[GHHF] Organized Sita-Rama Kalyanam for the welfare of humanity and to bring the entire Uppenga Village in Anantapur District together.

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"Hinduism is a process - for this reason, Hinduism must be studied not as a fixed body of doctrine, but as a developing tradition that has changed considerably throughout the centuries, and which is still changing in a creative direction. Everything in India makes sense in the light of the changing process. Nothing makes sense without it. Hinduism is still a living, changing process and must be seen as such." Thomas Berry
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation started in 2006 with a mission to practice, protect, propagate, and preserve Sanatana Dharma. Hindus follow their traditions, and they celebrate many of the Samskaras described in the scriptures. For Hindus the Samskaras are a living, vibrant religious experience. They go through sixteen Sacraments of the life cycles.  These Samskaras are believed to mold the personality of the individual, and through this molding one becomes an ideal member of society and an enlightened being.
In describing the aims of the samskaras, the sage Angirasa gives the analogy of a painting and says, “Just as a picture is painted with various colors, so the character of an individual is formed by undergoing various Samskaras properly". Viramitrodaya in his Samskara Prakasa claims “ātma-sarīrānyatar-niṣṭho vihit-kriyājanyo atisaya viseṣaḥ saṃskāraḥ.” That means samskara is a unique religious act that gives rise to virtuous qualities.
Sri Gopi Chary, our Chief Priest who conducts various pujas, Homas, Kalyanams and rituals as per the needs of the villagers has coordinated this effort in Uppenga village. The villagers showed so much interest in organizing the Sita Rama Kalyanam. First, Sita Ram was worshiped in the form of Shivalinga, and lamps were lit around that Linga. Not only everyone, but also our children were encouraged to follow our Sanatan Dharma and make it a habit to visit temples. All the villagers participated in Abhishekam to the Shiva image. Then all the villagers came in line and did Abhishekam.
    Then the Priest conduct conducted Sita Rama Kalyanam on a very large scale. The marriage of Sri Rama with Sita Devi is considered a role model to the entire human race as they stood as the most revered couple leading a pious married life. With the prana Pratishta of Rama Lalla, Hindus across the globe celebrated the return of Sri Rama after more than 500 years. The marriage of Sita Rama that occurred in Treta Yuga is still reminisced by Hindus. 
Celebrating Sita Rama Kalyanam has become a tradition for centuries on many occasions where the Utsav murti of Lord Rama and Sita Devi are brought forth in a procession and their marriage is performed as between a bride and bridegroom. Since Lord Rama represents Knowledge and Mother Sita personifies Devotion, this union symbolizes the secret to the most fulfilling way of life. Thus, through the holy ceremony of Sita Rama Kalyanam, the blessings of the divine couple are invoked for the welfare of the world.
    As many of you are aware that we started Bhajan Mandals in various villages in the are where they engage in singing melodious songs in praise of the presiding deity and other Gods.  As the Bhajan team added melodious music to the atmosphere, the steps of the wedding ceremony, complete with Mangala Sutra dharana transported all to Treta Yuga. As Sri Gopi Chary and his team performed all the ceremonies, the hundreds assembled villagers watched in rapt attention.
    Hindus organize Sita Rama Kalyanam to remember as to how lead an ideal wedding life. They lived together in happiness and adversity. The performance of Kalyana Utsavam bestows prosperity and happiness to the devotee and the community. This ritual is believed to bless devotees with abundance of love, unity, peace, and prosperity not only for the universe but for individuals also. It offers a long-married life and ensures happiness, and harmony.
    It is also the time to remember the words of Vishwamitra who took Rama to Mithila and asked Rama to break the Shiva Dhanus entitling him to marry Sita.  Vishwamitra told Rama, “Tomorrow this bow must be broken. For that purpose, I have brought you here. I must watch your marriage. Ther is going to be the union of earth and heaven here. Mother Sita is born of Mother Earth. She is Bhoojata. You are God. There will be the union of Nature and Divine. “
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