GHHF Ghar Waapasi in Madanapalle – Welcomed 18 Christians back to Hinduism; Returnees explained for their coming Home.

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Henri Bergson (1859 - 1941) French Philosopher 
Karma has quite a karma. Long after India's seers immortalized it in the Vedas, it suffered bad press under European missionaries who belittled it as "fate" and "fatalism," and today finds itself again in the ascendancy as the subtle and all-encompassing principle which governs man's experiential universe in a way likened to gravity's governance over the physical plane. Like gravity, karma was always there in its fullest potency, even when people did not comprehend it."
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) is pleased to announce that Sri Gopal joined our efforts to undertake the Ghar Waapasi program around the Madanapalli area  in Chittoor District within a thirty-mile radius. He has been continually active in diverse ways to invite Christians back into Hindu Dharma. He is being assisted by another Pracharak  by the name Sri Ganesh. For many years Sri Gopal has been working with passion to preserve and propagate Sanatana Dharma to all the Christian families who left their faith in Christianity due to several reasons including allurement, deception, false promises of curing terminally ill people, demeaning the Hindu Gods, and projecting Christianity as peace of Love.
Our Pracharak, Sri Gopal with the assistance of Sri Ganesh have been talking to Hindu community leaders in the villages and showing the 52-page book and telling them about the true nature of the Bible. They are equipping Hindus about incest, cruelty, terrorism, destruction, and hatred toward Hinduism and requesting them to encounter Christians by questioning the relevance of the abusive passages in the Bible
 Welcome 18 Christians back to Hindu Dharma
Our Pracharaks are visiting the villages one by one and reporting their activities at the end of each day. As per our guidelines they are doing two things: 1) to meet with Hindus in the villages and appraise them of the richness of Hinduism and how reservations would be lost if the SCs, BCs and STs convert to Christianity; and 2) using our 52-page book they try to welcome converted Christians back to Hindu Dharma.
GHHF welcomed 18 Christians back to Hinduism – 12 men and 6 women. They are from three villages – Devulacheruvu SC Colony, Parthikota and Neerugattivaripalem – from Madanapalli Mandalam in Annamayya District. Ghar Waapasi program was conducted in Sri Kodanda Rama Swami Temple in the city. 
Sri K Reddappa ,the Coordinator of Ghar Waapasi program attended the event and spoke extensively on the importance of preserving Hindu Dharma. He requested the converts and 50 other Hindu who witnessed the event to be active in protecting Dharma and suggested that whenever Missionaries come to the village, invite them by applying Tilak on their forehead and share the copy of the 52-page book.  
One of them explained that his family converted to Christianity because of the promise made by the pastor. They lost their sone and not able to locate where he went. The Christian pastor came and promised that their son will return if they convert to Christianity. With the hope that their son will return, they changed their religions to Christianity. Even after several years, their son did not return. The Pastor was collecting ten percent of their income and started to increase by saying his son’s return will be faster. Realizing that it was fake, they decided to return to Hinduism.
Another one explained that when someone in the family was sick, they used to come and do prayers. When he did not recover from the illness, they started blaming them for not believing Jesus strongly. Slowly they realized that they were playing with their lives. Then when our Pracharak Gopal came to their house, he explained about Hindu dharma and the deceptive practices of Christians.
Our Pracharaks also met with several Christian families and also arranged Bhajans in the Temple. He and his associates talked about what is written in the Bible. They distributed a four-page flyer and talked about the reservations accorded to SCs, BCs, and other backward classes and how they would lose if they got converted to Christianity. Talking about the Bible and what is written in the Bible shocked many people, both Christians and Hindus. Pastors would not talk about the verse dealing with incest, cruelty, terrorism, extramarital relations, stoning to death and so many other topics.
As you all know that GHHF prepared a fifty-two-page small book comparing Bhagavad Gita and Bible. He read some of the verses from the Bible that are obscene, disgusting, and bloody. He asked them to bring their own Bible and showed them what is written in it about incest, raping, stoning to death, and wiping out humanity.
IPC 420
They are visiting several villages for the last one year and meeting both Hindu families and Christian Community. They have been emphasizing that once the Dalits belong to SC/BC/ST communities, they would lose their reservations. If they are using the reservation after they converted to Christianity, they have been telling the Christians that they can be arrested and put then jail for violating the constitution. As per IPC 420, if any violates the law, or cheats the law they can be prosecuted.  They made Hindus aware of this law so that are aware of it and keep an eye over those who may cheat. 

They are also telling the villagers that if they have any problem with the nearby churches and if they us loudspeakers and if the noise is very loud, they told them to file a case against the Church. They said they will help them to prepare a letter consistent with Noise pollution Act.
He also talked to several families or individuals and shared two documents – a four-page flyer explaining the individual rights accorded by the Constitution of India and how they are protected from the missionaries. The second document is a fifty-two-page booklet comparing and contrasting Bhagavad Gita and Bible. Like most Hindus, it was a surprise for them to know that they can repel the Christian aggression, force, and false propaganda. Our Pracharak explained the real nature of Christianity, which is involved in killings, murders, rapes, looting, burning, stoning to death, and such violent acts throughout history.
The Christian missionaries are ruthless, aggressive, immoral, and cruel in advancing their Christian faith. As the French Philosopher indicated that the missionaries come with crucifix on one hand and dagger on another only to convert the pagans. They have no moral standards to go by, no ethical principles to follow and no honesty to adhered to. Anything goes to convert since it is a business for the. Their livelihood depends on the number of Christians who can hold on to in his congregation.
Our Pracharaks talked about the differences between Bhagavad Gita and Bible. He explained that Church Pastors are like leeches who squeeze money from the Congregation members who are required to pay 10 percent of their income irrespective of their economic status.
We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 26 (twenty) people so far. More people we hire more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.

1) Donate any amount to help the Dharma Pracharaks to work at the ground level.
2) Sponsor one Pracharak: In order to expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored Assistants.

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