Stock-taking of temple records postponed

19 Jan 2007 2361 Views

source: New Indian Express, January 19, 2007

VIJAYAWADA: The much-awaited breaking open of the almirahs containing records, cash and the ornaments of the Sri Ramanama Sankeerthana Sangham in Satyanarayanapuram area of the city could not take place.


The endowments officials claimed that they could not break open the almirahs as the assistant commissioner of endowments, who was to be present at the time of the opening, had to leave for Hyderabad on some important administrative work.

The 2.70-acre temple complex, set up in 1965, had come under the administration of an executive officer last year and Koganti Ravikumar has been working as the EO of the temple. However, the then governing body members questioned his appointment and refused to hand him over the records. Later, as per the directives of the endowments deputy commissioner, the EO sealed the almirahs on January 18 last year.

Due to the sealing of the ornaments, the special rituals to be held on Sivaratri day would be affected. Hence, the officials wanted to open the seals. On the orders of the deputy commissioner, the seals were to broken open today. Though local devotees and mediapersons had gathered at the spot, the process was postponed in the last minute.

All eyes are on the 140 golden leaves, 108 golden roses and 108 golden jasmines made for performing Siva Pooja.

According to Ravikumar, the seals could be opened on January 20.

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