[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned about a boon given to an ignorant and how it was misused.

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In a village there was a useless boy named Rangadu. His mother used to cook and sell Vadas to make ends meet. Rangadu does not like to study at all. But he used to think that he was very intelligent, and no one understood his intelligence. The mother hoped that Rangadu would help her in selling Vadalu and that she would be able to take care of other things. But Rangadu used to pick fights with the Vadalu buyers and disappointed his mother's hope. Finally, the mother got fed up and scolded him and kicked him out of the house. Rangadu got manhood. Determined to make his intelligence known to all, he left home and entered the wilderness beyond the town. Where there is little fear in the uninhabited forest. In addition to that, darkness is also going to fall.
He was sitting on a tree. A demon has been on the same tree for a long time. That ghost had a younger sister. A sorcerer trapped her in a bottle and buried her at the base of the tree. The demon on the tree did not free his sister by digging the ground for himself. Need someone's help for that.
Now realizing that some man has climbed the tree, the demon asked, "Who are you?" Rangadu thought that there was another man like him on the tree and said, "My name is Rangadu, I am very wise". Rangadu is very proud that someone is asking him for help, and I will definitely do it. Tell me what you need help with.
"Come down the tree and dig at the base of the tree and take out the bottle buried in the ground" is the ghost. Rangadu got down from the tree and looked at the ground with his fingers. The ground is hard. He said that you need gunap (Something like sharp spade) to dig. Using your wits is a demon. Rangadu looked around. He saw some light somewhere in the distance. It seems that there are some people there. There was indeed a koya hut. There was a koya couple in it. Rangadu was very proud that his guess was true and asked the koya couple to give me a gift which he will return right now.
  They do not know what Gunapa is. Who are you? They asked Rangadu why did you come here? Rangadu said that I am very intelligent, give me credit quickly. They took Rangadu to a Munishwar who was nearby and asked him to come with them. Munishwaru was looking at Rangadu and understood everything about him, you are such an innocent Nayana. He said I will give you a boon to get better. Rangadu said I don't want boon, I want merit.
Saying I will give, Munishwar gave him a gunap and also gave him a boon to make whatever he wanted to happen. Rangadu returned to the tree triumphantly and dug at the root of the tree and took out a bottle. The demon on the tree was happy with Rangadu's work and for breaking the bottle. Did you think I was so stupid that I took the bottle so hard to break it? said Rangadu. There is gold in it and I will give half of it to you. Rangadu was proud of earning gold with his intelligence and smashed the bottle on the ground. The demon came out of the bottle with a loud bang. Rangadu shouted, "Where is my gold?" He did not see the demon, the demon on the tree threw some gold coins in front of him. Rangadu picked them up and went home in the dark to prove his usefulness to his mother.
It rained in the middle. He still felt tired of walking long distances in the rain. Remembering Munishwar's boon, he wished that there should be no rain in the country where I am. Immediately the rain stopped. Rangadu was very happy with his intelligence and went home and gave gold to his mother and proudly told his mother about all the achievements he had achieved. When he came to know that he stopped the rain with the boon given by Munishwar, his mother was shocked.
If they know this, ten people will kill him together. But she reassured herself that what he said might not be true because he was crazy. But since then, there has been no rain in that country. There was a serious fight. But as the country was rich, the king spent the year buying food grains from other countries.
  But there was no rain in the country for the next seven days. The strange thing is that the surrounding countries continue to receive heavy rains. But there is not even a drop of rain in their kingdom. Rangadi's mother now believes in Rangadi's boon. She went with her son to the place where Munishwar was in the forest. But that sage was not there. Even the Koya people do not know where he went. Rangadi's mother went to see the king and said that if the Maharaja gives shelter to my son, I will tell you the reason why the rains will not fall, you will see the way to save the country. Tell me that I am giving shelter to your son, said the king.
She wiped her tears saying why my useless son has become useless to the country after telling me all that happened. The king is mad, will he keep his word with his minister and make sure that he does not get infamous? Or kill this useless lad and save people's lives? He said. The minister thought for a moment and thought, Lord, how can Rangadu become useless? He said if he is alive, you can be the emperor. That's how King Rangadu said that he wanted a boon for the country where he was staying. If he is in any country, it will not rain in that country. The minister said that if they are kept in any country for two years, that country will suffer financially, and it will be easy for us. 
The minister's idea was brilliant. Within a few years all the surrounding countries surrendered to the king. He became the emperor of all those countries. Now there is a problem of what to do with Rangani. The king is all the countries, wherever there is a stage in this empire, there will be theater everywhere.
The minister told another great idea to the emperor. Accordingly, the king declared a small village an independent kingdom and anointed Rangan as its king. In Rangadu kingdom, there is no rain, there are no crops, but Rangadu kingdom gets as much financial support as it wants from the emperor. It is a wonderful country for those who are lazy and want to live a life of luxury. A boon given by a sage to a poor man manifested in the form of that kingdom.
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