[GHHF] Five Dasavataras Vigrahas belonging to Sri Bhaavanarayana Temple were destroyed; Organized Protests; Submitted Petition to MRO to Investigate immediately

29 Apr 2022 905 Views

Sister Nivedita - Margaret Noble (1867-1911)

"Hinduism would not be eternal were it not constantly growing and spreading and taking in new areas of experience. Precisely because it has this power of self-addition and re-adaptation, to a greater degree than any other religion that the world has even seen, we believe it to be the one immortal faith."

Sri Bhaavanarayana swamy temple is a famous temple situated at Sarpavaram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  Here, Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Lord Bhaavanarayana. It is believed that Saint Narada installed the idol. Since then, the Lord came to be known as Bhaavanarayana. It is also believed that the temple belonged to Mauryas.

The Temple complex has many Vigrahas erected along the way to the Temple. All Dasavataras Vigrahas are erected in the middle of the main road separating the lanes. One can witness these Vigrahas as they go through the main street  that leads to the Temple.

On April 21, 2022, five Dasavataras Vigrahas were destroyed. Unidentified individuals broke them overnight.

The Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, along with Hanuman Dal,  has filed a petition along with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), explaining that another state-level movement would be launched if it did not punish the culprits and erect new idols. They asked the authorities to act immediately.

Ajay Verma has been working to make Hindus awake to the  negligence of the authorities, and he has been trying to impress on the locals Hindus to safeguard the Temples and protect our Dharma. He mentioned that in spite of our efforts, authorities are not making much progress in catching the culprits. a series of attacks on the Hindu community by the authorities have failed to catch or punish the culprits

While speaking to the assembled crowd, Ajay Varma pointed out the negligence of the authorities and has been reprimanded for not bringing the Hindus to the point where they will feel safe and their Temples are protected.

Ajay Verma and other Pracharaks of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and other members from other organizations came to know of the incident and rushed to the location and inspected the destruction and were astonished at the way the murthies were destroyed and treated our revered murthies. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation/ Save Temples Organization and Hanuman Dal have started the agitation to make people and the Police Department aware of the heinous act committed by unidentified person/s. Every time such acts are committed the Police officials will promise that they would investigate and do justice by arresting the culprits. This is a usual response from these officials. When you insist on why no progress has been reported they will give all kinds of excuses by saying that they are still working on the case.Sometimes they say that a mentally insane person committed the acts. Or falsely accuse somebody else, but never resolve the case. Vinay Ambavarapu also joined the movement.

               More than 50 Bicycle rides were organized to highlight the incident and people came from different villages to condemn the dreadful attack on Hindu Temple. They are outraged at the hatefulness of people toward Hindu Temples and the Minister's false statements about the incident. It appears that some of the authorities sent false information to the government indicating no such incident took place.

Ajay Varma speaking to the assembled Hindus and government officials said that GHHF, Hanuman Dal, and other organizations are condemning this inhuman incident. The Hindus are losing their patience. Authorities should recognize that Hindu patience has its limits. Every time an incident like this happens, the Police Department is not taking it seriously. As we all remember that about two ago, a chariot was set on fire, no persons were identified so far. There were more than such attacks on Hindu temples in 2021.

Petition submitted to MRO

A written petition was submitted to the MRO of Kakinada on behalf of GHHF,  Hanuman Dal, and other organizations requesting them to investigate the incident. They expressed their displeasure at the way Police reacted. They did not come to the Temple until our people started the agitation.


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