Govt trying to convert temples into museum of atheists: NSS

25 Jun 2007 2621 Views

source: New Indian Express, June 24, 2007

CHANGANASSERY: The Nair Service Society (NSS) has alleged that the LDF Government has a hidden agenda of creating rift within the Hindu community through machinations of Devaswom Minister G Sudhakaran for apparent political gains and to destroy the religious foundations of the Christian and Muslim communities, with the aim of turning temples into museums of atheists.

The NSS also alleged that the government move to bring aided and unaided schools under the control of local bodies is intended to politicise the sector and reap benefits without any thought of the inherent dangers.

At the budget meet of NSS at Perunna on Saturday, NSS general secretary P.K.Narayana Panicker and assistant secretary G.Sukumaran Nair warned the government of a stiff opposition and made it clear that the government’s agenda will have to face agitations spearheaded by the NSS, alongwith the Christian and Muslim communities.

Panicker said that the foul talk of the Devaswom Minister should be viewed against the fact that various religions are co-existing in the state without hurting one another and following age-old rituals. The NSS is of the view that there should not be any discrimination for Hindus to enter all temples.

If inequality existed among Hindus anywhere, it has to be rectified. But the current controversy related to entry at Guruvayur temple is based on the demand of either non-Hindus or non-believers.

By stating or giving in writing that a proclaimed non-believer is otherwise, for claiming entry, is not sufficient.

There should be a conventional system to determine whether one is a Hindu believer, for which, a forum of Hindu acharyas and people concerned should be formed, Sukumaran Nair said.

The NSS leaders alleged that those who are claiming to cleanse the Hindu society and temples have done precious little on the Crime Branch report on TDB affairs and Jaimala episode in Sabarimala, though it was received nearly a year ago.

“We’ll see in court”: The anger of the NSS against the government’s latest moves in the education sector was also pronounced at the news conference.

Panicker and Sukumaran Nair said that the moves to involve all sundry persons in the day-to-day functioning of aided and unaided schools in the name of reforms and without amending the Kerala Education Rules (KER) or holding discussions with managements, will be challenged legally as well as through severe agitations.

An educational institution survives not merely through salaries paid by the government, but on heavy investment of the management and the society.

It is good if local bodies are involved in the improvement of infrastructure facilities. But controlling teachers and meddling in the general administration will prove disastrous.


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