aaatma Nirbhar Bharat' cannot be accomplished by outward actions, it must first be developed in the mind by first  'decolonizing the Indian mind'.  

The propensity of our Governments to act in manner to please the Western elite and their institutions agenda is the direct result of the 'colonized' mind.    India got independence more than 70 years but the colonized mind still operates with the same mindset, just like an animal  that was used to being tied to a pole continues to walk with the same limitations even after the rope is removed.   This mindset from common people to bureaucrats and politicians is having enormous consequences to India.  Our education system is set up to provide Technical Coolies to the Global elite.  India needs to address what is taught in school and also what medium it is taught.    We are spending enormous resources on IITs, IIMs students but they go on and work as coolies for the Global elite and even if they occupy high positions abroad they are still just highly paid coolies.   They are making themselves and the West flourish, not India.  Most of these are anti-India or anti-Hindu and where is it coming from?  Where is  the reform in the education system?   India has the most developed knowledge in almost every aspect of human development from law, medicine, judiciary, astrology for nearly 7000 years until British systematically destroyed that knowledge among the population.  Can India not combine this knowledge with modern study so that students develop an understanding of the highly advanced thought process of ancient India.  We cannot build a new and self reliant India unless we first change the mind of Indians.  Can we not learn what our next door country China did and showed itself how it can rise to power with smart thinking? India's study of consciousness, the backbone of Hinduism and Buddhism is attracting millions worldwide but Indians have little knowledge of it beyond the superficialities or simple Yoga exercises.  This is soft power. Why cannot Doordarshan conduct programs on this and schools teach this?   Germany wants to make Sanskrit as a second language but India cannot take bold actions in implementing sanskrit country wide.   By emphasizing English, we are not only creating coolies for Western Elite, we are depriving billion+ people ability to use their ingenuity, their talent and capabilities to build a new India.  This is only perpetuating the colonial mindset and inferiority complex.  At the least, we need to create a parallel system so that all Indians can contribute.  If Japan, France, Germany and now China develop using their own languages, why cannot India which for millenia made the most amazing inventions and discoveries of mankind.   India also needs to think out of box to pursue ideas like make it mandatory to serve for one or two years in the country before students leave abroad, just the way countries like Taiwan do.   Movies are a very powerful medium to change minds.  While Chinese movie industry portray colonists as villians vanquished by Chinese heroes, India's bollywood industry regularly portrays anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda while the censor board does little against such narratives that are perpetuated by Pakistani or missionary mafia funding.  

4) India will break up soon after Hindu population becomes less than 50%  (maybe even sooner) and it is impertaive to urgently address the discrimination againsts Hindus in its laws and consitutional provisions

On one hand Hindu Temples funds contributed by devotees are looted by billions whereas on other hand both Christian and Islamist forces are using enormous resources from abroad as well as the wealth handed over to church during colonial period  to convert Hindus and even Punjab Sikhs.  If we can solve Kashmir issue, can we not solve how the funds will be managed and utilized by Hindus themselves, for themselves?   These funds can be used to uplift the downtrodden Hindus so that they do not become victims to conversions and develop their institutions just as other religions do.  Hindu educational institutions are being targeted by current discriminatory laws and/or their implementation.  Which political party dares to oppose fixing these?  Make no mistake, how much ever BJP and Modi does, followers of Abrahamic religion will hardly ever vote for them.  That is the stark reality due to constant clergy brainwashing.   This is not to say that we should not work for the welfare of every Indian no matter what religion they are,  but we need to seriously address the major discrimination of Hindus.    Global elite cum missionaries would not want India to fix because they know much more than Indians political elite, it would reduce conversions, usher the development of India again,  open up the inbuilt genius that flourished for 7000 years or more.    India cannot prosper without security from religious fanaticism.  It cannot hide behind State and Central jurisdiction and not seriously address Islamic extremist activities of carrying weapons in Mosques, cutting limbs and other brutal acts against non-Muslims, engaging in blatant love Jihad to convert or what the Christian converts are doing in states like Andhra where they are reducing Hindu artifacts and temples to ashes and 40% of the state was converted.  It needs to have a  well thought out nationwide anti-conversion bill just as Russia's Yarovaya laws with a dedicated task force   Mahatma Gandhi was the most outspoken on the missionary activities in India and even encouraged 'Ghar Wapasi'  (which is why he has been a regular target of missionaries) but Indian political elite has little courage to face this head on.  India needs to have a hate crimes bill and ability for victims to go beyond state apparatus to get redressal.   There needs fresh thought on how to handle religious fanaticism,  for example, West Bengal elections can be used as a great opportunity to remove the weapons cache in many Mosques or enact laws that if a Shariah law is used to commit brutal acts, use the same laws against those who commit such crimes.  Such crimes need to be categorized as terrorist acts, which they are.   It is foolish to simply arrest and prosecute those who commit crimes and not address those who funded them, or brainwashed such as in Mosques, leftists and media with selective coverage.   Also, every crime needs to have property of all the perpetrators at every level attached to it and paid to the victims families.  It needs to have a master plan for every region of the country for riot readiness.  It also needs to prepare citizens to be able to defend themselves, through martial arts and through use of weapons.  

5) For India to prosper, it needs to get freedom from bureaucracy.   

Indian bureaucracy is colonized, outdated and lacks fresh thinking.  Many say this about Narendra Modi that his over dependence on bureaucracy is a big drawback.   We need to create patriotic and nationalist expert advisory bodies to every branch of Government, to every ministry.  Most of the senior leaders are old and are not seeped in fresh thinking to take India forward.   Everything cannot be done from PMO.  Bureaucrats by nature consider it a job and they think with blinders on, whereas there are many patriots who are eager to serve the nation at the highest levels where they can make a large difference if they are given an opportunity.

If these are not addressed with all seriousness now, BJP may win the states but lose the country.


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