USA GHHF : Global Hindu Heritage Foundation Chief wants AP temple lands to be protected - TV9

27 Dec 2021 1339 Views

Possibility of Filing case against the Illegal Construction of Religious Buildings (Churches)
For our Non-Telugu Speaking Friends:

The gist of the interview is that the Christians are targeting Tirupati area and moving into 50 mile radius and building Churches. On behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) We requested the Collector’s office, Tirupati Urban Development Authority, RMO and others  through RTI (Right to Information Act) to provide the following information:
1)    How many churches they have given permission to be built in Tirupati area
2)    If they donated any amount of money for the construction of the Churches
3)    Whether they have any information about the addresses and phone numbers of the Churches.
 We received a response saying they have not given any permission to build churches, not donated any amount of  money and they do not have any information about the churches.
 Based on their response, GHHF consulted Sri Srinivas Kaveti, an Attorney who briefed us about the possibility of filing a case in High Court and Supreme Court. In the interview he mentioned the merits of filing the case.
    Please call if would like to help or for further information. Prakasarao Velagapudi


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